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Travel Insurance for Domestic Vacations

Vacations and Travelling go hand in hand. It is rightly said, ‘Travelling refreshes your mind and calms your soul.” Whether it is summer or winter vacations, taking a trip to explore the country sounds like the best plan. Domestic travelling is as fun as travelling abroad. Just as you take extra precautions and care while travelling abroad, domestic travelling also needs a little more caution.

Whether you are travelling for business, fun or education, domestic travel insurance plan is as relevant as any other insurance. The trip can go smooth and enjoyable when everything works according to the plan, hence domestic travel insurance is far more than an option, and it is a necessity to do away with any ill-situations.

Many of us feel that travel insurance is an unwanted expense and does not hold any significance. All the more the procedure for applying for it is all the more tedious and time-wasting. However, it is not so travelling has its own share of risks, losses and dangers involved and to support them, travel insurance is a must. Also, in today’s technologically advanced world, buying a domestic travel insurance online is easy and fast. Yes, you read it right you can apply for a domestic travel insurance online.

Before getting a domestic travel insurance online, let us understand why it is necessary to have domestic travel insurance. A number of insurance companies list out the following reasons for buying a domestic travel insurance online.

 5 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Buy Travel Insurance Online

  • Flight Cancellation: You’ve just reached the airport to board a flight for a business trip and you are made aware that the flight has been cancelled due to technical issues or bad weather conditions, what will you do?
  • Loss of Baggage: When you do not see your luggage to turn up on the baggage sections, it creates havoc. If your baggage is misplaced or lost due the mismanagement of the authorities, you seem lost and confused as to what to do next
  • Unforeseen Medical Emergencies: It is very unfortunate and hard o deal with any medical emergency such as sickness or accidents when you’re travelling to a place you’re not well known of.  Such situations can leave you in a situation of panic. 
  • Vandalism of Personal Belongings: Whether it is your mobile, wallet, passport or boarding pass it is imperative to keep it safe and secure. Any harm to these may cause tension and leave you baffled
  • Evacuation from uncertain situations: It is difficult to find a way out in times of political unrest, natural or manmade calamities when you’re travelling.

But you need not worry, there’s a solution to everything. If you have domestic travel insurance, any of the above situations can be handled with ease and care. The travel insurance company you associated with to buy a travel insurance online will look after all the problems you face while travelling. Therefore, it is advisable to buy travel insurance online before taking a trip, in order to have a fruitful domestic journey.

Features of Domestic Travel Plans in India:

  • It covers an individual policy holder and is available to any citizen from 18 to 65 years of age
  • The coverage is provided up to a year and the sum insured
  • It is cost-efficient providing a security to casualties caused while travelling within the country.

How to Buy Travel Insurance Online?

Applying for a travel insurance can save time and money and allow you more time at hand to prepare for your journey. All you require is to fill an online application form and submit the required authentic documents for a domestic travel insurance online. However, it is imperative to review the policy, get proper information about the coverage that applies that suits your travel and make sure that your personal and financial information is secure. Here's a guide to help you buy travel insurance online.

  • Visit an insurance provider's website to know if they offer if they provide travel insurance for domestic travels to clients: Some offer travel insurance at a discounted rate when booked online. The process is less time taking, simple and hazel free.
  • Prepare a list of who is travelling: When you’re buying insurance policies online, the criteria differs from traveler to traveler. There are different clauses that apply for minors travelling with or without a guardian. Therefore, select the appropriate options for the traveler.
  • Check the coverage restrictions before you seal the deal: It is imperative to know all the terms and conditions before you finalize the application. As there are a number of limitations associated with travel insurances. Make sure everything that’s of importance to you is covered under the insurance according to your suitability.
  • Know what documents are required: Documentation is an important aspect of all the deals. Get a brief idea of all the documents that are required to buy a travel insurance online. Also, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, the requirements will differ.
  • Make the application pre-handedly: It is essential that you buy a domestic travel insurance online at least a week before your travel. The verification of documents and acceptance of the application may take a few days depending on the policies of each company. Therefore, it is better to do it now than never.

The points listed above will surely help you in buying travel insurance online easy and safe. Also, a domestic travel insurance online can get you some monetary benefits as they are usually available at premium and discounted rates.

How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance Plan?

