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Prioritize Safety This Long Weekend with Travel Insurance

“Even while travelling shorter distances to local destinations; it is imperative to be equipped before hitting the road.” – Kaitlynn Furse.

As you head out this long weekend, we encourage you to keep safety top of mind with travel insurance and plan to be safe at your desired destination.

A tropical storm! A landslide! Cancelled flights! Lost bags!

There are plenty of what-ifs which could derail your travel plans. But does it essentially mean that you require a travel insurance cover?

Travellers are, nowadays, shelling out a decent amount of their money on travel. Skyscanner, a global travel search engine, has crunched some travel data and turned up with an astonishing increase in the number of travellers compared to last year.

Now, deciding if you would benefit from travel insurance is not a quick ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Experts believe that it depends on various factors, including components and cost of your trip, where you are headed and where you live, and what potential problems you are worried about. We are in for a “more than normal” landslide or flood season, after all.

You might have a cover already.

But, these ways will tell you how having a travel insurance cover can keep your travel troubles at bay:

When your Destination gets damaged by a Natural Calamity:

When you plan your vacation, you start saving for it first. You are done with your flight tickets, hotel booking, and packing and are all set to begin your journey. Out of the blue, you get to hear some news on the TV that your travel destination got hit by a natural catastrophe. If you do not have a well-versed travel insurance cover, you will lose all your hard-earned money.

An adequate travel insurance plan protects you against weather damage and gets your prepaid expenses recovered. Besides, it also ensures travel assistance services that help you in arranging for your trip to a new destination, which is not affected by any natural disaster.

Travel Insurance Safety Tips

When you lose your baggage or it gets delayed:

Imagine, you book a flight for your honeymoon. You land at the airport and you do not find your luggage because of the airline’s mistake. You might get your luggage back but with a delay. In such a situation, travel insurance assists you in recovering your luggage and offers all the necessary things that help you enjoy your trip.

When you lose your Passport:

When you are in a foreign country, your passport is extremely important for your safety. If you lose your passport, you might get into big trouble. The travel insurance plan provides you with the coverage that offers all the necessary help to speed up the procedure of getting a duplicate passport issued. If you do not find your passport, do not panic as your insurer will offer a new passport.

When you get injured or fall sick during your excursion:

You must be wondering what if you get injured or fall sick during your expedition? Well, if you do not have any travel insurance policy, you would have to bear all the medical expenses on your own.

Having an insurance cover protects you against all the medical expenses incurred during your trip and you do not have to worry about spending a single penny from your pocket.

When you need Urgent Medical Transportation:

You have planned a family trip to Leh-Ladhak. Once you reach your destination, your daughter starts feeling dizzy, and she has an elevated temperature. She needs urgent medical attention otherwise her condition might get worse. How will you provide her with the treatment and medication?

If you have a medical travel insurance cover, it will help you in such a critical condition. Your insurer will make all the necessary arrangements for urgent medical transportation. And, if you do not have any such coverage and you make aforesaid arrangements on your own, you will have to pay all the expenses incurred from your own pocket. And such urgent medical transportation might cost you a lot. 

When your destination comes across a Terrorist Activity:

Imagine, you have planned a trip to Kashmir and a week before your journey begins, you get to know a group of fanatics has attacked that destination. That isn’t a pleasing time to visit there and you have no other option left but to call off your trip.

With the terrorism cover, you will get an option of cancelling your trip and you do not lose the prepaid money either.

When your Travel and Tour Company goes through Bankruptcy:

What if you have planned a quintessentially romantic celebration with your beloved spouse on your wedding anniversary in India or abroad, with all the necessary arrangements and just a few days before your trip, your tour and travel company files for bankruptcy? For the obvious reasons, you will panic about your money and its recovery.

Some travel insurance policies with ‘cancel for work reasons’ permits you to recover your non-refundable trip expenditure if the operations of the travel company are interrupted by insolvency or bankruptcy.

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Wrapping it up:

We have tried to hit the pavement by summing up so that you keep your safety top of mind with travel insurance. So, forget the ancient ways of travelling and buy a travel insurance plan and keep exploring the candid sprees across the globe. With a travel insurance plan having a financial default cover, you will be able to claim your expenses. Not just this, your insurer will also assist you in rescheduling your excursion.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.