Travel Insurance for Maldives from India

The Maldives is a dream destination for those who want a quick getaway from the everyday hustle. You can't wait to have a relaxing vacation in one of its luxury resorts, facing white sand beaches- but have you bought Maldives travel insurance? If you really want to relax and enjoy what this island has to offer, buying an international travel insurance policy is essential!

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* Price shown is for a 15 day trip to UK with a 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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* Price shown is for a 15 day trip to UK with a 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

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Plans include Covid-19 global coverage

Plans include Covid-19 global coverage

Accidental & sickness expenses

Accidental & sickness expenses

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Covers Loss of check-in Baggage

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Get Trip Cancellation benefits

* Price shown is for a 15 day trip to UK with a 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

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Maldives Travel Insurance

Nestled in the vast Indian Ocean, this small island has become one of the most visited destinations recently. Because of its beautiful beaches, stunning marine life, and luxurious resorts, this archipelago attracts tourists from all over the world.

However, before traveling here, it's crucial to purchase Maldives travel insurance so that no emergency can bother you. Other than financial safety, you'll have lots of benefits including travel and local assistance, cover for any medical emergencies, and a lot more.

Maldives Capital City

Fast Facts About the Maldives

To get you started, here are some important facts about the Maldives:

Category Specification
Capital Malé
International Airports 5 including Hanimaadhoo International Airport, Velana International Airport
Time Zone GMT+5
Best Time to Visit Between April and November
Average Year-round Temperature 29°C to 31°C

The Key Benefits of Travel Insurance for the Maldives

Here are some of the key benefits you get upon buying travel insurance policy for the Maldives:

  • Travel Assistance:

    You will have 24X7 customer support in case of any emergency, medical, or other.

  • Cover for Accident and Sickness:

    Unfortunately, if you fall sick or get injured in the Maldives then your plan will provide coverage for all expenses up to the fixed limit.

  • Cover for Baggage Loss/Delay:

    Losing your baggage on an international flight can severely ruin your plans as well as your budget. The policy helps with this by reimbursing for the lost/damaged products later including additional necessary expenses like medicines, clothes, and toiletries.

  • Cover for Personal Liability: If you find yourself accidentally responsible for any legal liabilities on your trip abroad, your policy will help you pay for it.

  • Local Assistance:

    Your insurer will provide a dedicated helpline for any emergency you may face while you're in the Maldives.

  • Compensation for Emergency Transportation and Hospitalisation:

    If you need urgent medical care, transportation costs should not bother you. The plan will cover these charges as well as hospitalization charges.

  • Automatic Extension:

    Many plans offer an automatic extension of up to 7 days in specified cases.

  • Hijack Cover:

    Though rare, your insurer will provide some compensation to help you cope in case you're traumatized because of a hijacking. 

These are only a few advantages of buying Maldives Travel Insurance. Make sure you compare a lot of plans that are offered by international travel insurance companies in India before zeroing in on a plan.

Travel Insurance for the Maldives from India

To have a lot of fun, you need to do some work before! It is very important to plan your Maldives trip and know about the place sufficiently. This will help you prepare for everything adequately. Especially the islands you want to visit and activities you plan to do, you should arrange for everything in advance so that there is no shortage of time once you reach this island nation.

However, we all saw the unprecedented times because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, travel insurance for the Maldives become even more important to cope with any drastic changes or emergencies. With so many countries closing or restricting their borders, you should protect yourself from these changes.

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance from India to the Maldives?

Traveling to such a beautiful island like the Maldives is an experience for anyone. This trip may be something you've waited for a long time and your family is accompanying you. This increases your sense of responsibility as well as worries as life can be uncertain at times. You may have planned this journey well, but adverse situations may beat you to it. When visiting the Maldives, you must keep a sturdy Maldives travel insurance plan which protects your entire family and takes care of every emergency that may come your way.

Make sure to buy a plan which offers comprehensive health insurance benefits, as medical emergencies are among the most common and dreaded ones when a person is abroad.

A good travel insurance plan will also protect you from losses due to flight delays and cancellations, baggage delays, or losses. Some major features that you should ensure in your plan are briefly given below:

  • Journey Cover: Protection against any delays or cancellations of your flight or hotel.
  • Passport Loss:You'll be reimbursed for the expenses incurred while procuring a duplicate passport if it is lost while on your trip.
  • COVID-19 Cover:Because of these unprecedented times, if you get infected during your journey then you won't have to worry about the expenses.
  • Medical Cover:You'll be supported financially in case of any sickness or accidents while traveling.
  • Baggage Cover: You'll be assisted as per your policy in case your check-in baggage is delayed or lost/damaged by your airline.

Lastly, don't forget to check for optional coverages suiting your needs. Your plan should be customizable so that the different needs of your family are met.

The Maldives Tourist Places

Maldives Tourist Places

Made of over a thousand of islands, Maldives has no shortage of dazzling beaches and tranquil waters. For Indians visiting this beautiful place, it's situated at a convenient distance not too far from India's west coast. This place is also a popular romantic as well as a family getaway. Take a look at some of the best places to visit in the Maldives:

  • Malé Island:

    The first step is the capital of Maldives where the international airport is situated. This place is convenient to explore food, beaches, and some important monuments like the Tsunami Monument and Male National Museum.

  • Emboodhu Finolhu Island:

    Aside from its beauty, this island offers a spectacular aerial view of water villas shaped like a budding flower. These water villas are arranged to look like a beautiful blooming flower when you look down at them from a plane.

