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8 Tips You Need to Know Before Buying a Travel Insurance for the UK

The UK is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. More than 37 million foreign tourists have visited the United Kingdom in 2018. This European nation comprises of four countries - Great Britain, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, all of which are well-known for their picturesque views. Besides a rich history and magnificent architecture, the UK is extremely famous for its food and is home to some of the top brands. People with an Indian passport require a valid UK tourist visa from India to be able to enter the territory of the United Kingdom. But before you head out for your trip to the United Kingdom, it is important for you to get a valid travel insurance UK plan.

A travel insurance UK policy is a safety net that will protect you from any unforeseen eventualities that you may come across while travelling to the United Kingdom. It will cover you against any unpredictable medical, travel-related or financial emergencies and provide necessary assistance at the hour of need. Most travel insurance UK plan offers coverage including medical expenses cover, loss of passport cover, personal liability cover, loss of check-in baggage and delay in delivery of check-in baggage amongst others.

However, there are certain things that you should keep in mind while purchasing a travel insurance UK plan. Take a look at some of the tips that you should be aware of before buying a travel insurance policy for your trip to the United Kingdom:

Opt for a Higher Sum Insured Amount

Healthcare in the United Kingdom is quite expensive as compared to India. If in an unfortunate incident amidst your trip to the UK you get injured or sick and need to be hospitalized, the medical expenses incurred will cause a major dent to your travel budget. Therefore, it is important that you have a travel insurance policy with a higher sum insured amount. The higher your sum insured amount is, the greater coverage you will receive in case of an emergency. Moreover, senior citizen travellers should also opt for a higher sum insured amount as they are more prone to sickness and age-related health problems.

Consider Purpose of Travel When Choosing the Type of Travel Insurance

When buying a travel insurance UK plan, keep in mind the primary purpose of your travel. This is important because a travel insurance policy is available in several variants. All these variants differ from each other on the basis of the various purpose of travel. In order to get the best possible coverage for your travel to the UK, you should choose a type of travel insurance which coincides with your purpose of travel. For instance, if you are travelling to the UK for vacations, you must buy international travel insurance. Similarly, people travelling to the UK for studying should purchase a student travel insurance policy.

Keep the Duration of Your Stay in Mind

On the basis of the duration of travel, a travel insurance UK plan is available for single trips as well as multiple trips. People who are travelling to the UK for only a fixed number of days can buy a single trip travel insurance policy. However, people who travel frequently and would be visiting the United Kingdom multiple times in a year should buy a multi-trip travel insurance UK plan. A multi-trip travel insurance policy provides the same level of benefits on all the trips within the year eliminating the need of purchasing a new policy before each UK trip.  

Compare Different Travel Insurance UK Plans

The golden rule of buying any insurance policy is to compare different policies offered by the various insurance providers in the market. Several online insurance aggregators give you the option of comparing different insurance policies before you choose the one that suits you the best. The perfect travel insurance policy is the one that provides the maximum coverage in minimum premium amount. Thus, make sure you compare different travel insurance plans before buying the best travel insurance UK plan for yourself.

Always Declare Your Existing Medical Condition

At the time of buying a travel insurance UK policy, make sure that you declare all your existing medical condition to your insurance provider with complete honesty. This is extremely important since not all travel insurance policies cover pre-existing ailments. As a result, any claims arising out of your pre-existing illness may be rejected by your insurer, which will, in turn, add to your travel expenses. Therefore, you need to make sure that your insurer knows about your present health conditions at the time of buying the policy. You should choose an insurance company that will provide adequate coverage for your pre-existing illness.

Senior Citizens Should Opt for Pre-Existing Ailment Cover

If you are an elderly person, who is planning a trip to the UK, you must purchase a travel insurance policy with a pre-existing ailment cover. Elderly people are more prone to health-related sickness. However, most travel insurance policies do not cover pre-existing diseases. If you opt for a pre-existing ailment cover, all your medical expenses incurred on the treatment of any pre-existing diseases will be covered by your insurance company. Therefore, it is intelligent to purchase a travel insurance UK plan that offers coverage for pre-existing diseases.

Check If You Are Covered for Adventure Activities

The United Kingdom is extremely popular for adventure sports activities such as skydiving, canoeing, kayaking, gorge walking, windsurfing, etc. If you are planning to participate in any of the adventurous activities during your trip to the UK, you must buy a travel insurance policy that protects you from any eventualities arising out of it.offering protection for it. However, most travel insurance companies do not cover claims arising out of participation in adventure sports activities. Therefore, you must choose a travel insurance UK plan that offers adventure sports cover before commencing your trip.

Check the Exclusions

Every insurance policy comes with certain exclusions. For instance, any claims arising out of the war, natural calamities, self-inflicted injuries, mental disorders, etc are not covered under a travel insurance policy. Therefore, it is extremely important to be aware of all the emergencies that your insurance provider does not cover. This eliminates any element of surprise at the time of claim and allows you to choose a policy that provides you with the required coverage in the best possible manner.

These were the most relevant tips that will help you buy the most suitable travel insurance policy for your trip to the UK. If you follow these tips before buying a travel insurance UK policy, you can stay covered against all adversities during your trip to the United Kingdom.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.