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7 Ways to Travel More by Cutting Your Expenses down and Save More

More than the new places, travel makes you experience new things. Everything that makes you happy costs you some money. The number of bag-packers is increasing more than ever. Even if you travel on a low budget, you still need money to make beautiful memories in different places. There are so many people out there who make travel plans that are rarely executed. The prominent reason behind that is the money issue.

When you make your travel plans, buy travel insurance with sufficient coverage to safeguard yourself against unfortunate incidents, such as a medical emergency or loss of one or more documents.

Mentioned below are the tips that will help you to make your travel plans happen without affecting your fiscal goals this year.

Write it Down

It is very important to list down your important monthly expenses, including but not limited to a loan, house rent, utility bills, and groceries etc. Add all these expenses to your list and write down the total sum.

Now make another list and jot down all your unnecessary monthly expenses, including movie tickets, eating out, cigarettes, concert/comedy tickets, etc. Add all these expenses and jot down the total sum.

For your basic survival, you got to pay your important and unavoidable expenses. You can’t make any changes in that. But, on the other side, you have unnecessary expenses too. If you plan it out smartly, then you can save up easily for your travel plans. Think about it; you don’t have to do much about it. It is just that you are diverting your funds to make their better use. It’s that simple. 

Cook for Yourself

To live, you have to eat. There is no way that you can cut down on your eating expenses in order to save an extra bit of money. Instead of that, what you can do is cut down on your eating expensive just by cooking your own meals. It is beneficial in two ways. First, you eat healthy homemade food. Second, you save money on your meals. Cooking is not that hard; it is simple and easy. Give it a shot you guys.

Travel Insurance Expenses

How about Having a Roomie?

Having a roommate might not be good for your privacy, but it is very good for your pocket. You can save 50 per cent on your room/house rent and use the saved amount for your adventurous trips. If your personal space matters a lot to you and you can’t compromise on your privacy whatsoever, then one more option is still there for you. You can move back with your parents for a few months. Roomie or parents your choice.

Commute Using Public Transport or Pooling

If you don’t have a vehicle and you use cabs for commuting, then you can save a lot on your travel. Switch cabs with pooling or public transport. If you commute in your own car, then you can go for carpooling. You will do your bit for Mother Nature; at the same time, you will get to save some money that can help you to save funds and quench your thirst for travel.

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Save Electricity

When you save electricity, you save on your electricity bills. Make sure you switch off the light and fan when you step out of your room. Use power saver tube lights and LEDs. Don’t forget to turn off the TV when you talk over the phone or to fall asleep. These little efforts will help you save big. Once you start saving electricity, compare your new bills with the old ones to know how much you actually are saving. 

Save Money in a Savings Account

When you are making efforts in saving money, why not invest that money in a savings account and earn some interest on that saved money?  Compare the rate of interest offered by various banks and go for the one that is offering you the highest rate of interest. In this way, your travel goals will be in sync with your financial goals. Isn’t that great? 

Set Your Priorities Right

Figure out what you want, start walking on that path, and don’t look back. When you have prioritized your trip, nothing can divert you from your travel goals. You can’t wish for everything at one time. When you have made your mind for travel, then travel comes first; everything else comes later. There are so many people whose first love is travel and second love is movies. They splurge a lot on movies. As a result, they are not able to do much about their travel plans.

Nothing can be better than travelling nationwide or around the world just to fulfil your dreams. However, not everyone can make their dreams come true, which is because of the lack of money they have. Limit your daily expenses and cut down the extra expenditure of any sort to save good enough to travel to your dream destinations.

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