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Best Features covered under Student Travel Insurance!

You might be one of the students who aspire to study abroad or a parent who wants his/ her child to get admission in a reputed foreign university. With globalization, the range of possibilities for students has increased on foreign land helping them pursue the best suited education.

One of the popular destinations for Indian students is the US, where they can apply for admission to graduate programs for the winter 2015, spring 2015 and fall 2015 academic terms. The applications will be accepted from September 2014 (through March 2015).

The excitement of getting a chance to study abroad is like a dream come true, but it also involves a huge risk and a concern for safety. For sure, all you parents have a feeling of anxiety sending your child miles away to a new country with strangers all around. Apart from worries like food and house, what bother students and their family is “how to tackle emergency situations.”

Adding to the list of nervousness is the expensive hospitalization in foreign country. There even might be chances when a student would require someone from his family to visit him if something goes wrong. Well, through the bunch of worries away as all these situations can be easily tackled with student travel insurance.

Any one of you who is about to travel abroad for higher education must have this insurance policy. Student travel insurance policy might be optional in various countries but it is mandatory in case of the UK and the US, even the medical service and health insurance cost is high in these places.

Irrespective of it being mandatory or not, every student going abroad for higher studies should have the student travel insurance. Also, some of the universities demand for a medical coverage of about Rs 15 lakh for every student.

In India, there are number of insurers offering travel insurance especially designed for students travelling abroad. Such policies are focused on offering a comprehensive coverage to the student which includes both medical and non-medical insurance coverage at a much cheaper rate in comparison to the medical cover available abroad. Majorly, the plan focuses on offering cover against accidents and emergencies. The auto renewal and extension facility are the added advantages of this insurance. Note- pre existing diseases are not included in the cover.

Student insurance policy comprises of the following features-

Substance/component insurance-if you are going abroad for studies; your bag is obvious to have a laptop and you will be having a mobile phone which is a necessity for survival on a foreign land. You are sure to fall in a pool of anxiety if by chance you lose any of these and will have to suffer extra expenses as well. Hence, you must get the important commodities insured to get a reimbursement in case the valuables are lost or stolen during your trip.

Personal liability- there are travel insurance policies that offer free of cost personal liability cover. Under this feature, the insurer offers cover if you are the reason behind the damage caused to another person or property on financial grounds. Eg. Like any issue arising when you are staying at the rented accommodation.

Medical expenses- medical expenses follow you where ever you go irrespective of the time or location. To combat the risk of medical emergency, it is must to have a travel insurance that offers medical coverage whether on a foreign land or in India. The expensive medical treatments will not take much time to dent your finances.

Interruption in studies- not everyone is lucky to have an overseas degree. Some can’t afford it and the rest doesn’t qualify the entrance exams. But the fortunate students who get the chance of studying abroad many a times have to face various interruptions. It is must to see if your insurance policy covers such a situation where the course is interrupted due to some unforeseen factor.

And, before you check the following features, do confirm if the travel insurance policy you are finalizing is accepted by the overseas university. Patiently read the policy documents and details to understand its inclusions and exclusions before finalizing the same.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.