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Your Reasons to Buy Domestic Travel Insurance

Whether you are exploring the dense forest of Sundarban or the lush green mountains of Himalayas, having domestic travel insurance in your back will save you from the ill-fated. Let’s discuss certain scenarios when domestic insurance plans work as a big-time saviour!

Scenario 1# When You Lose Valuables

While travelling if you lose your baggage, the airlines might reimburse compensation for the loss. However, it won’t be sufficient if the baggage contained valuable items inside such as jewellery, an expensive watch and so on. These are something that you don’t want to lose or items that are hard to replace. This may hugely affect your savings. Well, with travel insurance, these unplanned expenses can be covered. Even domestic travel insurance plans come in handy to ensure that the cost of your precious things is covered.

Scenario 2# When You don’t Own Health Insurance

An adequate health insurance policy might beat the necessity of having travel insurance as the policy covers the insured for any medical emergency. Nevertheless, those who don’t own one have to suffer a lot financially. Considering the low penetration rate of health insurance, a large portion of the Indian population still uncovered. Therefore, people who are not covered by any type of health insurance, domestic travel insurance can be a good option. With this, travel related risks and the expenses arising out from any of them will be taken care of by the insurer. Even the emergency hospitalisation including ambulance fare, emergency evacuation on health ground etc. will be covered by this plan.

Scenario 3# When Your Scheduled Flight gets Cancelled or Delayed

Flight cancellation or delay is a common thing with airlines. Sometimes due to bad weather or technical errors. Well, whatever the reason is, it troubles the passengers a lot. Due to this, you would lose on the bookings that you made prior to the journey. You can be covered for such a situation with travel insurance, even if you travel domestically. Travel insurance pays for flight cancellation or delay, accommodation etc. To claim your insurance you will have to provide adequate supporting proofs along with the confirmation from the airlines.

Scenario 4# When You Lose Important Document

A document such as passport is an essential part of your travel. You can’t even land in certain countries without a valid passport. In such a case, loss of passport can be frightening. You may not get the required assistance in a foreign land. In this regard, your travel insurer comes in handy to provide you with the new passport by bearing the related expenses in case of acquiring the new one.

Scenario 5# When You have to Bear a Hefty Medical Bill

Medical expenses are no more affordable as it was earlier. Even a single hospitalisation can wipe out your entire savings. Given that, while travelling if you require to be hospitalised, this will surely make a big hole in your pocket. Moreover, your travel budget will be affected adversely. To avoid such things, you should own domestic travel insurance, yet if you travelling within India.

When You Don’t Need Domestic Travel Insurance

There are certain conditions where you can ignore domestic travel insurance. For instance, as we’ve mentioned above, if you own health insurance or life insurance as the hospitalisation arising out of an accident or illness is covered. Death benefits are covered under life insurance. Second, If you are travelling for a very short period. However, in this case, also, you should consider having yourself covered.

But what about the other conditions like we discussed, that may turn your travel experience to be the worst one. As you can’t afford to lose your baggage or important documents such as Passport, you need insurance no matter where you are. Even most of the airlines provide the options of choosing travel insurance at the time of bookings to ensure a safe journey. So, no matter where are you travelling to, having travel insurance be it domestic or international is a necessity.

In a Nutshell!

Travel insurance is designed to provide you with a blissful travel experience without worrying about the odds. Some risks are real even within your home country. In this regard, domestic travel insurance plans go in a long way when you need extended financial protection. It is the best option if you don’t want to claim your health insurance and earn some benefits. When you can’t deny the probabilities that may dampen the travel excitement, having travel insurance to back your finances will be the great alternative!

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.