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Domestic Travel Insurance with Additional Features

Customers will witness more features in domestic travel insurance. As per a senior executive of general insurance, it is regarded as the cheapest of all. It is just possible to add more feature to the basic policy but not reducing the cost even if the claims are low. Contribution of travel insurance is much lower to about two to three percent of the business from non-life insurance product.

The premium of domestic travel insurance depends on tenure and coverage where the amount varies from Rs 150 to Rs 2000. For domestic air travel, the domestic travel policies are priced at Rs 100-200, currently. The shortest tenure is of seven days. For example-

The premium for an annual policy with unlimited trips of less than 30 days would be around Rs 2,700. The list of additional features would include features like – covers for hand baggage, emergency evacuation during domestic travel. This process is likely to increase the purchase of travel insurance in India, according to the underwriting head at a private general insurer.

Travel insurance does not have a huge demand in India because of the frequent and short trips opted by Indians, as per the survey by ICICI Lombard. Travel Trends 2014 survey also informs that although 86% were aware of the travel cover and 64% thought it was essential, only 4 % of the respondents took the cover.

In times of medical emergencies or accident, travel insurance takes care of the medical expenses. Other expenses covered under the same include- lost luggage delayed and cancelled flights, alternative accommodation, family’s transportation or accommodation for external stay, accident death and evacuation during accident because of natural calamities.

Travel insurance is expected to have more popularity with its entrance in holidays dedicated to adventure sports like rafting, bungee jumping, motor rallies etc. but with a higher premium. Death or accident due to these sports is not considered under basic travel policy.

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