Our Guide to Travelling with Your Kids on a Plane

Travelling with your kids is as beautiful and experience as it is exasperating. Not only there is joy bigger joy than watching your kid imbibe and marvel at every praiseworthy thing on the journey but also there is nothing as exasperating as dealing with their whims and moods and tantrums.

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There are situations while on a journey with your kids that meant to get you frustrated, even if your kids mean the entire world to you.

As to make sure the journey remains as blissful to you as to your kids, you need to set off with a lot of planning and preparation about how to manage your kids to keep them getting through the journey without complaints.

There is a lot going on at the back of a parent’s head about how to manage their children, especially while travelling on a plane, thousands of feeds above the ground. The main thing that triggers children to complain, play recklessly around or break into adamant whims is boredom.

Boredom on a flight can be managed easily with a few tricks and tips that are sure to keep children away from it.

There are certain things you need to make sure you have with you while you board a flight so as to keep your children away from feeling the blues.

Things to do while travelling with kids:

Here is a list of everything you can do to ensure a joyful and enjoyable journey to your kids and yourself:

Equip Yourself with Necessary Tools

When on a flight, make sure you keep close all the necessary stuff that you think may keep your child occupied and entertained. While carrying lightweight stuff such as crayons, board games and such other can make it easier for you to make it a long way without letting your children complain, you also need to ensure that your idea of entertainment to your children does not stand as an intruder to your co-passenger peace of mind. Therefore bring stuff that isn’t irritating or disturbing to any other traveller.

Here are a few things that you may carry with you on board and fall back upon them as they do their job of keeping your children entertained:

Carry Crayons And Sketchbooks

Children love sketching. If not sketching, mere scribbling is enjoyed by them as much. What you need to do to keep things settled on board is that you need to get your children a cardboard, crayons and few pieces of paper or simply leave them with a bunch of crayons and a sketchbook to draw or scribble. They are sure to devout a huge portion of their time into it while you watch them unveil the little Picasso within.

Sticker books are also a great option available to let your children enjoy some of their time on the flight without complaint.

Handheld Electronic Consoles

Electronic gadgets like iPad and Gameboys are worth all your children’s time and are the perfect way to keep them entertained. They would, in all possible ways, keep their eyes glued to the screens. Children would definitely take in the when world of entertainment that they are free to operate as they like. Music, games and TV shows and much more can definitely keep them happy and occupied for some time of the journey.

Electronic Board Games

Electronic board games such as monopoly, cards and such others in mobile, iPads and such handy electronic gadgets can be an excellent mode of entertainment to the children. You may also download exciting board games for children available online for a very small cost. It ought to keep children engaged.

Audio Books

How about downloading a few of your children’s favorite audio book in order to keep them busy and entertained on board? Get some of your child’s favorite audio books online like Harry Potter audio books or EBook’s online. This is a considerable option and will help you keep your child occupied for a while.

2. Carry Snacks to Keep Little Tummies Happy

Air travel is often tiresome especially for children who are restless very often. There is nothing like the comfort of one’s own place and travelling from one place to another can cause major disruptions in the meal timings, and that is enough reason for them to fuss about.

Therefore, carry some packed food with you on long flights to get them full every time they are hungry. Carrying some of their favorite food can not only satiate their appetite but also keep them satisfied for certain period for the journey.

Avoid carrying food that is heavy and also the ones that cannot be pocketed easily. A few packets of biscuits, popcorn, candies, lollipops, chips are a good option to go for.

Children love chocolate bars and getting a handful of chocolate bars, and wafers are even as good. You may as well make some grilled sandwiches to take them with you.

Avoid getting food that might spoil without proper refrigeration and also the ones that seems messy. Short crunchy or chewy food works the best. Also get more of the homemade food and try to avoid spending money on buying food on flights and airports that are expensive and might just go waste.

3. Try Out the ‘Aeroplane Police’ Trick

In case your child is high on tantrums and adamantly refuses to get convinced, you need to dig another way out.

The trick is to make your children believe that there be some ‘airplane police’ looking out for children who disturb people on board. These little tricks can help you keep your child in control when it gets really tough to manage up.

Do not scare them bad but let them developed their own ideas of what an ‘airplane police’ might do to them in case they tend to disobey orders and behave badly.

With these tricks and tips, one can easily manage to get a peaceful air journey. If not that, these tricks can keep their children busy for a considerable period of time.

Journey on a flight is exciting as always in case you pre-plan and carry accessories to keep your children going well.

One needs to make sure the journey is as safe for children.

To make sure you keep your children safe from any unforeseen trouble while travelling from one place to another, student travel insurance is a must-have.

Here we shall discuss more about students travel insurance.

What is Student Travel Insurance?

