How Travel Insurance Can Keep You Out of Trouble?

Having adequate travel insurance coverage can reduce the potential financial risks associated with travelling, such as accidents, missed flights, illness, lost baggage, cancelled tours, terrorism, theft, travel company bankruptcy, emergency/medical evacuation, getting the body to your home country, in case of death. The potential travel risks vary from one traveller to the other. The factors like what portion of your trip is prepaid, the refund-ability of the flight ticket that you have purchased, your health condition, your luggage value, your travel destination, the financial ability of your travel company along with the airline, and the insurance cover you already have (i.e. your health insurance) etc.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

  • Accidental & sickness expenses
  • Baggage Delay / Loss
  • Trip Delay / Cancellation
  • Passport Loss
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Missed flights
Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    For every traveller, having travel insurance is always a good idea. If you are going abroad, you definitely need it. Don’t just assume that nothing wrong will happen to you. Taking risks is another thing and taking an uninformed and stupid decision is another thing. Having a travel insurance plan won’t just provide you with the coverage, it also gives you the peace of mind that you must have when you are holidaying. Consider the unpredictability of the future, analyze your choices, and make informed decisions in regards to your trip.

    Don’t consider buying travel insurance as an expense. If your question is - “why should I buy travel insurance?” Then, read on to find your answer: 

    In the ways mentioned below, having a travel insurance plan can keep the travel troubles at bay:

    1. When You Cancel Your Trip

    Imagine that you have booked your ticket for an exotic vacation in Bali and a week before your trip, you got typhoid. You can’t proceed with your travel plans and have no other option than to cancel your trip. With the travel insurance cover, you would recover out-of-the-pocket expenditure if it is part of your insurance cover.

    2. You Couldn’t Catch the Connecting Flight

    Assume that you have planned a cruise and you got to know that the flight that would take you to the cruise is slightly delayed. Now, it would be difficult for you to make it to the cruise on time and you would have to miss the departure of the cruise unwillingly.

    If you have adequate travel insurance cover, then you can catch the cruise. The missed connection coverage would let you take another flight to make it to the cruise. Along with that, the assistance services as the necessary help related to the commuting would be provided. 

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     3. The Flight is Delayed/Cancelled

    After the function that you have attended, you go to the airport so that you can go back home. After reaching the airport, you get to know that the aircraft engine is unfit for flying. You have no option other than checking into a hotel.

    The trip interruption cover provides you with the money so that you can get a new ticket and stay in a hotel.

    Travel Insurance Benefits

    4. Natural Calamity Has Damaged Your Destination

    When you plan a vacation, you save for it first. When it is about travelling to an international destination, you start saving a long time ago. Your flight tickets are booked, hotel booking is done, your packing is done and you are all set to start your journey. Suddenly, you get to know that your travel destination has been hit by a natural calamity. If you don’t have an adequate travel insurance plan, you lose out your hard-earned money.

    Sufficient travel insurance coverage safeguards you against weather damage and you recover your prepaid expenses. In addition to that, travel assistance services are provided to you, which helps you to make arrangements for your vacation at a new destination that is unaffected by any natural calamity.

    5. When a Terrorist Activity Occurs

    When you plan a trip to some location and a week before your trip, you get to know that a group of terrorists has bombed that destination. That is not a pleasant time to visit that place and you have no option left but to cancel your trip.

    With terrorism cover, you get an option of cancelling your trip and you don’t lose your prepaid money.

    6. When You Fall Ill or get Injured During your Trip

    You might be wondering what happens when you fall ill or get injured while you are holidaying? Well, if you don’t have any travel insurance plan, you would have to pay for your medical expenses (if any) from your own pocket.

    Having insurance cover safeguards you against the medical expenses so that you don’t have to spend a penny from your pocket.

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    7. When Your Baggage is Lost or Delayed

    Imagine you have booked a flight for your honeymoon. After landing at the airport, you can’t find your baggage because of the airline’s mistake. You might find your baggage but with a delay. In that case, having a travel insurance plan helps you to recover your baggage and you are provided with all the necessary items so that so can enjoy your trip.

    8. When You Have Lost Your Passport

    When you are abroad, your passport is extremely important for your safety in a foreign land. In case you lose your passport, you might get in trouble. Travel insurance provides you with the coverage offering you the necessary help in order to speed up the process. If your passport is not found, don’t worry since your insurer will provide you with a new passport.

    9. When you require an Urgent Medical Transportation

    You have planned a trip to Leh with your family. After reaching your destination, your son is feeling all dizzy, as he is suffering from high fever. He requires urgent medical attention otherwise his condition might get worse. How would you provide him with the medication and the treatment?

    Having travel insurance coverage benefits you in this situation. Your insurer makes the necessary arrangements for urgent medical transportation. When you don’t have any such coverage and you make such arrangements on your own, you have to pay the bill from your own pocket. Such urgent medical transportation could cost you a lot.

    10. When Your Tour and Travel Company Becomes Bankrupt

    What happens when you plan to celebrate your wedding anniversary with the love of your life in the romantic Paris, all the necessary arrangements have been made and a few days before your trip, your travel company files up for bankruptcy? For obvious reasons, you will be worried regarding the recovery of your money.


    With travel insurance having financial default cover, you would be able to recover your expenses. Not just that, your insurer also helps you to reschedule your trip.

    SBI Travel Insurance, TATA AIG Travel Insurance, Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance, HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance, Bharti AXA Travel Insurance, Future Generali Travel Insurance, Future Generali Travel Insurance, Cholamandalam Travel Insurance, and HDFC ERGO Health Travel Insurance (formerly known as Apollo Munich Travel Insurance) offer the best travel insurance policies across India. In case you need to buy travel insurance, you can give these plans a shot.

    Having sufficient travel insurance coverage offers you various benefits that are totally worth it. Don’t just assume that nothing can go wrong when you are travelling. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. A travel insurance plan safeguards you against any financial emergency so that you don’t have to worry about your finances at all

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