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Things You Should Know About Travel Insurance and Claims Benefits

While going on a trip, there would be a lot of apprehensions on your mind. You would not want any stress due to flight cancellation, trip disruptions or while figuring out last minute hotel deals in a new city.

You can check out various international travel insurance plans online or buy a plan as per your travel needs.  There are various insurance companies providing overseas travel insurance plans. You can compare them online and zero down on the one, which works just right for you!

We Can Help You Decide If You Need an International Travel Insurance or Not. Let's Delve Into the Intricacies of International Travel Plan's in India -

If You are Going For a Short Span of Time:

If you are travelling to a city for attending a conference, and are scheduled to come back on the same day with a small amount of travel cost, then you can skip travel insurance. However, it is advisable to skip it if you have a health insurance policy in your name to cover emergency medical or hospitalization expenses, during your trip.

Uninsured Components In the Trip:

If your trip involves certain activities or events, which would not be covered under any travel insurance policy, then it should be skipped. Provided you have health insurance coverage. In case, you are staying at a family member’s place, and are travelling with a promotional flight coupon you probably won’t be covered under the insurance plan.

Having Pre-Existing Medical Concerns:

If you are travelling with pre-existing medical illnesses, which are recurring in nature, like heart problems, respiratory diseases and similar, then your travel insurance plan won’t be useful. You would need to buy additional benefits, to get such pre-existing medical illnesses covered. There are certain terms and conditions pertaining to such situations, and you would need to ascertain them before deciding on the travel insurance policy.

So, What all Is Covered Under an International Travel Insurance Plan?

  • Missing your connecting flight due to bad weather conditions, goof up work schedule or any other valid reason
  • Trip curtailment and delays due to emergency situations that are mentioned under the policy
  • Flight cancellation and delays from the airline’s end
  • Loss or misplacement of checked baggage due to theft or airline’s fault
  • If there is any medical emergency situation arising due to certain illness or accident whilst travelling abroad
  • If there is any need for medical evacuation to home country and repatriation of mortal remains
  • Compensation for accidental injuries, death, or disability (temporary or permanent) during your trip
  • Recovering misplaced or lost personal belongings and travel documents
  • If your baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours, then your policy would reimburse you for the extra purchase of toiletries and daily essentials.
  • Theft and robbery cover
  • Hijack distress cover
  • Please note that your policy would not cover pregnant travelers post 3 months of the gestation period. This clause is subjected to policy terms and conditions.

Understanding the Procedure for Travel Insurance Claims

To avail the benefits of your travel insurance policy without wasting much of your time then you should take care of the following things-

  1. It is imperative to inform your travel insurance company immediately, about any contingency during your trip. You can contact them at their 24*7 toll-free customer care number. If you are unable to reach them on call, try to contact them via email or SMS.
  2. If you want your claim application to be processed swiftly, kindly submit your claim form duly filled. You can download it from the website.
  3. For instance, if you happen to miss your trip due to a flight delay, you will be recompensed accordingly.

You Can Also Avail Travel Assistance Services under Your Travel Insurance Plan -

  • Emergency Medical Assistance: You can get emergency medical assistance on call. You can get doctor referrals, emergency medical repatriation, pharmaceutical assistance or refilling of medicines, medical repatriation and more.
  • International Travel Assistance: In case of emergency situations like luggage delay, any robbery attempt, or request for general travel information; emergency fund requirements; pre-trip travel guidance; immunization details; and more.
  • Identity Theft: In case of debit card, credit card or identity card loss, you can consult your partner travel counselors who will assist you in an emergency situation to reinstate your cards.
  • Corporate Assistance: You do have a range of services accessible to you, which help you turn your business obligations into small tasks. While completing these tasks, you can enjoy your vacation too.
  • Assured Personal Security: You also get assistance service to ensure that you and your personal details are safe even on the go. The assistance is offered in terms of extradition assistance, online security info, and emergency message communication.


Hope the above-mentioned points would enlighten you about international travel insurance cover.  And you will be in a better position, to decide upon your travel insurance policy for your next international trip.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.