Be Smart - Choose a Trip Insurance Plan

A destination does play an integral role in deciding the size of the trip insurance cover. No matter, which part of the globe you are intending to travel. It is essential to secure every trip you take and buy a travel insurance policy.

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Best Travel Insurance policies designed for all your needs.

Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

  • Accidental & sickness expenses
  • Baggage Delay / Loss
  • Trip Delay / Cancellation
  • Passport Loss
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Missed flights
Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    Excitement, happiness, fun, thrill, adventure, entertainment, clicking pictures, and much more. Well, these are the emotions, which are induced in any individual when it comes to travelling.

    Whether you are a student, going for a leisure trip, a senior citizen visiting their son/daughter or you are travelling due to any business/ professional commitment.

    Travelling to any destination surely breaks the monotony of life. It indeed gives you a break from the usual routine life that you live almost every day.

    In the below table, is a list of general inclusions and exclusions offered under a travel insurance policy.

    Inclusions Under Trip Insurance

    Exclusions Under Trip Insurance

    Medical Expenses

    Pre-existing Medical Condition

    Medical Evacuation

    State of Civil War/Nuclear War

    Dental Expenses

    Suicide/Self-inflicted Injury/Non-adherence to Advice

    Personal Liability

    Intoxication/Substance Abuse

    Repatriation of Mortal Remains

    Spa Treatment

    Compassionate Visit

    Cosmetic Surgery

    Loss of Passport

    Homoeopathic/ Ayurvedic Treatment

    Loss/ Delay of Checked-in Baggage

    Mental Illness/AIDS

    Accidental Demise/ Permanent Disability


    Financial Emergency Assistance


    Trip Cancellation/ Curtailment


    Note: The inclusions and exclusions would vary from different insurance companies. You need to check in regards to the same from your travel insurance provider.

    Not Scared of Exploring

    We are living in the times where most of us are no more scared of exploring. Especially, when it comes to travelling you have a platter of options right in front of you to explore. Right from a country, to any continent, to an island there is so much that sometimes it becomes impeccable to decide on where to travel.

    Every country, every region has something so unique to offer. Whether it be the architectural beauty of Italy, a breathtaking view of Switzerland, unique safari destinations in Africa, diverse natural environment in China, the local food cuisines, culture and traditions, shopping centres/ market and so much more.

    To ensure a secured hassle-free experience, the smart thing to do, by choice, is to buy a travel insurance policy, as it will protect you from any financial implications under any uncertainties.

    Travel Insurance plans are divided into two broad categories mainly:

    • Single Trip Insurance
    • Multi-Trip Insurance

    Now, let us have a quick understanding of each.

    Single Trip Insurance

    Single trip insurance is designed for all those individuals who need coverage for one trip. If you are intending to go on a single trip, you may visit multiple destinations. However, it will be considered a single trip. Single trip insurance usually covers any inpatient/ outpatient hospitalization expenses, dental expenses, loss of belongings, etc. In case, you need an extension the policy mostly is extended.

    The single trip travel insurance will offer cover from the time you board your flight until the time you return to your native country. Buying single trip travel insurance is economical and has a quick claim settlement process.

    Multi-Trip Insurance

    Multi-trip insurance policy plans are mostly bought on an annual/yearly basis. It is generally in force for twelve months and usually begins from the date when the policy was bought. Therefore, if you are someone who undertakes multiple trips within a year, it is always recommendable to buy a multi-trip insurance policy, as it will cover every trip within the year.

    The multi-trip insurance policy offers cover for any incurred medical or non-medical expenses. On the premise of your travel needs, you can customize the travel insurance plan.

    6 Essential Travel Tips Before You Take Off

    It might be that time of the year when you are going tripping. Amidst all excitement and thrill, there is a possibility that you might overlook certain possibilities. Nevertheless, you need not worry.

    We have jotted below some quick travel tips for that last moment preparation specifically when you are a long-distance flyer.

    Planning is Important When it Comes to Long-distance Journey

    It is important to plan your flight travel specifically when you are travelling to countries such as the USA or the UK from India. These long flights can be tedious and for such long flight, travel planning is of utmost importance. Breaking your journey smartly will lessen the fatigue.

    Exchange the Currency

    Before you head towards any international destination, check the currency of that geographical location. It is better to understand how the currency works of a particular destination. Although there are places wherein the currencies can easily be exchanged, however, you will be charged a hefty amount. Exchange the currency at your home country before you board the flight.

    Be Punctual When Travelling

    If you live in a metro city, there are chances that you might have to face traffic. Therefore, the day you have your flight it is better to reach the airport early before your estimated time. Besides, reaching early will be beneficial and will help you to finish with the formalities as you do not know that sometimes even completing the formalities might take time. Moreover, book your flight tickets early specifically when you are particular about getting a window seat or an aisle seat and you do not like sitting in the middle preferably.

    Do Not Care About the Airport Look

    If you are covering a short distance, you may wear whatever you wish. However, if you are boarding a flight, which you will be travelling for more than eight hours or so it is always advisable to wear comfortable clothes and footwear. Besides, carry sleep masks, pillows, blankets and much more whatever suits your travel requirements. In case, if you have any health issue do not forget to carry those important medications.

    Entertainment Has to be On the List

    Although today most of the airlines take care of the entertainment quotient as they telecast movies, documentaries in the flight. However, how long is it possible to stare at a screen? Therefore, you can update your playlist, carry the earphones and listen to the music of your choice. In case, you get tired of listening to the musical playlist carry a book or something to read of your interest.

    Buy Travel Insurance Online

    Yes, buying travel insurance is important and buying insurance is no more a hassle today. You can easily buy travel insurance policy online and secure your trip from any medical or travel-related perils. Although you can buy the policy offline, buying it online is easy, convenient and instant.

    To Conclude

    While buying travel insurance policy make sure that you buy extensive medical cover as a medical emergency can happen at any point of time creating a hole in your pocket.

    Before you zero down trip insurance, do look for the claim settlement ratio of the company and make sure that you buy the policy from a travel insurance company who has earned and made a remarkable name in the insurance market.

    Sign the dotted lines only when you have thoroughly read the blueprint of the policy schedule, understand the inclusions and exclusions of the travel insurance policy and do not forget to compare travel insurances quotes online.

    Remember, trip insurance will make your journey worthwhile and give you peace of mind. It acts like a seat-belt while you are travelling abroad.

    Happy Flying!