A travel trip is a fun, adventurous and enjoyable trip. But we often skip that during this exciting and fascinating trip unforeseen eventualities can occur that disturb the entire trip. So, it is imperative to cover up for the same, and choose an appropriate insurance plan to keep yourself and your family safe. A domestic travel insurance becomes a boon when chosen wisely; keeping in mind all the causalities that can be caused. Below are a few points to keep in mind before buying a travel plan online.

  • Credibility of the company: Trust is the most essential factor when buying an insurance plan. Make sure the company you choose to deal with has a good name in the market, as the goodwill of the company is the deciding factor for reliability. A good company will always keep its clients satisfaction on top and fulfill its promises on time.
  • Affordability: Each one of us plans a trip with a budget in hand. Cost plays a vital role in deciding which travel insurance one should invest in. Pick one that suits all your requirements, demands less premium and is easy on your pockets.
  • Convenient: With so many options, comes too much confusion. Buying a travel insurance online, does save your time but it the lengthier the process, the less appealing it is. Go for one which requires minimum days to be processed and verified.
  • Duration: The amount of premium you pay is directly proportional to the number of days you’ll be travelling, also the location that is welcoming you. The more number of days you travel, the more you spend.
  • Purpose: If you’re going for an adventurous trip, which involves a number of activities that might lead to risks, it is better to choose a plan with special advantages that takes care of your health, wealth and life completely. But, if you’re out for a relaxing holiday with your family, a normal insurance cover would suit your requirements.
  • Coverage: If your plan covers life, wealth, accidents, etc. naturally the premium would be higher. Also, if you choose to pt for some extra benefits you’ll have to shell out some more from your pockets. It is advisable to make a list of the possible damages you wish to be covered for.
  • Age: The premium for the insurance plan highly depends on the traveler; it varies according to one’s age. The premium maybe more for a senior than it is of an average aged person. Also, senior citizens can be covered for pre-existing illness under special plans.

Exemptions in Domestic Travel Insurance:

Once, you’ve understood how domestic travel plans benefit you, it is also necessary to understand the exclusions that come in with Domestic travel Insurance before buying a travel insurance plan online. Below is a list that includes whatever is not covered in a domestic travel plan.

  • Any non-accidental incident such as illness, sickness, disease, that takes place during the travel
  • Any pre- existing medical ailment/condition, unless covered under special provisions
  • Any accidents caused on account of abnormal activities like horse riding, adventure activities, skydiving etc, unless mentioned in special provisions.
  • There are merely some plans that provide cover if you are a member/ part of the country’s armed forces.
  • It does not provide any cover/ protection for any illegal, illegitimate activities that are against the Indian Penal Code.
  • Either one working or trying to learn to operate any aircraft and has not declared it while taking the plan.
  • If one is performing duties as a crew member with any airline company.
  • Any loss/damage caused due to the insured persons own careless actions such as travelling against the doctor’s advice
  • Any type of self-caused harm like suicide, mental disorders, AIDS or STDs
  • All types of non-medical expenses

Myths about Domestic Travel Insurance Plans:

  • Duration of the flight: People often feel that it is waste to buy an insurance plan for a short travel to their native in the country. However, they forget that unfortunate happenings come without any invitation and one should be prepared to fight it back. Hence, investing in a domestic insurance plan will only benefit you in times of trouble.
  • Expensive Plan: This is very common myth that any sort of insurance plan is high. But one should understand that the premium depends on a number of factors including the location, number of days, age, etc. You should choose wisely and carefully to get all the benefits at an affordable cost.
  • Complicated Process: Going to insurance company office and filing up forms for a travel insurance policy is a trend long gone. In this age of technology, everything is available at your fingertips. Most of the reputed insurance companies provide services online. All you have to do is log on to their website, fill in your details, choose your requirements and provide authentic documents. The process takes a few days and you’re good to go. Apart from buying policies, they provide remarkable post sales services for the benefits of the customers. You can buy, renew as well as file a claim online with the company anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection on your smart phone.
  • Claim settlement: Most people refrain from buying travel policies because they feel the claims are not settled by the company honestly and the process takes a forever to complete. However, to avoid such situations, it is imperative to have an insight about the company, check its authenticity and consult someone who is already into insurance buying on a frequent basis.

You can check different quotes from different companies, their offers in terms of provisions, the benefits, the coverage, etc on online websites like PolicyBazar. Investing in domestic travel insurance is your key towards a happy, safe and fun filled journey. And why worry now, when buying a travel insurance online is a simple and hazel free task. It will only give you more peace of mind and soul.