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How Does Baggage Delay & Baggage Loss Cover Work Under Travel Insurance?

Taking an overseas trip is always exciting. You get to visit a new city, a new country, get acquainted with a new culture and meet new people. The lucky ones get to travel abroad regularly, either for work or simply because they can afford foreign trips. Other people save for months to afford to go on an international trip. Whichever category you may fall into, having a memorable and fun-filled trip is all you may be looking forward to.

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However, life is unpredictable and not everything is hunky-dory. You may have planned your overseas trip with utmost precision to avoid any kind of trouble. Nonetheless, things may go haywire during your trip resulting in huge monetary losses. For instance, you may get severely sick or your airline may delay or lose your check-in baggage leaving you without your belongings. In fact, delaying or losing check-in baggage is one of the most common adversities faced by people travelling abroad. You may get a meagre compensation from the airline which may not be enough.

Fortunately, travel insurance companies provide coverage for baggage delay as well as baggage loss to people travelling outside India. Also known as baggage insurance, anyone can buy travel insurance online to protect him/ her from the risks of baggage delay and baggage loss. If you are new to baggage insurance, you can learn everything about it as you read on.

What is Baggage Delay and Baggage Loss?

Baggage delay refers to a situation when your check-in baggage does not arrive upon your arrival at destination city and is delayed. The airline staff may inform you about the delay in the arrival of your check-in baggage and you are most likely to get it after a few hours.

While sometimes your delayed baggage may arrive in a few hours, it may also take more than 10-12 hours for you to get your travel bags. In a lot of cases, the check-in baggage gets lost as the airline staff are unable to locate your misplaced baggage. This situation gives rise to baggage loss. A baggage loss refers to the situation where your check-in baggage is lost by the airline or gets stolen and does not arrive at your destination at all.

Reasons for Delay in Check-in Baggage Arrival

Take a look at a few reasons why your check-in baggage may be delayed and doesn’t arrive on time:

Flights Operating at Full Capacity

Sometimes when a flight is operating at 100 per cent capacity, it may take a longer time for baggage to get unloaded from the aircraft, especially at small airports. In rare occasions, some check-in bags are left behind at the departure airport to be sent on another flight if all passengers are carrying a lot of baggage.

Baggage Flown to the Wrong Destination
At times, your check-in baggage is mistakenly flown to a wrong destination instead of yours. Since the baggage has to return back from the incorrect location to your destination, it takes longer to arrive.

Bad Weather Conditions
Sometimes check-in baggage may get delayed if the flight lands at the destination under bad weather conditions, such as heavy rains, storm, etc. In such situations, the airport ground staff may not be allowed to unload the baggage unless the weather clears, thus, delaying the arrival of your travel bags.

Reasons for Loss of Check-in Baggage

Here are some of the reasons why your check-in baggage may get lost:

  • Wrong Destination - Check-in baggage gets lost if it was sent to the wrong destination due to human error. For instance, wrong destination airport code is entered by the check-in staff or the baggage is loaded on the wrong luggage cart. Since the baggage gets sent to the wrong destination, it can get lost.
  • Damage to Baggage Tag - If the baggage tag attached to your luggage gets damaged or torn from the center, there are high chances of your luggage getting lost. This usually happens if you travelling via connecting flights.

What is Baggage Delay Under Travel Insurance?

Under overseas travel insurance, baggage delay cover allows you to get reimbursement from your insurance company for the expenses incurred due to the delayed arrival of your check-in baggage. It usually covers the cost of essential personal items, including clothes, medicines, toiletries, etc. that you require on a daily basis. Whether you buy travel insurance online or offline, you will get baggage delay cover under your policy while travelling outside India.

How Does Baggage Delay Cover Work?

A baggage delay claim can be made under the overseas travel insurance policy if your check-in baggage has been delayed by a commercial carrier for more than the time period specified in your policy document. The time duration is calculated from the moment you arrive in the destination city. Most insurance companies allow travellers to file a baggage delay claim if they do not receive their check-in bags even after 12 hours of their arrival in destination city.

There can be instances when you receive a claim amount from your insurer towards baggage delay but later realise that your check-in baggage has been lost. In such a case, you will be paid a claim amount towards baggage loss after deducting baggage delay claim amount and any compensation paid by the airline. However, you must cross-check with your insurance company if they provide baggage delay reimbursement over and above the airline compensation.

What is Baggage Loss under Travel Insurance?

Under international travel insurance, baggage loss cover ensures that you get compensation from your insurance company in case your check-in baggage has been completely destroyed or lost by the airline with which you were travelling. It also covers your accompanied baggage in case it gets stolen while travelling on a public train. The compensation is provided for the lost baggage as well as its contents, as per the policy terms and conditions. Just like baggage delay cover, baggage loss cover is also offered by insurance companies irrespective of whether you buy travel insurance online or offline.

How Does Baggage Loss Cover Work?

A baggage loss claim can be raised under overseas travel insurance under the following conditions:

  • If your check-in baggage was lost or not delivered by the airline
  • If your baggage was stolen from a public train in which you were travelling as a ticketed passenger
  • If your baggage was misdirected by the flight it was supposed to be carried on
  • If your entire baggage has been lost and not just a part of its contents
  • If your entire baggage has been damaged

The claim amount towards baggage loss is mostly paid after deducting the compensation paid by the airline. However, it is best to verify with your insurer if they provide baggage loss cover over and above the compensation provided by the airline.

Summing It Up

Everything is surrounded by danger and the same goes for your travel bags. Your travel baggage is always under the risk of getting misplaced or lost while travelling, especially outside India. Getting yourself an overseas travel insurance policy with a baggage insurance cover is the best way to deal with any uncertainty involving your travel baggage. Thus, remember to buy travel insurance online before commencing your foreign trip to protect yourself and your luggage from any adversities.

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*Price shown is for a 30 day trip to Thailand with 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

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