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Travel Health Advice: Tips for Staying Healthy on Holiday

Planning to go on a holiday this season? Well, based on the destination you have shortlisted, you might have to wonder about the specific vaccinations that you will need to take before the trip. You might be vulnerable to the local health risks in some international destinations, specifically developing nations or rural parts of such countries.

Your susceptibility also depends upon the activities you plan for your trip, your present health conditions and even your vaccination history.  For example, if you are thinking of going somewhere in Africa, then it’s obligatory to get the yellow fever vaccine for protection against the fatal disease. Additionally, taking medical travel insurance is inevitable when planning to go to such countries. If you are going on a vacation with your family, then buying family travel insurance would be a wise decision too.

Travelling is nearly synonymous with exploration, be it geographical or gastronomical, so whether it is a business or a family trip, there is no need to feel guilty for taking small liberties with your diet. However, going on a vacation doesn’t mean keeping your health at bay. People love to take all the measures, to stay healthy, even while holidaying. Nobody likes to let their daily efforts to go in vain. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and working out on holidays, is important too.

Travel Health Tips:

Keeping all these things in mind, we bring to you a few helpful tips to ensure that nothing harms your health, while you indulge in some relaxation and/or thrills.

Firstly, Make It a Point to Travel Healthy -

Kick-start your vacation and take all the necessary measures to make sure your travel via flight or train is a healthy affair. You should reach your destination lively and fit, by travelling healthy. Being cramped in the overcrowded conditions and subjected to fluctuating air pressure while travelling in a flight, can have an unfavourable effect on your body, as well as the immune system. Avoid taking fizz filled beverages, and increase your intake of lime water or normal water to stay hydrated. Refrain from just sitting still, try doing some stretches to keep your circulation flowing.

Take Up the Medical Travel Insurance -

One-fourth of the people going on a holiday, either forget or do not even find it necessary to buy a travel insurance policy. Word of caution: do not miss it, it helps cover all the travel and health risks and if you are travelling with your loved ones, there is always a family travel insurance plan. Taking up any sorts of medical treatment abroad can be exorbitant for you and evacuation bills are even higher. Thereby taking up a medical or family travel insurance policy, will safeguard you and your family from footing unnecessary bills under any such circumstances.

Talk to a Health Care Professional before You Travel

You can always check with your health experts about the vaccination details, based on the country you are going to. Visit your doctor before you plan your getaway, and if you are travelling to a developing country, this visit should be on your to-do lists. People with low immunity are always at a higher risk or more vulnerable during travel. Being cautious is the key here!

Consult Much in Advance

Delaying it will only make it difficult for you to take all the required vaccinations, treatment or medications. People usually think that health advice would suffice if taken a week prior. But that may just not be right! You may need multiple sittings for your treatment to ensure full protection. Try to meet your healthcare provider at least a month before, if you are going on a long vacation; or if the countries you are travelling to, are prone to some particular ailments. You might need to build up your immunity and take necessary actions to stand against it and enjoy your time at a new place.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Guard yourself against any unforeseen health risks. Be cautious about your eating and drinking habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, maintain a high level of hygiene and you can always use a sanitizer to keep the germs at a bay.  Use an insect repellent to keep bugs off your body, as insect bites can put you at the risk of catching dengue, malaria and other vector-borne diseases. Also, make sure you do not eat poultry products when bird flu is on the rise. If you know how to take care of your health, you will have a great trip ahead. Simply put, just keep yourself informed and protected.

Sun-Tan Protection

The Indian skin tone is more prone to sunburns and in some cases; it can also pose serious health problems. Though chances are bleak if the exposure is not too much! Apart from the redness on your skin or it becoming a tone darker, sun-tan can be the source of some serious skin diseases (if it’s been too exposed or in case of high degree burn). If you are planning to hit a coastal area or a beach destination, then this one is inevitable. Use doctor prescribed sunscreen lotion, and keep your skin covered with a layer of cloth, wear a cap, and put on sunglasses to stay protected from the harsh UV rays. Use a sun protection lotion with SPF 50+ if you have very sensitive skin.

Keep the Prescriptions

If you take some medicines on a regular basis – for blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes or any other health condition, make sure that you have your medical prescription handy, in case of an emergency. Before travelling, ensure that the medicines you are taking are not restricted in the country you are travelling to.

Over to you!

While you are planning to take medical travel insurance, make sure that your insurance provider knows your current health conditions and validates them in your insurance cover. Once the above-mentioned tips are on your checklist and everything is planned much in advance, it will help you to stay healthy on your next holiday, business or family trip.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.