Save Smartly While Planning Your Next Trip

Are you planning your next holiday? Is saving the hardest part for you, when planning your travel?

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    If your answer to both questions is “YES”, then let us show you how you can make your financial backing strong by saving up a few thousands.

    The word ‘travel’ sounds exciting to everyone. While travelling you not only visit new places but also create memories for a lifetime. However, finance is always a concern and we know it is not always possible to manage everything within a pre-set budget. For those who do not have a savings cushion, a financial crisis can ruin the entire trip. Moreover, you can’t predict a misfortune.

    What if you meet with an accident when travelling? Unplanned expenses may pose a threat to your planned budget or may leave your bankrupt. You may wonder, “What if medical bills burn a hole in my wallet?” To deal with such questions, consider buying best domestic travel insurance in India if you’re travelling within the country.

    Apart from travel insurance, there are few tips that may help you save a lot during your trip. So, don’t let anything fade your excitement and create hiccups on your trip, plan with the below-given tips.

    • Are Your Travel Dates Flexible? - When your travel dates are flexible, chances of getting the cheapest deal is higher. Hence, flexibility is the mantra, when you look for a cheap flight ticket. Keep your searches on, compare the rates of different travel agents and book the tickets accordingly.

    • Comparison is a Must - Be it buying the tickets or domestic travel insurance, one must confirm a deal only after comparing the websites. This is for your benefit. When talking of booking tickets, when you compare the sites, you’ll know the ongoing trends on the prices of the tickets. Likewise, when it comes to buying domestic or overseas travel insurance, always compare travel insurance plans. Such comparisons are the best way to get a premium at the cheapest rate. You can also find out whether the plan meets your requirements or not. Also, big deals are often ongoing on accommodation, flight tickets or travel insurance.

    • What if You Haggle and Gain More? - When you bargain over small deals, you might not realise the outcome right away. But, when all’s said and done, it feels good to see the amount you’ve saved by using your bargaining skills, isn’t it? This is quite evident in a country like India, where you can’t survive without bargaining. Starting from shopkeepers to auto drivers, one must develop their haggling skill well. So, why not while planning your trip? You can negotiate over hotel bookings, pick-up and drop facilities or during making other deals related to your trip.

    • Do You Prefer Going Rental? - If yes, start looking for the various deals that are offered on vehicles there. Look around and calculate the difference in the prices offered. However, it is a wise decision to go for travel arrangements set up by the local government.

    • Are You Calculative While Choosing a Restaurant? - Chinese, Italian and Indian are the three main cuisines that you find in India. So, when a restaurant serves food in a combination of three of them, it could be costlier as well. Or you may find the food of an okay type restaurant far better than the food at a fancy one. When you could save more eating at an average restaurant with a good quality, why waste money by opting for luxurious one? Be smart.

    • What about Eating Outside Your Hotel? - Hotel with an included dining arrangement is a pricey affair. Mostly, hotels charge high prices when food is ordered on room service. The best deal is to eat outside and save money. This way you can also experience the famous eateries of that place or may even experience the best food ever. If you get the food within Rs 200 or a little more, what can be better? So, let’s explore.

    • Family Deals - You’ve planned the next trip with your family. The concern would be “Will I get any discounts or deals on family packages?” Well, yes you can avail concession family packages and by utilising your bargaining skills, you can save up more.

    • Homestay Options Are Cheaper - Homestay options are quite famous these days. It is a win-win situation for both the parties, as the house owner earns well and the tourist gets all the homely facilities at an affordable rate. Such arrangements meet the primary requirements of a tourist - starting from a cosy room to clean bathrooms. All are worth your money. This way one can save up to 40% to 50%, by not opting for a luxury hotel. Moreover, you can enjoy the food of your choice at a cheaper rate.

    • Can I Save by Not Using an A/C Taxi? - There is no doubt that the popularity of AC taxies is booming with the growth of tourism. However, the point is that you want to save, and if you’re travelling to a hill station or one with pleasant weather, you actually don’t need an AC car. Moreover, such cars are highly priced. So, there is no point of hiring an ac taxi. Instead, you can utilise the money somewhere else. During my last trip to Manali in October, the weather was extremely pleasant that I didn’t even need a fan. When I was out for sightseeing, I took a non-AC cab that charged 20% less than what an-AC cab charges in Delhi during the same time. Also, you can cover the nearby areas by auto or rickshaws which charge less. There are many ways to stick to your budget without spending a lot in transportation.

    • What about Rent a Bike? - Renting a bike is far cheaper than hiring a cab. Moreover, you can experience the thrill of riding a bike in an unknown place and can avoid the annoying local traffic as well. It is more convenient with regard to parking, and cost-effective too. If you’re thinking of hiring a cab, drop the plan. Go for a bike ride, experience the ecstasy. A word of caution here, we suggest that you gauge the terrain and other factors before renting a bike.

    • Some Prefer Group Booking Sites - Group booking sites are very useful for those travelling in a group. At the time when you’re looking for a hotel or any other holiday package, check some websites to see if they are offering any deals. You can approach MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, TravelTriangle to make your journey worth celebrating. Even during the off-season, you can avail some of the best deals from these travel sites.

    • Get Your Groceries - Eating out every time may not be possible. Although street foods are cheaper, you can’t predict if the food of a particular place is cheaper or not. In this case, when you are eating outside regularly, you may burn through half of your trip budget. So, pack up some easily available groceries and keep them in the refrigerator, if your accommodation offers any. By eating before you leave for the day, you can keep the hunger pangs at bay and save money as well.

    • What if I Live on Street Food and Save? - Street foods are really cheap yet yummy. There is no harm if you get delicious foods at a low price. Then, rather than splurging your hard-earned money in luxury restaurants, you can explore street food. Who knows, you will find some lip-smacking preparations that you may have never experienced before. However, don’t compromise on hygiene. So, yes, by opting for tasty street foods, you can make your financial backing strong.

    • Prefer The Off-season - It is obvious that all tourist spots become expensive during the on-season time. Thereby, it is better to travel off-season. You will have to contend with less crowd, clean and, definitely, less noisy places, giving you the opportunity to experience the place better. Moreover, you can easily afford your stay without thinking of extra expenses.

    • Plan Your Camping at Night - Your hill station holiday is incomplete without a camping activity. This the chance, where you can experience the outdoors on your own, sleeping under the moonlight and saving your money by not needing any transport.

    Final Word!

    You should not drop your plan owing to the expenses associated with the trip. The best way is to prepare well, beforehand, factoring in the unexpected situations as well. There is no harm in compromising on some things when you’re saving thousands. By applying a few tips and tricks, you can enjoy the trip and create memories of a lifetime!

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