International Travel Insurance Myths You Got to Stop Believing

Travelling abroad may mean differently for different people. For some, it may simply be a chance to see every place the world has to offer, for others it may be an opportunity to study in a renowned international university. You might be saving your hard-earned salary to visit your dream destination or to send off your child to study abroad.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    From tickets to staying, you have everything covered. But what if your flight gets cancelled or your baggage is lost. In such cases, international travel insurance can come handy. International travel insurance ensures somebody has you covered in case of any unfortunate incident in a foreign land.

    Student travel insurance can help take care of your child in case of an untoward incident. By choosing the best travel insurance India has to offer, you can enjoy your trip without taking the stress of something going wrong.

    Why Buy Travel Insurance?

    Before you commence your international trip, make sure to check what all travel documents are needed. Besides visa approval, many countries have a mandatory requirement for international travel insurance. In such cases, you won’t be allowed outside the airport if you don’t have insurance.

    Apart from being mandatory, travel insurance covers all your expenses in case of medical illness or accident. It takes care of any losses incurred if your flight gets delayed, cancelled or if you miss your connecting flight. It manages your expenses if your personal belongings get lost or you end up losing your passport. It also compensates for any personal liability resulting out of an accident that causes injury or damage to another person or property. In extreme situations, it will also help in your emergency evacuation if you get stranded amidst an emergency situation.

    A lot of people don’t prefer to buy travel insurance because they believe in certain misconceptions. In order to make an informed decision, take a look at a few travel insurance myths that you need to stop believing right now.

    Nothing Wrong Would Happen During My Trip

    Over the last decade, travelling by air has become one of the most common modes of transport for Indians. Luckily, most people did not have to suffer any mishaps during their trips making them believe that nothing can ever go wrong while travelling. That’s not a very wise belief to have. An untoward incident can come without a warning and you should always stay prepared to face it. What if your connecting flight is cancelled, your passport is stolen or you get severely ill? If you have international travel insurance, you can get yourself out of such unforeseen incidents and get compensated for any losses incurred.

    My Airline Will Provide Reimbursement for a Delayed/Cancelled Flight

    Flight delays are a usual affair. What if bad weather conditions or technical faults lead to you missing your connecting flight? If you expect your airline to refund the ticket cost, it doesn’t always happen that way. Most of the times, airlines don’t compensate for the losses that the travellers had to suffer due to a delayed or cancelled flight. However, if you have a travel insurance policy, you will get compensated in such scenarios.

    Domestic Health Insurances Cover Illness during the Trip

    Most people either have health insurance or life insurance. It is a common myth that your domestic health insurance policy will cover the costs of any medical emergency abroad. Most health insurance policies are not valid outside the geographical borders of our country. But people with international travel insurance don’t have to worry about these costs as their covered. Thus, buying the best travel insurance India has to offer will keep you stress- free and let you enjoy your trip.

    No Big Deal in Visiting a Hospital Abroad for Treatment

    Many people deny buying international travel insurance as they believe that they will visit a hospital abroad if they get unwell. Such people don’t realise that not all foreign countries have free or affordable health services. Getting treatment in a hospital abroad may burn a bigger hole in your pocket than you may think. Most western countries have expensive health services. The only way to get health treatment abroad without paying a fortune is by buying good international travel insurance. Your insurance policy will cover all medical expenses incurred and will even arrange for emergency medical evacuation if needed. Students studying abroad should also possess student travel insurance to cover their medical bills. In fact, some countries may allow you to get treatment only if you have insurance.

    Travel Insurance Does Not Cover Pre-Existing Illness

    There might be some insurance companies that do not cover pre-existing medical illness under international travel insurance. However, this is not the case everywhere as a lot of companies do cover pre-existing medical conditions of the insured. This feature is mostly available when the insured is going for a short international trip. Though, the scope of the coverage may be limited and may have restrictions. Since your insurer will settle hospital bills in a cashless transaction, having travel insurance is undoubtedly more convenient.

    It Is Okay to Buy Travel Insurance Later?

    A lot of people believe that there is no need to buy travel insurance in advance. They find it alright to buy it a couple of days before their trip is supposed to commence. Such people forget that an unforeseen incident can make it impossible for you to continue with your trip. You may have to cancel your trip which would mean wastage of money used to book flights and hotels. You could have got this money compensated if you had bought the best travel insurance in India. Be it domestic travel insurance or international travel insurance, all losses incurred on pre-paid bookings will be covered even if the trip is cancelled.

    Only People Engaging in Adventure Sports Need Travel Insurance

    Several travellers look forward to engaging in adventure sports activities like bungee jumping, scuba diving, sky diving, etc. during their vacation. Buying travel insurance is a must for such travellers so that they are covered in case of a mishap. Many insurance companies have tailor-made insurance policies for people engaging in such activities. This certainly does not mean that people who are not into adventure sports do not need a travel insurance plan. An untoward incident can occur at any time without a warning. What will you do if your belongings including your passport get stolen or an earthquake strikes? Such situations can be tackled with the help of domestic travel insurance or international travel insurance.

    You Don’t Need Travel Insurance for Short Trips

    A lot of travellers skip buying travel insurance if they are on a short trip. They forget that a mishap can happen anytime and their trip duration is of no help then. An accident can occur or a natural calamity can strike even if you are on a two-day business trip. To be able to walk out of a difficult situation and cover unaccounted expenses, it is important for everyone to buy the best travel insurance India has available.

    All Travel Insurance Policies Are the Same

    A common misconception among travellers is that all travel insurances are the same. They believe it would not make a difference which policy or insurance company they choose. On the contrary, travel insurance policies provided by different insurers are very different from each other. Not just that, travel insurance plans within the same insurance company also differ to suit the needs of different customers. Insurance plans differ according to the age of the applicant, trip destination, duration and purpose of the trip among others. It is important for a traveller to select a policy that suits his requirement the best. While a person travelling for higher studies can select student travel insurance, people travelling within India can go for domestic travel insurance. Make sure to choose a reputed insurer that enjoys a good claim settlement ratio.

    Claiming Your Insurance Is Lengthy and Difficult

    Most people are convinced that claiming travel insurance is lengthy and difficult. In fact, a large section of people believes the insurer hardly pays the claim amount. That’s not the truth. The whole purpose of travel insurance is to ease the burden of the traveller if an unforeseen incident occurs during their journey. The insurer strives to settle all insurance claims made by the insured in the minimum time possible. Thus, you can get your money claimed easily even if you have domestic travel insurance or student travel insurance.

    Purchasing travel insurance policy for an international trip is a wise choice every traveller should make for their betterment. Student travel insurance is a tailor-made choice student studying abroad can make to get help in a difficult situation. Whether you are travelling for a couple of days or for an entire month, travel insurance is a reliable friend in a foreign country. As they say ‘prevention is better than cure’, make sure to buy international travel insurance before you start your next trip abroad.

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