Star Health Insurance Premium Calculator

Health is wealth, goes the adage. With sedentary lifestyle, increasing pollution and food contamination, health issues are on all-time high. While the reasons for the deterioration in the overall health standard may vary, you cannot deny the fact that there’s a need for health insurance across people of various age groups.

A health insurance policy compensates for your medical expenses. All you need to do is pay the cost of premium. Moreover, with the use of online tools like health insurance calculator in India, calculating the premium for mediclaim policies is no less than a cake walk. The health insurance calculators are available on various insurance sites and the calculation can be done using some simple steps. Fill in the information as requested on the online forms and get the desired results.

Star health insurance offers some of the best and comprehensive health insurance plans in India. Before purchasing a Star Health insurance plan, premium is one of the important factors that need to be considered. With Star health insurance premium calculator, it is easier to compare different star health plans in a matter of few minutes. It is an online tool that helps the applicants in deciding a health plan after assessing the premium. It enables to find the best health insurance plans as per the needs of the customers.

To know the premium amount, all you need to do is feed some basic details in the online form and you get the premium cost in a matter of few seconds.

Star Health Insurance Company at a Glance

Features Specifications
Network hospitals 10200+
Claim Settled within 2 hours 90%
Pre-existing diseases waiting period 4 years
Incurred Claim Ratio* 63%
Policy Renewability Lifetime

Key Features of the Star Health Insurance Calculator

Star health insurance premium calculator is a free tool that gives you accurate health insurance quotes. Using a health insurance calculator online, you can easily compare different features of a policy on a single platform. The features of this online calculator are given below:

  • Easy evaluation and comparison of health insurance plans within a few seconds
  • Convenient and cost-effective method to find a policy that meets most of your requirements
  • It helps you manage your finances as you can plan for your premium payments in your budget.
  • It enables you to invest in a policy that is ideal and affordable to you.
  • It helps in making an informed decision

Star health insurance calculator helps you in making a purchase decision when you are ready instead of the face-to-face meeting with sales agents who pressurize you into getting a specific insurance policy they are promoting.

You can easily search star health insurance premium calculator online.

Things to Remember while Using a Star Health Insurance Premium Calculator

Comparing different health insurance plans can be a daunting task. A lot of people end up making the same mistakes of only comparing the obvious features such as the premium cost, co-payment etc. while, they ignore some other important features such as pre-existing diseases, capping on room rents, pre-post hospitalization expenses, annual health check-ups etc. While using a Star health insurance calculator make sure that you refrain from making such mistakes. Moreover -

  • Do Not Just Focus on the Premium-Besides the premium amount, it would be better to compare different features like co-payments, deductibles, No-claim-bonus, pre-policy medical check-up, list of network hospitals and the likewise.
  • Provide Accurate Information- While doing the comparison and calculations on Star health insurance calculator, make sure that you enter correct details as wrong details can lead to rejection of your claim.
  • Opt for a Higher Sum Assured - Take into consideration the medical inflation while deciding and choosing the right sum insured.
  • Consider family floater Plans- Buying a family floater plan rather than individual plans will be a better option as it will cover your entire family and help you save your money.

Above mentioned tips can help you avoid those typical mistakes while using a star health insurance calculator online and let you choose the best star health medical policy that meets most of your requirements.

How to Use Star Health Insurance Premium Calculator?

To derive health insurance premium from a Star health insurance premium calculator, you simply need to fill the following details –

  • Visit the insurer’s site and go to the health insurance calculator page
  • Select the number of members to be insured in the policy
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Enter personal details such your name, contact number, and email id
  • Age of the oldest family member or all the family members ( in case of a family floater policy)
  • Once you click on the calculate button, the premium calculator will determine the cost of the premium
  • Simply compare different policies and enjoy free health insurance quotes from different providers

Benefits of Using a Health Insurance Premium Calculator

  • Health care costs are hitting the roof thus, making it inevitable to buy a health insurance cover. With a health insurance policy, people can have a sense of relief knowing that their hospital bills will be reimbursed in case of any unpredictable illness or accident. The insurance premium costs are also soaring high to match the increasing healthcare costs.
  • For this reason it is essential to calculate health insurance premium online using a medical insurance calculator and then buy an affordable yet good health insurance policy.
  • Manual calculation of insurance premiums is cumbersome not to mention a boring process, too. Most people end up settling for one insurance policy just to avoid the research process. This is where the role of a mediclaim policy premium calculator comes into play. It is both timesaving and an effective tool.
  • The health insurance premium calculator provides you with a clear picture of the premium cost.
  • To calculate health insurance premium, you need to provide your age, the number of family members to be covered, and any pre-existing illnesses etc.
  • The numbers through a health insurance premium calculator are automatically calculated and you get your results immediately. It is dedicated to make your premium calculation an easy-breezy process in just a few clicks.

