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Travel Insurance for Serbia from India

Serbia is every budget traveler’s dream; being an important part of the backpacking Balkan tour, it is a hotspot of different cultures with a lot of natural beauty.What’s even more interesting, Serbia is the only European country to offer visa-free entry to Indians. But like every place, things can go wrong at any time, which is why it's important to buy Serbia Travel Insurance before you leave. Read on to know about Serbia’s travel requirements and more.

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Serbia Travel Insurance

This landlocked nation is situated in Central and Southeast Europe and is among the oldest inhabited places of the world. The country has no shortage of historically significant places or natural beauty.

However, before you plan your trip to this place, don't forget to buy Serbia travel insurance to avoid any emergency expenditures. Not only will your insurance provide you financial safety but also other benefits like travel assistance, help with any medical emergency, passport loss, and more.

Fast Facts about Serbia





International Airports

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, Morava Airport, Ponikve Airport

Time Zone


Best Time to Visit

Between March and May or September to October

Average Year-round Temperature

7.5°C to 11.0 °C

The Key Benefits of Travel Insurance for Serbia

Buying a travel health plan for Serbia will provide you with the following features:

  • Local Assistance:

    Most international travel insurance plans offer 24x7 emergency assistance through which you can reach out in case you need help abroad

  • Travel Assistance:

    If you fall sick or lose your baggage, or any other covered emergency, then your insurance plan will assist you via available means

  • Accident and Sickness Cover:

    If you fall sick or get injured in Serbia, then your insurance plan will take care of all your medical expenses including evacuation and repatriation

  • Automatic Extension:

    In case you get stuck while you're on a trip abroad due to certain reasons, your insurance policy will be automatically extended up to 7 days or as specified

  • Baggage Loss/Delay Cover:

    Losing your baggage on an international flight is definitely a horrible situation to be in, but with a travel insurance plan you will get reimbursed for your lost or damaged items. You will also be compensated for necessary expenses like clothes, toiletries, and medicines.

  • Personal Liability:

    If you're legally liable to a third party while abroad, your insurance policy will shoulder the cost and help you pay for it.

Travel Insurance for Serbia from India

If you're visiting Serbia for the first time, it will require a lot of research and work to plan this trip perfectly. You need to be aware of the different places you will be visiting along with the risks you may be exposed to.

The havoc caused by COVID-19 has also taught people the importance of securing their health and finances in case a loved one needs immediate treatment. Many international travel insurance companies in India have been offering COVID-19 covered benefits to protect you from sudden emergencies like lockdowns, flight cancelations, etc. 

Thus, it is important to buy travel insurance for Serbia from India to minimize said risks and eliminate any chances of mishaps.

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Why Do You Need Travel Insurance from India to Serbia?

Serbia is a huge country that offers a lot for tourists to explore. You may be traveling with friends or with your family, which is a thrilling experience for every member. However, this also means extra preparation and safeguards to have. While on your vacation, you may not need any help but your spouse or children may require assistance during an emergency. In such cases, no amount of planning will be able to help.

So make sure to invest in a good travel insurance plan for Serbia as soon as you've purchased the flight tickets and made other bookings.

This way, any last-minute cancellations, medical emergencies, or other contingencies will not be borne alone by you. Watch out for some of these features in your Serbia travel insurance policy:

  • COVID-19 Cover: Need of the hour, the ongoing pandemic can rear its ugly head at the least expected times. What's worse, if your plans suffer because of this virus, then you won't get any refunds or reimbursements unless you have a travel insurance policy that covers damages caused because of the coronavirus.
  • Medical Cover: If you get into an accident abroad or get sick, your plan should provide sufficient coverage.
  • Loss of Passport: Losing your passport abroad is among the most serious and difficult situations to be in, so make sure your policy will help you cover costs while you procure a new one/duplicate passport.
  • Baggage Cover: In case your check-in baggage is misplaced, or your luggage gets stolen while you're traveling then your plan should assist you as per the policy terms.

Finally, don’t forget to compare different types of overseas travel insurance plans before finalizing one. Make sure it suits your budget and has options for add-on covers so that you can cover all the risks you need.

Serbia Tourist Places

Serbia has some of the best and most majestic attractions in all the Balkans, waiting to be discovered. Take a look at some of the best places to visit in Serbia:

  • Kalemegdan: 

    Situated in Serbia's capital city Belgrade, this place is the highlight of this antique city. The fortress envelopes vast areas including parks and some monuments and is among the most romantic spots in the city.

  • Studenica Monastery:

     While Serbia has no shortage of monasteries, this one is renowned for its Serbian medieval architecture and beautiful white marble.

  • Đerdap Gorge: 

    Also known as the Iron Gate, the beauty of this place has often been described as the 'border designed by God'. The river is surrounded by two imposing cliffs and is home to numerous birds and other wildlife.

  • Sremski Karlovci:

     Heralded as the prettiest town of Serbia, this place is known for its small size and historical importance. Every notable place in this town is built only on a single square, including a high school and fountains.

  • Petrovaradin Fortress: 

    Situated in the enchanting city of Novi Sad, this fortress is famous for some of the most stunning views of Serbian Athens. The fortress is more popularly known for the famous EXIT Festival which takes place every summer. 

Visa Information for Serbia

The government of the Republic of Serbia offers visa-free entry to many foreign nationals. These consist of the following passport holders:

  • Those with a valid Schengen, UK visa
  • Those with a valid US visa
  • Passport Holders having residence permit in countries under European Union, Schengen areas or the United States of America

These people can get visas on arrival and stay in Serbia for up to 90 days during a period of six months. Following are the different types of visas issued by Serbia:

Visa C (Short Stay Visa)

These are valid for up to 90 days and are issued for business and tourism purposes. It is also granted for multiple entries if needed. These visas for multiple entries can be issued with a validity period of up to a year.

