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Top 5 Myths about Travel Insurance

When it comes to myths about travel insurance, I’m sure you’ve heard enough of it. Today, you’re going to know about top 5 travel insurance myths. This article will clear all your doubts regarding the myths that are viral about travel insurance policies.

Booking a long and budget trip can let anyone think of a backup plan that can save additional costs in case of an unforeseen situation like trip cancellation or delay, loss of baggage or important documents, and medical expenses. Below is the list of myths about travel insurance policies, which will explain why you should never leave home without a policy.

Myth 1. Nothing will Happen to Me

Life is uncertain; so, don’t ignore the fact that anything can happen at any time. You might have traveled abroad 100 times but never met with a problem. This could just be your good luck. So, I suggest you buy a lottery ticket.

Unfortunately, there are several unforeseen situations that can disturb your well-planned trip. For example, flight delay, injury, illness, or unsuitable weather conditions may cause hospitalization. This is one of the biggest myths on the list, which hits almost everyone who travels abroad for the first time.

5 Myths about Travel Insurance

Myth 2. I am Covered at Home; so, I Don’t Need to Spend More on an Additional Policy.

Unless you specially buy a travel insurance plan that includes the coverage overseas, your national health insurance plan, credit card policies, and homeowner’s insurance does not always cover the costs of travel-related risks. It is the same in the case of natural disasters that disturbs your trip.

What happens if the weather is unsuitable and you need to travel because hotel room and bus ticket are waiting for you?

You can lose thousands of your precious money because you won’t be able to get the reimbursement for those expenses without having a travel insurance policy. In some countries, it’s is mandatory to be covered under a travel insurance and is required to show the proof of insurance while entering the country.

Myth 3. I Don’t Need Travel Insurance Because It Provides Coverage Only When Something Disastrous Happens.

This is one of the common myths about travel insurance. However, the fact is that the right travel insurance policy provides you with coverage more than just against a catastrophic illness, disasters, injury and repatriation expenses, and much more. A comprehensive travel insurance policy also helps you, in case something dramatic takes place while traveling abroad or within the country.

Let’s take an example where you book a trip to Spain to attend a friend’s wedding, and you’re so excited for the same. Suddenly, while traveling you come to know that you are stuck in a flight, and you need to book an additional hotel room and arrange essential facility for yourself. Fortunately, if you have travel insurance, you don’t have to worry about refunding of your ticket and booking costs. A travel insurance policy does not wait for a critical situation. In fact, the policy provides coverage for everything that is as mentioned in the policy wordings.

Myth 4. Travel Insurance is Important for People Who Participate in Adventure Sports.

It is true that travel insurance plans are especially important for people who participate in risk-involving adventure sports, such as ice-climbers, skydivers, and spelunkers. However, it is not true that they’re the only ones who can avail benefits of travel insurance.

Quite obviously, it seems like they’re at a higher risk of putting themselves into an emergency situation, but this situation can happen to travelers who do not participate in such adventure world too. In case your bus breaks down in between, and you miss your flight on the next day, you will get corresponding benefits from your travel insurance plan, as it will bear the additional expenses incurred in such a situation.

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Myth 5. Medical Costs Are Cheaper Overseas; so If I Need Treatment, I can Pay Out-Of-Pocket.

For natives of that country, it might sound true. However, it is very expensive to afford medical costs when you are earning in rupees. So, if you’re traveling overseas, make sure you have a overseas travel insurance policy that covers your medical expenses in case you come across some kind of a medical emergency.

Consider a situation wherein you need stitches on your elbow after falling off your bike in Bali, your travel insurance policy will provide you with the best medical treatment according to your requirement. So, you don’t have to worry about sanitized utensils, pain medication and so on.

Hope the facts provided in contrary to the myths have clarified all your doubts and I’m sure that you will never travel abroad without having a travel insurance plan with adequate coverage in the future.