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7 Excuses For Not Buying Travel Insurance

With more and more people taking to traveling and splashing their pictures on FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, we at PolicyBazaar decided to embark on a journey too. We decided to find out which travelers do not take a travel insurance policy before venturing out. We came across seven such travelers and here’s what they had to say:

 1. “There are no potholes in the sky”: With all the free offloading experience Indian roads provide me, I have become a fan. A smooth road does not excite me anymore! Exactly why air travel is so not on my agenda.

2. “My smartbag is trained to combat thieves”: I figured if my smartphone can do so awesome tricks then why not my travel bag? I got it custom-made with in-built biometric and siren system. So if anyone but me were to touch it, it will create a ruckus!

 3. “I travel in my dreams no insurance needed”: Did you know dreams are the best place to travel? My dreams take me to the most beautiful places and cities. Yesterday I travelled to London and spent time on Baker Street, waiting to meet Sherlock Holmes. Now, tell me, can actual travel take me there? No, so now you know I don’t need travel insurance!

4. “I’m a minimum wage worker bound to my desk”: With today’s demanding jobs, the only travelling I manage to do is “home to office” and “office to home”. And as smartphones have only further ensured we stay glued to work, I prefer to not travel at all. Imagine being in Europe, enjoying the scenic beauty and your manager calls you to send the new client strategy framework! Nah, travel insurance is not for the desk workers…

5. “Done with Earth … looking forward to Mars expedition”:  With the new Mars photos splashed all over the internet, I am intrigued by that than anything else here on earth! Mountains, rivers and nature is done to death on earth… what’s really interesting is what space has to offer. Now tell me does your  travel insurance cover my trip to space?

 6. “All I need for travelling is a globe and a plane”: As a kid I used to love swooshing my toy plane around the globe endlessly, narrating tales of my bravado and heroics. And those were the best travelling experiences I have had…I still love to role-travel, I guess some people never grow up.

7. My teleporting device let’s me do it”: I live in the era of Harry Potter, a world of broom-flashing wizards, invisibility cloaks and potions. Another remarkable invention of these times is the teleporting device, a similar to a Time-travel machine but one that allows you to Place-Travel! So, if I am going to take a fraction of a second to reach any place on Earth, why buy travel insurance? Beats me!

Unless you are one of these above-mentioned travelers you definitely need a travel insurance policy that offers protection against loss of baggage and important documents, medical emergencies and even flight delay!

Buy a travel insurance policy now!

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.