How to Avoid Hefty Medical Bills in a Travel Emergency Abroad

We tend to give it less importance before jetting off on a planned trip, but a horrible infection, a fracture or something awful could cost you immensely if you’re not well-prepared. Recovering from an illness or getting injured is bad enough on home turf, but in a foreign land where just speaking the lingo is a task and you’re unfamiliar to everything, it can be far more frightening and way more expensive.

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  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    However, we believe that you won’t allow anything to dampen to the delight of your sincerely planned and well-deserved trip. The best way to ensure that is to switch to international travel insurance, after all, it is always better to be safe than sorry!

    Why Do I Need Travel Insurance?

    Indian insurance companies offer comprehensive international coverage starting from simple to complex situations. It only takes a few seconds for the things to go beyond your control. But you can face the eventualities with a sturdy international travel insurance coverage that ensures a worry free travel experience at its best. The extensive coverage offered by overseas travel insurance includes:

    1. Emergency Medical Cover:

    What if you need an immediate hospitalisation due to an illness or injury? You will be stressed and frantic in an un place where even the language may be alien. So, it is important to know what to do during a medical crisis abroad, not only to access immediate healthcare but to possibly to save you from spending in lakhs.

    Fret not! Medical travel insurance offered by overseas travel insurance comes handy at this point. This cover includes anything ranging from hospitalisation costs to emergency medical evacuation. Whenever you need to see a doctor or suffer out-of-pocket expenses, seek a reimbursement from the insurer based on authorised bills incurred during hospitalisation. However, you should be aware of what exact covers are offered by the policy to enjoy the maximum benefits. Remember, to avail these facilities, you should carry valid travel insurance. So, double check the terms and conditions of the travel insurance renewal policy to avoid consequences.

    2. Cover for Trip Cancellation:

    Trip cancellation or interruption can happen at any time spoiling your best-laid travel plans. Though you can do nothing about the anguish it certainly brings, it is, to some extent, possible to limit the monetary loss with an international travel insurance policy. The insurer compensates the expenses you incur as financial penalties or expenses related to prepaid flight plans.

    3. Safeguards Your Baggage:

    It not only covers the complex situations like emergency hospitalisation but also provides protection for small issues such as misplacement of checked-in luggage or delay in the arrival of your baggage. With no baggage, you may need to spend money on purchasing certain necessary things out of your wallet. You can avail repayment of whatever is spent if you own an overseas travel plan.

    How do I get the maximum benefits at the time of insurance claiming?

    When you have spent a huge amount and are taking a sigh of relief knowing that you have adequate cover to reimburse it, you can’t afford a rejection. You may encounter hiccups like when a single mistake leads to a claim rejection. By simply adhering to certain do’s and don’ts, you can protect your claim from being rejected.

    Do Read Your Policy Twice

    Take as much as possible time to read the policy document carefully. Wherever you get stuck, don’t dither to reach out to the insurer for clarification. Don’t just assume. If you thoroughly read and understand policy terms, there is no chance of any disappointment or frustration later by knowing what exactly your policy covers or how to obtain the maximum benefits out of it.

     Do Immediately Contact Emergency Support Company

    At the time of crisis, coordinating with the concerned authority or trying to reach out for the necessary arrangement can be distressing. You need to act smartly because one single mistake can be the reason for claim rejection. Norms say, you can’t make those arrangements on your own. Hence, immediately contact an emergency assistance company asking for the help. They are available worldwide by phone 24x7.

    You can e-mail them as well. For instance, in case you contact for medical assistance during an emergency, as assistance coordinator will be appointed who will check if you need a medical evacuation under a licensed physician. If you need this assistance, they will further make arrangements for the same via air ambulance. In case you’re well enough to transfer by ground ambulance, the assistance company will contact the nearest hospital and arrange for your transfer there. For simply allowing the emergency assistance provider to make these arrangements, ensure you’re covered by the plan.

     Do Mind the Documentation

    This is quite imperative. If you’re going to file a claim based on the international travel insurance cover, ensure you attach every single document regarding the policy. In a special mention, police FIR if any, medical bills, medical treatment you need to receive etc.

    Not having properly attached the documents is the foremost reason why most of the insurers deny the claims. Insurance companies believe in a credible documentation only.

    Don’t Accept Money from An Outside Source

    In case of an accident causing injury or damage, the party at fault may intend to make recompense by offering cash. Despite, this gesture sounds alluring, try to avoid accepting any form of such payment.

    Is this so important?

    The reason… if you accept any cash from outside sources, you may be deprived of receiving benefits from your insurance. So it’s better not to accept any money from outside.

    Don’t Make Medical Arrangements without a Doctor’s Permission

    Without an expert’s advice or physician’s concern, don’t go for a medical service. As we said earlier, you should consult the emergency assistance service before making any arrangement in a crisis. Insurance companies will verify your expenses incurred during an emergency on the ground whether it was necessary. Always take healthcare services with a doctor’s consent only and keep a track of the physician’s note.

    Don’t Wait Till The Last Minute to Claim

    Avoid completing claim related formalities in a rush. Keep your insurer in the loop during your every activity starting from any query that you have about the policy to finally filing a claim. The insurer can begin the claim process only after you start it on time. Remember, there is a time limit to filing a claim as well, after which one can’t make it happen. Ensure that you consult with the insurance company to confirm the deadline for making a claim, especially when you require more time to gather the required information and paperwork. Clear every doubt beforehand and don’t wait until the very last minute.

    In a Nutshell!

    Travel is no doubt a blessing. But at the same time, we can’t deny that travel brings the unexpected. Maintaining safety should be your primary concern. Doesn’t matter whether you are doing a road trip within the state or catching a flight to explore European countries. Having international travel insurance is a must for every traveller to deal with the eventualities that may cause huge monetary drain.

    We hope we’ve given you some valuable tips to ensure your travel insurance claim is approved by your insurance company! By following these steps, you can help to provide the necessary information needed to file a claim and get the most value from your insurance policy. Good luck, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions!

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