  • Baros Island:

    One of Maldives finest islands, this one is lined with fine beaches and is famous for its water villas, corals, and water sports.

  • Majidhee Magu:

    For your shopping mania, this is the perfect place to buy some handbags, cosmetics, and plenty of handcrafted items.

  • National Museum:

    Other than its islands, you can learn some history about the Maldives in this museum situated at Male. some artifacts go as back as the 11th century.

  • Banana Reef:

    This is the ultimate diving destination with some of the best diving institutes. The underwater is rich in marine life and offers opportunities for SCUBA diving and snorkeling.

  • Thai Wok Restaurant:

    The ultimate food paradise for Thai Cuisine lovers, this place also offers all you can eat buffet every week for the foodies to gorge on!

Visa Information for The Maldives

The immigration authorities of Maldives offer visas on arrival to all foreign citizens who are visiting for the purpose of tourism and sightseeing. Other than a tourist visa, here are some other types of visas available for the Maldives:

  • Work Visa: If traveling for work-related purposes, you can get a visa on arrival for 15 days if you have been issued a valid work permit not exceeding 90 days.
  • Business Visa:This is a temporary visa issued for entry to the Maldives. You'll need to submit an application to the Ministry of Economic Development as per the latest business visa regulations of the Maldives.
  • Marriage Visa:This visa can be issued to foreign nationals who are already married to a Maldives citizen or are traveling to get married to one. This one requires a sponsorship declaration and must get legally married in the Maldives and apply for this visa within 30 days of their arrival.
  • Dependent Visa:This can be applied for after providing the required documents by the foreign nationals.

Entry Information for Indian Citizens Travelling to The Maldives

Since the Maldives offers a visa on arrival facility to all the foreign nationals visiting, Indians can also avail of this feature. You don't need to apply for a pre-approved visa and can stay here for sightseeing for up to 30 days. 

However, this is only for those Indians who are visiting the Maldives on a tourist visa. The requirement may change for other visa types which should be read carefully before planning the trip.

Travel Documents Required While Travelling from India to The Maldives

While this island nation has pretty simple requirements, some entry requirements must be kept in mind before you travel to the Maldives:

  • Valid passport with an MRZ (Machine Readable Zone), should be valid for minimum 6 months
  • Negative COVID-19 PCR Test of the sample not older than 96 hours before the departure
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Hotel/Accommodation booking confirmation
  • Return or onward ticket
  • Valid visa for the onward ticket's destination country
  • Bank statement from last 3 months before you arrive in the Maldives
  • Enough funds to sustain your stay and travel in the Maldives (USD 100 per day per person)
  • Duly filled THD (Traveller Health Declaration) within 24 hours of their arrival
  • Yellow Fever vaccination certificate if coming from an infected region

Additionally, you should also keep a valid international travel insurance policy before you head to the Maldives. This will protect you from any sudden expense due to an emergency.

Maldives Travel: Safety & Precautionary Measures to be Undertaken

To ensure everyone's safety, traveling during restrictions is the new norm and must be taken seriously. Here are a few ways to make this a safe trip by keeping the following precautions in mind:

  • Go through the country's laws and regulations and make sure to follow them
  • Uphold public decorum and cooperate with the local government by following their COVID-19 guidelines
  • Monitor yourself as well as your co-travelers for any COVID-10 symptoms and isolate if needed
  • Make sure to take precautions against the Zika virus as it’s prevalent in the Maldives. Pregnant women should avoid traveling as infection can cause congenital abnormalities to the fetus
  • Wear masks properly (cover your mouth and nose)
  • Maintain social distancing as much as possible
  • Keep your passport safe. Carry a physical copy to avoid the chances of losing it
  • Make sure to confirm the number of days your visa has been granted for
  • Do not engage in any illegal or unlawful activities
  • Do not stay in the Maldives after the visa has expired
  • Visitors on a tourist visa are not allowed to engage in any business or paid employment
  • Avoid visiting unfamiliar areas, especially during nighttime hours
  • Make sure to buy a comprehensive travel insurance plan for the Maldives to ensure financial security

The Indian Embassy in The Maldives

Even with all the planning and preparation for a trip, there are somethings that are beyond your control. In such emergencies, you can reach out to the Indian High Commission to the Maldives through the following contacts:

Name Details Contact
Emergency Contact Number (Only for Indian Nationals seeking assistance in case of emergency) Welfare OfficerHCI Male 960 736 1452
Ms. Pooja Tillu First Secretary (Commerce & Projects)Maldives 3324321 |Email:

Furthermore, you can visit the Embassy at the following address:

The Embassy of India,

Athireege Aage,

Ameeru Ahmed Magu,

Henveiru, Male – 20125

International Airports in The Maldives

The Maldives is a well-connected nation with many domestic and international airlines for easy commute. Here are it’s 5 international airports: 

Airport Name Location
Hanimaadhoo International Airport Haa Dhaalu Atoll
Velana International Airport North Male Atoll
Maamigili International Airport Alifu Dhaalu Atoll
Gan International Airport Seenu Atoll
Maafaru International Airport Noonu Atoll

Currency and Foreign Exchange

The currency used in the Maldives is the Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR) and is simply called rufiyaa. Here is the exchange rate to get an estimate:

Currency Exchange Rate
INR (Indian Rupee) 4.81 INR = 1 Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR)
USD (United States Dollar) 0.065 USD = 1 Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR)

Since the rates fluctuate on a daily basis, make sure to monitor the prevailing exchange rates. Make sure to carry sufficient cash to avoid paying extra charges.

Maldives Travel Insurance - FAQs

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