The number of Indian students migrating abroad with the ambition of completing their higher education increases year after year. But to make sure the students safely make it in the foreign land miles away from their homeland is necessary. Unforeseen circumstances and expenses related to them can make you a victim of severe financial crisis.

Just as to make sure that your finances are managed well in any case of losses or damage to your property or any emergent medical expenses at your door, taking up a student travel insurance is absolutely necessary. The coverages prove to be the ultimate savior in dire straits.

There are myriad benefits of taking up a Students Travel Insurance which we shall discuss below.

Why Opt for Student Travel Insurance?

In case you still wonder whether you should go for a student travel insurance to ensure your child’s safety abroad, think not deep for taking up travel insurance is really worth the pay.

Being parents, you would definitely want to make sure your child does not have to face a shortcoming in a land abroad, miles away from you.

But the fact remains that we humans have a little idea about what fate turns out to be.

Travelling abroad might be a dream for many, but certain precautions are absolutely necessary to take up when travelling abroad or putting up in a foreign land.

A loss or damage to the property of the student may be enough reason to worry. Worse, an accident that ushers a huge out of the pocket medical bill. What then?

Travel insurance covers the insured from all such unnatural emergent expenses and more and is the ultimate aid in case if a severe financial crisis or at least make expenses hurt your pocket a lot less.

Keep such worries off your mind as you secure your child with a student travel Insurance.

Student Travel Insurance Coverages

The coverages included in a Students Travel Insurance range wide. Therefore it is not possible to mention every of the details for what a Students Travel Insurance coverage includes. These clauses also vary from company to company. But there is some coverage that remains the same in most of the cases. These are as follows:

Medical and Dental Coverage

Under this coverage, all emergent medical and dental treatment are subjected to reimbursement in case the insured pays it as an out of the pocket expenses in the first place.

Trip Interruption Coverage

In case the insured have to interrupt the journey abroad for any covered reason, the insurance company shall provide advice and financial aid for the insurer to take a flight back home.

Emergency Medical Reunion Coverage

Accidents and hospitalizations are a nuisance. Moreover when you are in a foreign land, miles away from your home not having your loved one beside during such tough times makes it worse. But the case is not that miserable when you have a student travel Insurance. The emergency medical reunion coverage finds to bring a family member or a close friend to you in case you have been hospitalized for a week or more.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

This coverage provides funds to aid a medical evacuation of the insured in lieu of any other alternative.

In case the insurer is in a serious or a very critical medical condition that it is not possible to transfer he/she elsewhere, the insurer's funds for medically equipped flights and other such facilities to send the insured back home safely.

Also in the event of his/her death, repatriation benefits are also provided.

Passport and Credit Card Coverage

In case of losses of passport or credit card of the insured entity, the company provides the insured with replacement document and the fees for that replacement made are also covered by the company. In some cases, the company also provides the insurer with some emergency cash.

Travel Assistance Services

This coverage makes sure the insurance company be the ultimate guide to your foreign visits. Look out for doctors and dentists nearby, and the company looks to the fact that it provides you with the best advice.

Facts to Consider

Before you choose to get your children insured with a Students Travel Insurance There are a number of factors you should know and consider. It is necessary to have proper knowledge about the plans and policies as half-knowledge might lead you into trouble.


The minimum age in which a person becomes eligible to get insured under a Students Travel Insurance is 16 years. A person of 35 or above cannot opt for a student travel Insurance as he/she would be no longer eligible for the insurance.

Cheaper Premium

The premiums for a student travel Insurance is much cheaper in comparison to the premiums for other insurance plan brought from domestic insurance providers. It is as because almost 1/3rd of the premium payable is offered by insurers from the universities abroad.

Compulsory Claus

Many of the foreign universities do not accept admissions of the students from any other country than its own in case the student is not insured with travel insurance. It is compulsory for the student to get a travel insurance as the university itself makes it mandatory for them.

Mandatory Risk Coverage

Universities in many different countries has made it mandatory to get the student insured against certain specific health risks such as drug dependency, alcoholism, pregnancy, intercollegiate sports injury and such others.

Waiver of Premiums

This works especially for an Indian insured. In case you have brought your students travel insurance in India, you may claim a refund from the foreign university as premium for the insurance coverage is included in fees of the university

Easy Renewals

Opt for auto-renewal of your policy so that you can avoid the whole process of renewing your plan and stay covered for the entire academic session.

Pregnancy Clause

This is a clause provided by the insurer that states the fact that any unforeseen emergency and the expenses related to it is handled by the insurance company in case the matter is severe or critical so as to save the insured person or the child.

It works only in case the insured is below 38 years of age and has not completed 30 weeks of pregnancy.

Study Interruption Cover

This guarantees the reimbursement of your tuition fees in case you have been hospitalized for a month due to severe illness, injury or disease. This also holds well in case your immediate family expires, forcing you to discontinue your studies.

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