Visa D (Long Stay Visa)

These are issued for a duration of over 90 days but less than 180 days. These can be applied by foreigners who intend to stay in Serbia temporarily.

Transit Visa

You'll be issued a transit visa if required by that country. If the visa isn't required, then other documents explaining the purpose of your visit will be required in Serbia.

Your visa will be issued as per the reasons for which you're visiting Serbia. These are briefly mentioned below:

  • For work/employment purposes
  • For education, research work, specialization, and professional practice
  • In case of family reunion
  • For religious service
  • For receiving medical care or treatment
  • For ownership on a real estate property

It is important to contact the nearest Serbian Embassy or Consulate to know about the exact requirements so that your visa procedure is complete on time.

Entry Information for Indian Citizens Travelling to Serbia

Since 2017 Serbia has permitted Indian visitor’s visa-free entry for up to 30 days. It allows visa-free entry to Indians in the following cases:

  • Indians visiting Serbia for diplomatic or official reasons don't require a visa for up to 90 days
  • Indians with ordinary passports and travel documents can visit Serbia visa-free for up to 30 days within a period of 1 year 

Therefore, Serbia is among the nations which allow visas on arrival to Indian tourists as well as those people visiting for business purposes, conferences, meetings, or seminars. However, don’t forget to carry relevant documents as per the latest travel guidelines issued by the government. All foreign nationals entering the Republic of Serbia should have one of the following documents:

  • A negative RT-PCR test report for the presence of coronavirus not older than 48 hours (unless the delay is attributed to a factor beyond the control of the passenger). In such cases, the report should not be older than 72 hours while entering Serbia.
  • A certificate of complete vaccination for which Serbia has approved and recognized the vaccine. This list includes India.
  • Any certificate or public document which states that the traveler has overcome COVID-19 disease, not less than 14 days or over six months.


Travel Documents Required While Travelling from India to Serbia

Depending on the type of visa, your document requirements may vary. The general Serbia visa requirements are mentioned below: 

  • A valid passport with a minimum of 90 days of validity from the visa's date of issuance
  • A letter of invitation or payment receipt/ a proof of payment by a travel agency (if on a tourist visa)
  • Duly filled visa application form
  • Recent photos
  • Negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test report not older than 48 hours or other documents as mentioned
  • Itinerary or a return/onward ticket
  • International driving license if you plan to drive there
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to sustain your stay in Serbia (EUR 50 per day of the stay)
  • A travel health insurance of up to EUR 20,000
  • Visa fee

Ensure the purpose for visiting Serbia so that you can prepare the required documents accordingly. Don’t forget to carry travel health insurance for Serbia to avoid any unpleasant expenses during your vacation. They vary considerably hence it is suggested that you visit the official website for proper details or contact someone from the nearest diplomatic-consular mission of Serbia.

Serbia Travel: Safety & Precautionary Measures to be Undertaken

Traveling with so many restrictions is a bit unsettling but rules are made for a reason. While various nations across the globe have started opening up for tourism, you still need to keep many things in mind to avoid any problems. Take a look at some safety measures to improve your trip's preparedness:

  • Read enough about Serbia's common rules and regulations to avoid violating them accidentally
  • Cooperate with local government by upholding public decorum and prescribed COVID-19 safety guidelines
  • Ensure periodic self-assessment of yourself as well as others with you for any COVID-19 symptoms
  • Masks should cover your mouth and nose properly
  • Wash hands frequently and carry some sanitizers
  • As much as you can, try maintaining social distancing
  • Your passport should be kept safely as per your best abilities
  • Refrain from engaging in unlawful activities or extending your stay after the allowed duration
  • Avoid visiting isolated or suspicious areas
  • Don't forget to carry a comprehensive travel insurance policy for Serbia for the ultimate safety net

The Indian Embassy in Serbia

If you find yourself in an undesirable situation while visiting Serbia, reaching out to the Indian Embassy in the Republic of Serbia is your best option. The new emergency number for Indian nationals in Serbia is New 00 381 62 672038. Following are some officers that can be contacted during working hours:




Mr. Sanjiv Kohli


Mr. Vijay Kumar

Counsellor / HOC

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Insan


 The Embassy is located at Djordja Radojlovica, 7a Belgrade, 11040 Serbia and can be visited between Monday and Friday from 08.30 to 17.00 hours.

International Airports in Serbia

This ancient country is among the safest places in the world to travel thanks to its well-connected routes. Serbia has 5 very significant airports that you should be aware of before planning your travel itinerary. These are mentioned below:



Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport


Constantine the Great" Niš Airport


Ladjevci Airport/Morava Airport


Ponikve Airport


Vrsac Airport


Currency and Foreign Exchange

The currency used in Serbia is Serbian Dinar and is also called Dinar. Here is the latest exchange rate to get an estimate:


Exchange Rate

INR (Indian Rupee)

0.73 INR = 1 Serbian Dinar

USD (United States Dollar)

0.0098 USD = 1 Serbian Dinar

EUR (Euro)

85.75 INR = 1 EUR = 117.62 Serbian Dinar

Since the rates fluctuate on a daily basis, keep monitoring the exchange rates and exchange the currency before leaving India. Don’t forget to carry sufficient cash to avoid paying extra transactional charges.

Serbia Travel Insurance - FAQs

STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY. For more details on risk factors, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.

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*Price shown is for a 30 day trip to Thailand with 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

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