Key Replacement Add-On Cover in Two Wheelers

Do you know your comprehensive bike insurance plan provides you with wide coverage but does not protect everything related to a bike? Here is where add-ons come into the picture. An add-on cover gives you extra protection for any particular peril against several unforeseen instances, and one such add-on cover is a key replacement add-on. Let us tell you about this add-on cover in detail.

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    20+ Insurers to choose from
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Understanding Bike Key Add-on Cover

Getting a replica of your stolen/lost key was easy back in time. The only way left was to visit the service centre and get a replacement key if you had lost it or get the whole lockset changed if it was stolen.

The bike key cover helps you to get the cost of the key or lockset of the insured vehicle. Even if you have comprehensive bike insurance, it will not provide you cover for key replacement, and you will have to purchase this add-on cover separately by paying an extra amount in your premium.

For instance, you are on a bike road trip and stop for a lunch break in a restaurant. After finishing your lunch, you decide to leave and suddenly realise you do not have your bike’s keys. Considering the fact that it might be stolen or lost, if you have a key replacement add-on cover, you can contact your insurer and tell them about your situation. They will direct you to the nearby service centre, where you can get a duplicate key of your bike, and the insurer will pay for the replacement key on your behalf.

How to Purchase Key Replacement Add-On Online?

With the help of digitalization, purchasing a two-wheeler insurance plan online has become easy. You can select the plan as per your requirement and budget. However, you can only buy add-ons while renewing or purchasing your comprehensive or standalone own-damage policy.

To renew or buy a key cover for your bike from, you can follow the below steps-

  1. Visit the official website of Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited.
  2. Navigate to ‘Two Wheeler Insurance’ and enter all the required vehicle details.
  3. Click on ‘View Prices’ to get multiple bike insurance quotes from different insurers.
  4. Now click on the desired add-on, such as a key replacement add-on cover.
  5. Once the add-on is added, it will ask you to pay.
  6. You can pay online using UPI, Credit/debit card, and Net banking.
  7. Once the payment is made, the insurer will send the receipt to your registered mobile number and email address.

How to Raise Claim in Key Replacement Add-on?

The only purpose of purchasing insurance is to get an easy claim for any loss or damage caused. Since we are talking about the key replacement add-on claim. You can follow the steps given below to raise the claim online at

  1. Inform the insurer when you realise you have lost your key.
  2. Provide all the details required to the insurance provider.
  3. Fill in the form correctly and keep the required documents ready to submit along with the claim form.
  4. As soon as the insurance company is done initiating the claiming process, get prepared with your documents.
  5. The insurer will get your key replaced or provide you with a new key through the nearby service centre from where you have to collect it.
  6. Once you get the key, the insurer will pay on your behalf.

Special Conditions under Bike Key Cover

You can buy a key protection cover with your comprehensive or standalone own-damage two-wheeler policy. However, there are some special conditions under your key protection add-on cover that you must fulfil-

  • Claims raised under the key protect cover will not affect your No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount.
  • Submit the First Information Report (FIR) and other asked documents to your insurer if the claims are made under theft/burglary of keys.
  • The new lockset or key replaced under the claims should be the same as the damaged/lost key or lockset.
  • Inform your insurance company within 30 days if the lockset or key is lost or damaged.

Benefits of Buying Key Cover for Bike

Your bike key cover is essential coverage that offers protection for the lost keys or damaged lockset of your two-wheeler. Here are some benefits of your key protection coverage in two-wheeler insurance-

  • Covers the cost of replacing the key or lockset if lost, damaged, or stolen.
  • The add-on cover will replace the entire key and the lockset if the key is stolen.
  • Raising a claim for key replacement will not affect the accumulated NCB during policy renewal.
  • Purchasing a key cover for your bike will give you peace of mind.

Exclusions of Key Protect Add-on Cover

Here are the exclusions of key cover for your bike for which your claims are not entertained-

  • Loss or damage due to intentional or criminal activities.
  • Loss or damage due to radiation, corrosive & toxic material, hazardous substances of explosive properties.
  • Loss or damage caused to the components of the key or lockset, such as the ignition system of your two-wheeler, immobilizer, or warning alarm.
  • Loss or damage caused due to improper handling.
  • Loss or damage to the lockset or key covered by the two-wheeler manufacturer’s warranty.
  • No coverage if the insured cannot provide or present the original invoice or receipts.


If your two-wheeler key or lockset is stolen or damaged, apply for the claim within the intimation period the insurance provider gives. Make sure you go through the policy documents before raising a claim.

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