Discover the Best of Australia With Visitor Insurance Australia

The exotic wildlife and mesmerizing scenic views make Australia, a hot spot for every travel enthusiast. Australia is a destination much popular when it comes to backpacking, camping, road trip or diving. With the incredible natural beauty, pristine white sands, rain forests to the amazing cafe culture Australia has a lot to offer. Make your trip secured with a visitor insurance Australia.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    Travelling in Australia is safe and convenient however, financial planning is of utmost importance whenever visiting this country. Therefore, buying travel insurance for visitors to Australia should be a priority.

    Essential Travel Checklist For Australia

    If you are not an Australian or New Zealand citizen the first thing you would need is to obtain Australia visa to enter the country.

    If you are holding the passport of New Zealand then you can apply for the visa on arrival. Travelling to any international destination involves spending money. Considering the same, it is advisable to not leave your native country without a visitor insurance Australia.

    If you think, that visitor insurance Australia is not required and is not of much help then it is prudent for you to understand that in case of any adversities on a foreign land or from the time you commence your trip, visitor insurance Australia will be your one reliable and trustworthy friend, as it will secure you from every medical or travel-related peril.

    Is Visiting Australia Worth It?

    If you are in a state of dilemma in regards to visiting Australia, take a look below, we have highlighted some pointers, which makes Australia a must-visit in a lifetime.

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    1. Visit the Great Barrier Reef: If you do not know, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the most famous dive sites in the world. You love fishes and want to witness tons of fish, aquatic life and witness the vibrant coral then spend a few days diving this reef. You need to be careful as well, do not touch the coral as sometimes touching it can even cause death. Touch the areas, which your instructor tells you. Carry sunscreen and hydrate yourself completely before you start diving. Make sure that you are adequately covered under visitor insurance Australia.
    2. City of Celebrations Sydney: Sydney is surely the city of celebrations. Besides, Sydney is also renowned for the opera house and harbour. Right, from beaches to greenery, Sydney has it all. Sit beneath the sun and simply enjoy. If you are a food lover then Sydney has good restaurant options and entertainment quotient.
    3. Visit the Wine: When in Australia you surely cannot escape visiting the wine regions. Shiraz and pinot noir are the key highlights when it comes to wine regions. You get the opportunity to taste the Aussie wine right from the source. You can rent a car and spend a minimum of 3 days and give a treat to your taste buds of wine.
    4. Exotic Beaches: The sand and sea hold a special identity when talking about Australia. From a city beach to a secluded spot, picturesque view, you will surely be amazed with the beach beauty. If you are somebody who is a beach baby then visiting Australia needs to be there on your travel list. There are plenty of beaches in Australia, and covering all the beaches would be slightly difficulty depending upon the duration of your travel. Therefore, plan accordingly.
    5. Surfing: Surfing is surely something, which is surely in Australian culture. There are many places in Australia where you can surf and watch people doing the same. When in Australia, visit East Coast to watch a good wave. Bondi beach is the destination, which is famous to ride a surfboard. From a trendy coastal to laid back surfing culture, Australia has enticing surf spots.
    6. Lush Forests: Australia is a destination, which has the oldest tropical rain forests across the globe. Of course, you won't find out the dinosaurs as they are extinct but it surely has diverse wildlife straight from watching crocodiles to birds. Moreover, you also have rivers, where you can take a dip and also show your swimming skills.

    Remember, an eventuality does not come knocking. Therefore, we recommend you to be appropriately insured with the visitor insurance Australia especially if you have plans of sanding and surfing on the land of Kangaroos. An overseas visitor health cover for Australia is indeed a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected, which lets you enjoy your time with peace of mind.

    Important Tips To Save Money During Your Australia Trip

    Who does not love saving money? Travelling to any international destination is an expensive task. Take a look below, and we will let you know some tips so that you can save money while enjoying in Australia and not worry about the expenses.

    However, in case of any misfortunate incident, which leads to an unwanted expense it, can ruin your travel budget. Therefore, make sure that you are adequately covered with travel insurance for visitors to Australia.

    So once you have booked your air flight ticket to Australia, make sure that you buy travel insurance for Australia.

    • Cook Your Meal: Yes, you read it right. As far a possible try to cook your meals as it will help you in saving a good amount of money. There are hostels or guesthouses in Australia, which provides with the facility of the kitchen so that you can cook your meal. While planning your accommodation in Australia you may look for such alternatives.
    • Control Consumption of Alcohol: When in Australia, try to drink less alcohol. There are times when we do not realize that spending on alcohol sometimes makes our trip expensive. In case you want to drink then consume Goon. Goon is a preferred drink by travellers. Although it is made up of dairy products and fish with no grapes still it gives a good hangover.
    • Shared Ride: Australia is a big country to explore. If you are travelling in a group then it is better to rent a car from the local rental company or you can share the ride with passengers who are already travelling towards the intended destination. Hitch a ride using websites such as Jayride and much more.
    • Fill the Water Bottle: Do not buy a bottle of water every time. Rather you can always fill up the bottle from the tap water. Do not worry the tap water is safe to drink. Besides, not buying plastic bottles is also good for environmental cause.
    • Try WWOOF: It is a good program, which allows travellers to work in the organic farms in return, which you would be given free accommodation. In case, you plan to stay long like a month or so it is better to consider this option and this will help you to save big on the money.
    • Opt For Package Deal: Australia is a country, which has so much to offer and explore. When it comes to activities try and opt for packaged deals as this will help you to save money because you will be an entitled repeat customer.

    Best Visitor Insurance Australia From India

    Below is the list of insurance providers, which offers best visitor insurance Australia from India:

    Contact Details of Insurance Companies For Claims

    The below grid provides the contact numbers on, which you may connect in case you require help in regards to policy servicing and claims:

    Insurance Companies Contact Details
    Bharti AXA Travel Insurance +91 120 4593503 
    Reliance Travel Insurance + 0011-80099441111
    Religare Travel Insurance +91 1244498760
    Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance +91-22-67872035
    Shriram Travel Insurance + 0011-22-67347861
    TATA AIG Travel Insurance +603-2118-0784

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