Planning to Skip Travel Insurance? Here’s ‘When to’ & ‘When not to’ Skip it!

Does this word ring bells? Yes, you’re right. This is French. And here, we’re talking about Paris.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    Paris, the city of light - La Ville Lumière, UNE CAPITALE DE LA MODE - the ‘Fashion Capital’ of the world, etc. has many names. This capital city of France is one of the most fascinating and popular cities amongst the love birds across the globe.

    Now, imagine waking up in the city of love with your beloved-someone-special. You may have several tasks lined up - be it- exploring the museums, the history, the fashion, the culture, the shopping and trying on the cuisine.

    Sitting beside the Eiffel Tower, roaming around the Wall of ‘I Love You’s’, visiting Île St. Louis on the Seine, and Luxembourg Gardens, with your special someone, can make millions of memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

    Here’s the catch! What if this bubble bursts and something unwanted and mischievous happens?

    Well, you might end up paying heavy bills in Paris, and it might cost you a fortune.

    So, in order to avoid such situations, you must be well aware of the circumstances, when exactly you can skip buying a travel insurance policy and when can’t afford to play that bet.

    When can you Skip Buying Travel Insurance?

    You must consider your vacation investment. Would you enjoy your trip if you lose that money? En masse, if you plan to spend a comparatively small amount of money on your vacation, insuring your investment is likely not worth it.

    Skip it - in Case your Card Offers Travel Insurance:

    Wait, before you buy a travel insurance policy, just have a look at your wallet. Why?

    Well, there are some credit cards that actually offer travel insurance as a perk. For instance, American Express credit cards offer travel insurance and have you covered and prepared for various uncertainties during your trip. Apart from this CITI Bank credit cards also offer travel insurance and provide cover against trip cancellation and loss of baggage.

    So, even if you’re travelling outside India, if the coverage from your credit card is thorough, you will not have to buy anything extra.

    Skip it-for your Flights:

    It can be tempting to buy trip cancellation or trip delay insurance if your flight costs thousands. However, the basic travel insurance policies are generally not worth your money to have insurance just for your flights when you’re well aware of your rights as a passenger.

    For instance, in case your flight is cancelled, you’re usually at liberty to have the next available flight with an available seat going to the same destination as yours.  Having travel insurance is not going to make much of difference in re-booking.

    Based on your travel destination, if you come across situations like flight delays or cancellation, you could be at liberty for compensation without any insurance.

    Skip it-just for Flexibility

    Your travel insurance is not meant for keeping the options open. Some people have mistaken it with a cancellation policy. Rather going for the whole policy, you can book a hotel reservation with free cancellation.

    When Shouldn’t You Ignore It!

    The general rule of travelling internationally is to be covered with an emergency cover, which protects you throughout the trip. You’ll need travel insurance surely on the below grounds:

    Buy It: If Flying Abroad

    Agreed or not, international trips are quite expensive. Starting from booking the tickets to the itinerary, everything comes with a cost. In such a scenario, an additional expense will surely affect your travel budget if you don’t have travel insurance. Moreover, medical expenses are exorbitant in the USA and European countries.

    Buy It: Considering the Healthcare Expenses

    Sunbathing on the sand beaches like Palom, France or hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu could be once-in-a-lifetime experiences. But what if anything goes wrong. All your excitement will go waste. Here comes comprehensive travel insurance comes in handy, by restraining you from spending those out-of-pocket expenses.

    Moreover, you can’t imagine the cost of healthcare, in a city like London, if require to be hospitalised. The bill can add up quickly and even a small issue can lead to a huge financial drain. Even in the case of medical evacuation, it will surely cost you a fortune. So, say yes to travel insurance and remain covered for such eventuality abroad.

    Buy It: For Cruises

    If your next travel plan includes cruise, travel insurance is upfront advice to avoid higher risks. You can go with the options offered by your travel agent. The cruise-hit areas can be covered by the best travel insurance plans. The leading insurers like Tata AIG, Bajaj Allianz often come with customisable plans with vacation protection packages. However, consider checking the policy final print before taking one. Most of these policies are comprehensive in nature and at times cover natural catastrophic like a hurricane as well, which is common in the countries like France. Statistics said that in 2017, around 450,000 cruises affected by heavy storms. So, plan a trip with proper safety.

    In a Nutshell!

    A considerable amount of travellers ignore buying travel insurance. Even if you’re travelling within the country, do consider a domestic travel insurance policy. It is the ideal way of protecting your finances and ensuring that if anything goes wrong there is someone backing your finances. It promises you’re not on the hook of a hefty bill. Consider travel insurance today and plan a safe dream trip!

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