Should Senior Citizen Travellers Buy Domestic Travel Insurance Plans?

If you travel very often and consider yourself a frequent traveller, then it is recommended to buy a travel insurance policy. Look, when you are travelling, you are involved with various risks and uncertainties, which are difficult to predict. Therefore, it is better to walk in the rain with an umbrella. Mainly, in India, it has been observed that individuals only prefer to buy travel insurance policies for international tours.

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    They greatly avoid domestic travel insurance policies like nothing. Well, the reason is not justified at all. Do the individuals think the risks are only associated with international trips, and travelling domestically is free of every type of risk and danger? Whenever you travel from one location to another, you might face difficulties because of unfortunate situations like a medical emergency, loss of baggage, thefts and others.

    In such cases, you are going to spend extra money out of your pocket, which can greatly affect the overall budget of your tour and can leave you in a state of financial crisis. The main objective of buying a travel insurance policy is to minimise such unnecessary expenses. It does not matter; whether you are on a tour within India or travelling to a foreign country, a travel insurance policy is a must for you.

    Can the Senior Citizens Buy a Domestic Travel Insurance Policy?

    There are many senior citizens in India, who frequently travel within the country. However, they do not prefer to buy travel insurance. As we discussed above, travel insurance is a must for every traveler no matter what, it is highly recommended for senior citizens to buy a domestic travel insurance policy to stay covered against potential emergencies. In general, domestic travel insurance is valid for a six months old baby to a 65 years old adult.

    So, anyone in between this age range can effectively avail a domestic travel insurance plan. If your age is above 70 years old, then you are a senior citizen. And, for senior citizens, insurers in India have designed special domestic travel insurance plans. Many reputed insurers like Tata AIG, Bharti AXA, Bajaj Allianz and others offer travel insurance policies for the senior citizens. 

    Coverages offered under Domestic Travel Insurance Policies for Senior Citizens

    • Delay or Cancellation of Flights -

    If you are spending any additional cost on the trip just because the flight is delayed or cancelled due to any reason, then the insurer will offer you necessary compensation. In India, flights often get cancelled or delayed due to bad weather, so this insurance policy can greatly help you in saving those unnecessary expenses.

    • Emergency Medical Expenses -

    It is highly recommended for senior citizens to pay extra attention during travelling. However, despite extra care, no one can restrict the misfortunes and medical emergencies while travelling. In such a case, an individual is subjected to any serious injury or illness during the trip. The insurer covers the medical expenses. Yes, it is true that benefits of a Mediclaim policy for senior citizens are to a certain extent included in the domestic travel insurance plan.

    • Personal Accident Cover -

    As the benefits of a mediclaim policy for senior citizens are more or less included in domestic travel insurance,; the insurers also offer accident coverage to the senior citizens during the trip. Thus, you can now avail financial protection against both accidental disability and the death.

    • Pre-Existing Illness Cover -

    If you have got any pre-existing illnesses, the insurer takes extra care of you. So, when any of the pre-existing illnesses strikes during the trip, then the insurer will offer you necessary treatment coverage. Thus, there is no need to worry about your existing medical condition(s) while travelling.

    • Baggage Lloss -

    Loss of baggage or a theft activity is the most common incident, which happens while travelling. Again, if you are a senior citizen, then there are high chances that you might face such situations more often than others. However, if you have availed a domestic travel insurance plan, then the insurer will offer necessary coverage to compensate your loss.

    •   Home Burglary/Fire Accident Cover -

    If your house is subjected to fire accidents or burglary events when you are on your trip, then the insurer will pay you appropriate reimbursement to compensate the intense loss.

    These are the types of coverage, which are included in a domestic travel insurance plan for senior citizens. However, the degree of coverage may vary from insurer to insurer. Thus, it will be great if you compare travel insurance plans before buying one.

    Exclusions in Travel Insurance Policy for Senior Citizens

    • If you are travelling without the prior permission of your regular doctor, then compensation against medical expenses will not be offered to you under pre-existing illness coverage.
    • No medical expenses arising from injuries caused due to self-harm, mental disorder, sexually transmitted diseases, and depression will be offered. Again, if you are involved in any accidents due to consumption of drugs or alcohol, then the coverage towards medical expenses are restricted.
    • No coverage towards any liability, if you are associated with criminal activities and/or
    • No coverage towards any loss, when you are involved with different adventurous activities like water sport, horse riding and others.

    It is recommended to keep all these exclusions in mind when buying domestic travel insurance.

    Things to Consider while Buying a Travel Insurance Plan for Senior Citizens

    • Sum Assured -

    This is the most important thing, which you need to check first. Look, every insurer has a different travel insurance plan for senior citizens. Thus, the sum assured with the insurance plans also varies from insurer to insurer. You need to review how much sum is assured to you, at the time of critical expenses. It is recommended to buy a travel insurance policy for senior citizens with the maximum sum assured.

    • Pre-Existing Medical Covers -

    As compared to other age groups, senior citizens are highly associated with various pre-existing health issues. So, to claim the compensation against medical emergencies, it is necessary to provide the medical test reports. Make sure the insurer is offering coverages for pre-existing medical issues.

    • Medical Test -

    Not all insurers ask for medical checkups of senior citizens. Some insurers simply offer travel insurance to senior citizens without any medical check-up. If proper medical check-up is not done, then there are high chances that of difficulties at the time of claims filing. Thus, make sure the insurer is asking for medical check-up and reports.

    • Renewal -

    Most of the insurers do not offer renewal for senior citizen’s travel insurance policy. Well, in such cases, an individual may face typical issues in availing the benefits. Thus, it is recommended to apply for longest policy period or tenure at the time of buying it. It will be great if you can find an insurer to who is offering renewal of travel insurance plans for senior citizens.

    Factors that Insurers Consider while offering Travel Insurance to Senior Citizens

    • Medical Conditions -

    If you are availing a medical insurance policy from a reputed insurer like Bharti AXA and Bajaj Allianz, then they will check for the pre-existing illnesses first. Well, it depends on them, whether they will provide you with travel insurance coverage or not.

    • Destination of Travelling -

    Yes, even in domestic travel insurance, the destination matters. The insurer will keenly check whether you are going to a decent location or not. In case you are planning a visit some risky hill stations, then the insurer may reject your insurance application.

    • Length of Trip -

    Generally, insurers do not offer travel insurance coverage to senior citizens, if the duration of the travel is longer than three months. There are some special cases in which senior citizens are offered travel insurance.

    How to Buy Domestic Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens?

    • Check travel insurance policies from different insurers. Compare those policies based on various insurance-related terms, such as coverage or sum assured, premium, renewability etc. Select the best policy as per your need.
    • Once you have selected a travel insurance plan, you need to consult an insurance expert. Clear all your doubts regarding premium, coverage, and claim settlement. Make sure you have got every piece of information regarding the particular travel insurance plan.
    • Pay the necessary amount to the insurer along with relevant documents.
    • Receive the policy details either in your mail or via courier.

    This is all about domestic travel insurance for senior citizens. Look, it is very important for a senior citizen to buy the domestic travel insurance plan, as any medical emergency could lead to a critical situation for them while travelling. When there is an opportunity, there is no point leaving that.

    No matter what the premium costs, a travel insurance policy can greatly prevent you from unnecessary extra expenses during the trip. So, make the decision now and go for the right action. You can simply check the policy details on the website of different insurers and communicate with their representatives over chat.

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