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What is Covered Under Natural Disaster Cover in Travel Insurance?

Travelling is one of the best ways of taking a break from your day-to-day mundane activities. While some people escape to a small getaway within the country, others may prefer a foreign trip. No matter where you are travelling, dealing with unforeseen adverse situations during the trip would surely be a trip spoiler. Imagine a cyclone hitting the country that you are visiting forcing you to cut short your trip. Or what if you lose your bag during your foreign trip along with your passport. Such situations can pose serious problems and can lead to major financial losses.

However, you can prevent incurring a financial loss during your trip with the help of a travel insurance policy. Travel insurance provides monetary support to the traveller in case an unpredictable event, such as calamities, accidents, etc. causes financial distress during the trip. For example, if you meet with an accident during your trip abroad and get hospitalized, your travel insurance company will pay for the incurred medical expenses.

Although a travel insurance policy cannot protect you against unforeseen events, it can provide financial assistance to help you to deal with the adversity. This prevents you from incurring a major financial loss and exhaust all your savings.

While buying a travel policy, a lot of people often wonder if the policy covers adversities arising out of the occurrence of a natural disaster. Read on to know everything about travel insurance and its coverage for natural disasters.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Natural Disasters?

Fortunately, yes. A travel insurance policy does cover emergencies that may result from the occurrence of a natural disaster. To make it clear, natural disasters refer to unpredictable natural or weather events that are beyond the control of mankind. For example, earthquakes, floods, cyclones, typhoons, etc. Hence, a travel insurance policy provides coverage for any damages or injuries sustained by the traveller during a trip resulting in monetary losses.

Let’s understand it better with the help of an example. Imagine you are travelling to Japan for a vacation. But a few days into your trip, an earthquake strikes leaving you injured and trapped in your hotel. The evacuation process and the subsequent hospitalization results in a lot of unaccounted expenses. Paying these expenses will upset your trip budget and cause financial distress. But if you had an international travel insurance policy, these unforeseen expenses will be paid by the insurance company.

In other words, travel insurance will act as your friend in a foreign country and offer its helping hand if you face the wrath of a natural disaster. Besides, healthcare facilities are extremely expensive abroad as compared to India. Availing medical treatment for even a small injury can cause a major dent in your trip budget and can cause a financial loss. Hence, securing your trip with a travel insurance policy is a must before commencing your trip.

However, it is important to note that not all natural disasters are covered under a travel insurance policy. Injuries, loss or damages caused due to avalanches and volcanic eruptions are mostly not covered under travel insurance and are instead classified as an Act of God. Therefore, you are advised to check with your travel insurer and read the policy terms and conditions carefully before buying to know the covered list of natural disasters.

What Does Natural Disaster Cover in Travel Insurance Include?

When a natural disaster strikes during your trip, several unpleasant situations can arise. A travel insurance policy covers you against a lot of these situations. Take a look at what is covered under the natural disaster cover of travel insurance below:

Emergency Hospitalization

In case you get injured when a natural disaster strikes during your overseas trip, you may have to get hospitalized. An international travel insurance policy covers the cost of availing emergency medical treatment at the hospital during your trip abroad.

Daily Hospital Allowance

When you are admitted to a hospital for a few days, you may incur miscellaneous expenditure on a day-to-day basis. To cover these expenses, your travel insurer will pay a daily hospital allowance to you. However, this allowance will only be paid if you are hospitalized for more than a certain number of days.

Catastrophe Evacuation

Sometimes when a natural disaster strikes in the country that you are visiting, it may not be safe to continue with your vacation due to the worsening conditions. However, leaving the country and returning back to India immediately may be extremely difficult and expensive. But with travel insurance, you don’t have to worry about it as your insurer will arrange your evacuation to India or a nearby destination and pay for the expenses incurred.

Personal Accident

Natural disasters can sometimes cause serious injuries and can even be fatal. If you face a natural calamity during your trip abroad and get injured, it can result in death or permanent disability. In such a scenario, your travel insurer will pay compensation to you in case of total or partial disability and to your family in case of demise.

Medical Evacuation & Repatriation

When a natural disaster strikes during your trip, you may have to get evacuated to the nearest hospital to avail timely treatment. You may have to take a road ambulance or air ambulance service depending on the situation, which can get very costly. But these expenses will be covered if you have a travel insurance policy. Moreover, the insurance company will also pay for the cost of repatriating the mortal remains back to your family in India in case of death.

Emergency Cash Advance

When a natural disaster strikes, the affected area witnesses a lot of confusion and chaos. If you happen to be there, keeping a track of your belongings can be difficult and you can end up losing them, including your wallet. Surviving in a foreign country without cash can be no less than a nightmare. But if you have a travel policy, your insurer will arrange emergency cash for you to deal with the situation.

Trip Delay

If you have an overseas trip planned, you may have to postpone it in case a natural disaster strikes in India or your destination country. This will lead to altering your travel bookings, including flights and accommodation, which may cause financial losses. However, if your trip is covered under travel insurance, your insurer will compensate you for the losses incurred.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption

There can be situations where you may have to cancel your foreign trip due to the occurrence of a natural disaster. This may result in incurring financial losses as your flight and hotel booking will go waste. But with travel insurance, you will be compensated for the losses incurred. Moreover, you will also be compensated for the expenses incurred if you are forced to curtail your overseas trip and return back to India due to the occurrence of a natural disaster.

Missed Connection Flights

When you are travelling abroad, you may have to take multiple flights to reach your destination. If your initial flight gets delayed due to a natural disaster, you may miss your connecting flight. But if you have a travel policy, your insurer will compensate you for the losses incurred due to missing your connecting flight and cover the additional expenses that you may have to incur. However, this cover may apply only if your flight is delayed for more than a certain number of hours.

Emergency Hotel Extension

If a natural calamity strikes during your overseas trip, travelling back to India amidst the chaos may not be possible. Flights may be cancelled or it may be impossible for you to commute to the airport due to the prevailing situation. In such a scenario, you may have to extend your trip and stay in the hotel, which may result in additional expenses. But if you have a travel insurance policy, the expenses will be covered by your insurer.

Note that the exact coverage may vary from one insurance provider to another. Thus, it is important to go through the terms and conditions of your travel policy before buying it.

In a Nutshell

Whether you are travelling abroad for leisure or work, any unpleasant encounter during the trip would be the last thing on your mind. Besides, the occurrence of a natural disaster is highly unpredictable and result in major financial distress. Hence, you must remember to buy a travel insurance policy for your foreign trip before commencing your journey.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.