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Travel Insurance for Domestic Vacations

Vacation and travelling go hand in hand. It is rightly said- “travelling refreshes your mind and calms your soul.” Whether it is summer or winter season, taking a trip to explore the country sounds like the best plan. Domestic travelling is as fun as travelling abroad. Just as you take extra precautions and care while travelling abroad, when it comes to domestic travelling you need to be cautious as well.

Whether you are travelling for business, fun or education, domestic travel insurance is as relevant as any other insurance. Domestic travel insurance makes sure that the trip goes smooth and enjoyable in case everything doesn’t work according to the plan. Hence, domestic travel insurance plan is far more than an option, and it is a necessity to do away with any unfavourable situations.

Why Domestic Travel Insurance?

A majority of people feel that travel insurance is an unwanted expense and does not hold any significance. Apart from that, they feel that the procedure for applying for a travel plan is tedious and time-wasting as well.

Travelling has its own share of risks as it exposes us to various losses and dangers. In order to secure your financial safety, buying travel insurance is a must. Also, in today’s technologically advanced world, buying a domestic travel insurance online is easy and fast.

Yes, you read it right.

You can buy a domestic travel insurance plan online in a matter of a few seconds.

Before getting a domestic travel insurance online, let us understand why it is necessary to have domestic travel insurance. A number of insurance companies list out the following reasons for buying a domestic travel insurance online.  Here we go:

Features of Domestic Travel Plans in India

Here are the features of domestic travel plans in India:

  • Wide Coverage- On the basis of insurance expectations of the policyholder, it covers an individual policyholder as well as a family/ group. A basic travel insurance plan covers insurance buyers from 18 to 65 years of age.
  • Wide Policy Term- The coverage is provided up to a year.
  • Itnd Economical- It is a cost-effective way of ensuring a financial cushion, in case of casualties caused (if any) while travelling within the country.

Myths about Domestic Travel Insurance Plans

Here are the myths about domestic travel insurance plans that you ought to avoid.

  • Duration of the Flight- People often feel that it is a waste to buy a travel insurance plan for a short trip. However, they forget that unfortunate situations can come without any invitation and one should be prepared to face them. Hence, buying a domestic insurance plan will only benefit you in times of trouble.
  • Expensive Plan- This is a very common myth that a domestic travel insurance plan costs a bomb. But one should understand that the premium depends on a number of factors including the location, number of days, age, etc. You should choose and the plan carefully in order to get all the benefits at an affordable cost.
  • Complicated Process- Going to the insurance company’s office and filling up forms for buying a travel insurance plan is a trend long gone. In this age of technology, everything is available at your fingertips. Most of the reputed insurance companies offer travel insurance online. All you have to do is log on to their website, fill in your details, choose your coverage and upload required documents. The process takes a few minutes and you will get the policy document delivered in your mailbox instantly. Apart from buying insurance online, they provide remarkable post-sales services for the benefits of the customers. You can buy, renew as well as file a claim online with the company anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone.
  • Claim Settlement- Most people refrain from buying travel policies because they feel the claims will not be settled by the company. However, to avoid such situations, it is imperative to have an insight about the company, check its authenticity and financial health. If you file a claim as per the applicable terms and conditions, you will get the pre-decided insurance coverage.

Over to You

You can check different quotes from different companies, the benefits, the coverage etc. on online in a matter of a few seconds. Investing in domestic travel insurance is your key towards a happy, safe and fun-filled journey. And why worry, when buying a travel insurance online is a simple and hassle-free task. It will ensure your financial safety and peace of mind in case of a covered eventuality.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.