A Quick Guide to Student Travel Insurance

Going to study abroad seems to be a thrilling prospect for every student.  You will get to explore new places, meet new people around the world, but apprehensions will always be there! Who will come to my rescue, if anything happens? From whom can I seek help? What should be my point of contact in case of emergencies? This is where Student Travel Insurance will help. Student Plan is the answer to all your apprehensions. If you search best travel Insurance India for student travelers then you will find the best policies from top insurers. It is easy to purchase online with secured payment options for online transactions via UPI, debit/credit card, net banking based on your convenience.

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Best Travel Insurance policies designed for all your needs.

Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

  • Accidental & sickness expenses
  • Baggage Delay / Loss
  • Trip Delay / Cancellation
  • Passport Loss
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Missed flights
Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    What is Covered Under a Student International Travel Insurance Policy?

    ​Student travel insurance is known for the number of coverage, it offers under various situations. This plan protects you even if, you are traveling with your family or alone. Have a quick rundown of the benefits!

    • Medical expenses arising due to accidental injuries, sudden illnesses, death whilst you are abroad
    • Expenses incurred on emergency medical evacuation to India
    • In case of sudden demise, the student travel insurance would cover expenses incurred in transporting the mortal remains to the home country. Also, it would cover the cremation expenses abroad
    • Acute anesthetic dental care due to an injury
    • Expenses incurred on bodily injury due to an accident
    • Recompense for permanent disability or accidental death, while commuting in a common carrier
    • If your passport is lost or misplaced, the cost of acquiring a new passport will be borne by the insurer
    • If you happen to lose or misplace your checked baggage while traveling in a common carrier, the loss will be covered
    • Reimbursement for a compassionate visit made by a family member, in case the insured has been hospitalized abroad for more than a week
    • The policy would cover any arrest or detention by judicial authorities for a bailable offense, whilst abroad. Note that the act should not be intentional.
    • Settlement of semester fees, in case it is interrupted due to any medical emergency
    • Emergency Medical Expenses -Transportation & Evacuation and Repatriation of Mortal Remains
    • Recompense tuition fees, if the sponsor paying your semester fees dies to an accidental injury

    Common Exclusions under Student Travel Insurance Policy

    Mentioned below are the circumstances which won’t be covered under most of the student travel insurance plans:

    • Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered. Severe illnesses which are mentioned under the policy document will be covered only if the policyholder is up to the age of 70 years. Remember to announce all pre-existing ailments before taking the policy
    • Any claim made for any non-declared or unannounced pre-existing diseases is not covered under the student travel insurance plan
    • Loss or damage arising due to theft or loss of baggage or passport, only when it is not reported to the local police authorities within 24 hours of the event
    • Any suicidal attempt, self-inflicted injuries resulting due to mental disorders, hypertension, depression, stress, venereal diseases, or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
    • Fatal diseases like HIV/AIDS will not be covered
    • Expenses incurred on medical treatment if you are traveling against the counsel of your doctor. Any disease which is already been treated for. If you are traveling due get medical treatment in another country. If the terminal prognosis is given for a medical condition
    • Damage due to civil war, attacks or nuclear threats in the country you are traveling to

    Eligibility Criteria for Student Travel Insurance

    In most cases, students who are within the age limit of 16 -35 years, and are pursuing an education in an international university, will only be issued the policy. This may vary from one insurer to another.

    Is Delay in Examination Covered Under the Student Travel Insurance?

    ​​There is a specific time period, let’s say for 1 or 2 years, you will be covered under your insurance plan for any uncertainties whilst you study abroad.  In case, there is a delay in your examination or they are postponed within the policy time frame, then it would be covered. If it is extended beyond the policy period, you can always seek an extension.  

    Is it Possible to Extend a Student Travel Insurance Policy?

    ​​Yes, you can certainly do that! If your travel dates are extended due to emergency reasons or any other circumstances, then you can submit the extension form and submit online or visit the nearby insurance company branch. It should be within the maximum policy period.

    Cancellation Process of Student Travel Care Policy - Student Plan

    ​If the student policy holder wants to discontinue the policy, he/she would need to send the cancellation request over registered email id, submit the copy of policy documents, copy of your passport proving that you haven’t traveled as yet, visa reject ion copy and ticket cancellation copy. Certain cancellation charges would be levied by the insurance company. Checkout the cancellation process in detail below:

    Before the Policy Date:

    • E-Mail the travel insurance company stating your cancellation request from your registered email id.
    • The insured person would need to provide the registered policy number in the same email
    • The insured person would need to pay Rs 250 cancellation fees to start the procedure

    In Case the Insured Person Doesn’t Travel During the Policy Term

    Student travel insurance company would require the insured person to share -

    • A declaration or proof which assures that the policyholder has not traveled as yet
    • Submit the photocopies of all the travel documents, reservations, passport and visa 
    • The policyholder must provide the travel insurance company the purpose of cancellation or a valid reason stating the same
    • If your visa application was rejected by the embassy then you would need to submit the rejection letter as part of Bajaj Allianz travel insurance plan for student travelers

    Once the cancellation request email is sent to the concerned authorities, it would be sent to the underwriter for approval. Post-approval, the cancellation would be processed within a working day.

    If the Insured Travel after the Policy Date

    In case you happen to come back to the home country before the policy date, and still, haven’t claimed any sum, your student travel insurance policy would compensate the policy amount. Please refer to the student travel insurance policy documents before the claim


    It would certainly be easier for you to decide upon the benefits you would want to get in your student travel insurance policy. And if the above mentioned criteria’s suit your requirement, then you can go for Student Travel Insurance Policy to ensure protection against any uncertainties whilst you pursue academic courses abroad.  

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