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Security Protocols To Follow While Traveling Domestic

People have started traveling by air more and more these days than any other mode of transportation. And why not? it saves time. Time is the most important thing in one’s life and matters the most. Also, there are many other reasons like bad conditions of roads in India, sudden plans cannot be accomplished by train due to the reservation shortage and many more. Also, majority of people in India has started growing financially and they have been doing good in their life so that they can fulfill their dreams and travel goals whether international or domestic. That is why traveling by air is becoming more popular now a days. So if you are planning to go to some other city in India then try and be prepared and purchase a travel insurance policy as a guard for any unforeseen incident that might occur.

Apart from this, if you have travelled by air even once then you must be aware of the level of security and the protocols to be followed by the passenger for a safer and smoother journey. If not then here are some of those security protocols that as a passenger, you will have to follow.

Make Sure To Obey Security Personnel's Orders

When you go to an airport from where your flight is supposed to take off, security personnel keep their eyes on everything and it for no one but your safety only. These security personnels are trained for this job and whenever they find anything suspicious they immediately respond to it to make sure if that thing is safe or not. So, it is highly advised that whenever you are in an airport make sure that you obey the orders of the security personnel present there. Otherwise even a little bit of their suspicion towards you can cause you a lot of trouble.

Luggage Is Checked

It is a mandatory process be it a railway station or an airport. But in the airport’s the checking of luggage is much more thorough than the one in railway stations. So when you go inside the airport, you check in your big bags and carry your small ones with you.

Since the bags are screened and checked by the security personnels for safety reasons and sometimes in a hurry when they reach their destinations they forget to take their bags and it goes missing. In that case, if you have a travel insurance then at least you would be covered for the baggage loss but if not then it will cost you whatever it was there in that baggage.

Stand In Line

Well, it is the most proper and disciplined way of doing anything when there are others involved. So, when you enter the airport you have to stand in queue and wait for your turn to enter then until the airline boarding station, there is a line where you will have to stand and wait for your turn. This is because at the airport due to safety reasons the security personnel scans your baggage other belongings, tickets and even you. So, make sure that you follow these like everybody else and don’t create a mess for yourself.

Boarding Passes Are Checked Various Times

Apart from tickets, you get the boarding pass for the flight that you is get checked at many points. So keep it handy and don’t let it get damaged. The airport authority checks your boarding pass at the check-in counter of the airline after this it will be checked again by the security personnel at the security checkpoint and it will get stamped there. Then when you board the airline they’ll check it one more time. It is because the boarding pass contains almost all the necessary information related to you and your flight departure time, arrival time, departure gate information, departure and arrival cities. So, always keep it makes things easier and quicker for you as well as the security personnel.

Might Open Your Bag

This is a standard protocol that you might have to go through if any security personnel want to physically check your bag after opening it. So, if you are asked to open your bag then do it immediately. There is a chance you miss your flight but if you have a domestic travel insurance plan then it will provide you cover for your ticket expenses.

Few Item Are Prohibited

As a security and safety measure, you are not allowed to carry certain items in your check-in bag. For instance you can not carry a cigarette lighter in your handbag and you cannot leave powerbank in your check-in bag. All knds of firearms are banned to carry on flights. You can check for the banned and prohibited items list online also.

Full-Body Screening Is Done

This is a standard procedure that you will have to follow in case you are asked by the airport authority or the security personnel to get your full body screened. What happens is that in case a terrorist group tries to hijack your plane and you get stuck with other passengers. You might have seen in the movies also as that a group of terrorist hijacked the plane and agrees to leave a passenger on behalf of any of their demands gets fulfilled and then they leave a few passenegers then it will be a standard procedure that the police will check your body thoroughly for any kind of explosives that might have been planted by the terrorists on you.


So, bottom line is that whenever or wherever you are traveling, whether it is domestic or international being prepared and having a travel insurance policy can be very beneficial for you. Since it provides coverage for many things like baggage loss or damage, passport loss or damage, cover for tickets expenses if the flight is missed and many more. Apart from all this, this insurance policy provides cover for any kind of sudden medical expenses. So, make sure to purchase one before traveling by air.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.