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How Important is to Buy Travel Insurance when Travelling to the US?

Is travel insurance worth it? Is travel insurance a necessity? Why should I invest in travel insurance? Well, these are a few questions amidst the many questions when you speak to people about buying a travel insurance plan. Most of them think that travel insurance is an unnecessary expense. However, Travel insurance is a necessity and a smart choice indeed.

Planning a trip is so much fun & exciting. It enthralls you.

Doesn’t it?

A travel insurance policy acts as a shield that will always protect you from different mishaps that might occur during your trip such as a medical emergency, loss of items/baggage, etc.

So, why not create memories rather than carrying the extra baggage of worries. Moreover, if you are traveling to a foreign land then travel insurance is worth every cent. You must critically analyse your international travel insurance plan before buying one.

Below are a few points, which must be considered before you end up buying a travel insurance plan.

  • Destination: A few countries may require buying travel insurance beforehand. However, you may be asked to buy one after your arrival in that county.
  • Nature: Depending on how frequent you travel you can opt for plans accordingly.
  • Purpose: If you are travelling due to an official commitment or just for leisure, higher studies, etc.
  • Duration: Know the number of days you are planning to stay.
  • Coverage: Know what you need and what you don’t, and in accordance, customize your plan.

Life is full of uncertainties and nothing ideally comes with a guarantee card. You are all prepared for the trip. But, what if, something unusual or unexpected occurs? You cannot prognosticate the future.

What if:

  • You get sick during the trip
  • You meet with an accident during the trip
  • Your tickets get cancelled before your journey begins
  • Changes in your trip plans
  • Loss of baggage/passports, etc.

In all these adverse situations, travel insurance not just comes as a boon but also acts as a rescue eventually.

Putting it all together, travel insurance is a comprehensive plan, which safeguards you against all financial incur if you are traveling domestic or international. However, it is not a substitute for your health insurance plan. Be sure of what and who are you insuring?

Still wondering, Why Travel Insurance? Here you go with the answers

  • It protects your items when traveling
  • It protects your financial investment
  • It protects your health and well being
  • Most importantly, PEACE OF MIND

When Travelling to the US

The US is one of the most opulent nations in the world and traveling to the US is an expensive process. Whether you are traveling to this destination for some business work, visiting your friend/family, etc. or for academic pursuit, the US is surely a visual treat.

Get on board to enjoy a hassle-free trip to the US. Here we have combined some important information for hitting the US:

First things first

  • Make sure your passport is valid:If you are planning to visit the US make sure that you have a valid passport with at least two pages left blank for stamping. Moreover, the passport is valid for 6 months beyond the intended stay in the US.
  • Know your visa situation:Obtain a valid visa beforehand if you are traveling to the US. Depending upon the purpose of their travel the travelers can apply for the visa. The two most sought after types of visa are as follows:

Business Visa (B1): This type of US visa is offered for a shorter period for people who are traveling because of some business works, conferences, educational conventions, etc.  

Tourist Visa (V1): This US visa is generally offered for a period ranging between 01 year and 10 years. This visa is generally offered to people who are traveling for some medical treatment, visiting family/friends, etc. Please note that the maximum period of stay during one trip is limited to 6 months and multiple entries to the country are allowed.

There are other kinds of visas available. You can apply depending upon the purpose of your travel. Moreover, it makes more sense, to be acquainted with the different types of visas available for traveling to the US. Once you are done selecting the suitable visa type, you must complete the Non-immigrant Visa Electronic Information (DS-160) form.

Once you are done filling the respective form, pay the visa fee. After paying the visa fee, keep the receipt number and proceed to book your visa appointment. Schedule an appointment with Visa Application Centre and US Embassy or Consulate. Whenever going for your visa appointment, carry all the necessary documents along with your identity proof.

Once done with the formalities choose a travel insurance plan especially because medical treatment is quite expensive and it can easily burn a hole in your pockets. Moreover, US travel insurance plans available in India offer comprehensive emergency coverage while traveling. The need of the day is to make sure to have a robust medical coverage in your travel insurance plan.

In the End

The idea of buying travel insurance is to ensure a smooth and pleasant trip, be it a business trip or a holiday. The basic key is to read and re-read every policy carefully and at the same time research regarding the same to determine whether it will fill your needs or not. In addition, the insurance provider must be registered with IRDA and buy the policy through a licensed broker or agent.  

Safe Return!

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.