How is Star Health Insurance Premium Determined?

Medical History

Pre-medical screening or medical history is required to determine the health insurance premium based on the results. In some plans medical exam may not be required but your current health conditions, family health background, and lifestyle-related habits are taken into consideration. The premium for smokers is usually on a higher side.

Entry Age and Gender

Age is an important determining factor while calculating Star health insurance premium. The premium increases with the age of the proposer. At a higher age, people are more prone to critical illnesses, such as cardiovascular diseases, kidney disorders and the likewise. This is the reason why premium for a senior citizen health insurance plan is usually higher than a basic health plan. Also, the premiums for female candidates are lower as compared to the male candidates due to lower risk of heart attack, stroke, etc.

Policy Term

The premium for a one-year Star health insurance plan will be lower than a 2-year plan. However, the insurer provides a discount if you buy a long-term policy.

Plan Opted

It’s a well-known fact that the plan selected by you is going to affect the premium cost. The lower the risks involved the lower the premium will be and vice-versa. A wisely chosen and weighed plan on a health insurance premium calculator will help you get numerous benefits and desired premium for you.


It is the discount that you get on your insurance premium for all the years that you haven’t claimed. It is an important factor to be considered before calculating the health insurance premium.


If you are a smoker or drink regularly, the chances are that you will be paying an extra amount of premium. In fact, the company can deny issuing your policy.

Tax Exemption on Star Health Insurance Premium

The medical insurance premium is a fixed amount, which you pay every year for your health insurance policy. However, the premium that you pay provides you tax saving benefits as per the Income Tax Act.

  • The premium that you pay towards medical insurance qualifies for deduction u/s 80D of the Income Tax Act. It is applicable for anyone paying health insurance premium for self, children, spouse, and parents, irrespective of the dependency.
  • It helps you plan your taxes, as a tax exemption benefit of Rs. 25000 is granted to a policyholder if the age of the insured members is below 60 years.
  • For senior citizens or anyone paying for senior citizens, the limit is Rs. 50,000.
  • Anyone who is less than 60 years pays premiums for their parents above 60 years are given a tax exemption of Rs. 50,000.
  • Individuals who are above 60 years and are paying a medical insurance premium for their parents, they are eligible for tax benefits of Rs. 100,000.

Star Health Insurance Calculator FAQs

  • Q1. What is the need for star health insurance calculator?

    Ans: Star health insurance premium calculator is needed due to the following reasons-
    • Star health insurance premium calculator helps in computing the premium cost and gives you an exact idea before purchasing the policy
    • Saves you running from pillar to post and meet insurance agents just to know the amount of premium
    • You can filter and shortlist the quotes as per your preferences
    • Know the cost of add-ons and optional benefits in advance
    • Gives you an idea of the available discounts
    • Star insurance calculator offers flexibility to change the data entered and the calculate health insurance premium for different plans

    It is a simple, quick and effective tool.

  • Q2. What information needs to be provided in Star health insurance premium calculator?

    Ans: Health insurance quotations are decided based on the information provided by you- such as your age, family members covered, pre-existing diseases, no-claim-bonus, coverage opted for, add-on benefits etc.  

    Get free health insurance quotes by using health insurance calculator.

  • Q3. How to use health insurance premium calculator?

    Ans: Following are the steps to use Star health insurance calculator: 
    • Select if you want to go for an individual plan or a family floater plan. Mention the number of members to be covered in the plan.
    • Age of every insured member
    • Choose the amount of sum insured in the Star health insurance premium calculator
    • Pre-existing diseases for each family member
    • Location i.e. the area and the city of residence
    • Submit your contact details
    • Once all the fields are filled you can click on calculate premium and you will get the approximate cost of the premium for the selected health insurance plan.
  • Q4. Can I pay star health insurance premium online?

    Ans: Yes, the premium for all the Star health insurance plans can be paid online.
  • Q5. What is the maximum number of members that can be covered under Star health insurance policy?

    Ans: Under a family floater plan you can cover upto a maximum of 6 family members inluding 2 adults and 4 children.
Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 15 April 2021

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