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Max Bupa Health Recharge Plan

If you are looking for an extensive cover at an affordable price, then Max Bupa Health Recharge plan can be an ideal choice. The policy comes with both individual and floater basis, where you can opt for riders such as Personal Accident or Critical Illness Cover. Let’s look at the policy in detail:ac

Why Do You Need Max Bupa Health Recharge Plan?

The policy is tailor-made for Individual and family

  • Comprehensive cover up to Rs.25 lakh
  • Lifetime renewability
  • Smart Top-up options for additional coverage
  • Personal Accident and Critical Illness add-on option to opt for
  • Cashless treatments in network hospitals across the country
  • Cumulative bonus for not claiming the insurance
  • Free-look period to return the policy if you find it insufficient to meet your requirements
  • Tax benefit on premium paid under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act
  • The policy comes with lifetime renewability

Key Features of Max Bupa Health Recharge Policy

The key features of this policy include:

  • No claim bonus of 20% for not claiming the insurance
  • The plan comes with lifelong renewability
  • Non-allopathic treatment cover
  • Option to add top-up plans at an additional cost
  • Add-on options such s critical illness rider and personal accident cover
  • Free-look period to cancel the policy
  • Online buying and renewal of the policy
  • Fast and smooth claim settlement

Max Bupa Health Recharge Inclusions

The list of coverage of Max Bupa Health Recharge plan includes:

In-patient Expense Cover

Available for hospitalisation related expenses

Hospital Accommodation

Hospital accommodation for a private single room with any capping on room rent expenses ()available for SI Rs. 5 lakh)

Pre and post Hospitalisation Expense

60 day and 90 days respectively for the treatment availing prior and post hospitalisation

Day-care Treatment


Domiciliary Hospitalisation


Organ Transplant Cover

In-patient expense cover for the harvesting of the donated organ

Emergency Ambulance

Up to Rs. 1500 per hospitalisation


the insured can avail E-opinion regarding illness or surgery

Personal Accident Cover (optional)

Covers death, permanent total and partial disability. It is an optional cover

Critical Illness Cover (optional)

Coverage against critical illnesses such as open heart surgery, kidney failure, CABG, bone marrow transplant etc.

Pharmacy and Diagnostic Service


Alternative Treatment Option

AYUSH Treatment, in-patient cover only, including Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy etc.

Modification of Room Rent (optional)

Option to modify the room option to single occupancy. available for sum insured Rs. 4 lakh

Annual Aggregate Deductible (Optional)

Aggregate Deductible options ranging from Rs. 10,000- Rs. 10 lakh are available

Tax Benefit

Available under Section 80 D of Income Tax Act


Max Bupa Health Recharge Policy Exclusions

 The policy becomes null and void under the below circumstances:

  • Injury due to hazardous activities
  • Artificial life maintenance
  • AYUSH treatment, except in-patient treatment availing under Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy etc.
  • Expenses incurred towards congenital illness
  • HIV/AIDS or related diseases
  • Obesity, cosmetic surgery, weight loss treatment
  • Mental disorder, dental treatment
  • Pre-existing illness up to a specific time frame
  • Suicidal attempts, injuries due to war, war-like situation, nuclear weapon etc.
  • Any breach of law or involvement in criminal activities

Eligibility Criteria to Avail Max Bupa Health Recharge Plan

Minimum Entry Age

Dependent child-91 days to 25 years

Adult- 18 years

Maximum Entry Age

65 years

Policy Tenure

1, 2 3 years

Policy Type

Individual and Floater basis


Max Bupa Recharge Policy Claim Process

  • If you are opting for cashless services, approach a network hospital, take help from the TPA about how to go with the process
  • The process has to be initiated 72 hours before availing the treatment in case of a planned hospitalisation
  • You’ll require to provide ID proof, Max Bupa health card or policy number
  • The documents will be sent for validation along with the pre-authorisation form to the insurer
  • The insurer will convey its decision within 4 hours from receiving the application
  • They may assign a relationship officer to make the cashless hospitalisation easy for you
  • Get admitted, avail the free treatment, sign all the required documents along with the invoices on discharge
  • The insurer will settle the bill as per the terms and conditions of the policy

Max Bupa Recharge Policy Renewal Process

 Max Bupa health insurance comes with lifetime renewability option. Hence, it ensures lifetime coverage to you. However, you need to renew the policy once the policy tenure completes. You can renew the policy online or offline. While online policy allows you to pay the premiums online and get the renewed policy instantly, to ensure a policy renewal offline, you’ll have to either visit the branch or approach an agent. The agent will help you complete the renewal process, starting from filling the form to submitting the renewal form to the insurer.

How to Buy Max Bupa Health Recharge Policy?

You can buy Max Bupa Health Recharge policy in the following ways:

  • Online: bUying policy online is the most convenient yet safest way of buying insurance. While buying online you can even compare the policy as per the offerings, premium, claim settlement ratio of the insurer and finally buy an informed policy. This allows you to pick the right and affordable deal. To buy Max Bupa health insurance online, you can visit the official website of the insurer, select the policy you want, calculate the premium using Max Bupa premium calculator, pay the premiums online and get the policy instantly.
  • On Phone: You can call on their helpline number and get in touch with the customer care executive to get the detail. If you visit the website, you can see an option saying ‘Click to Arrange a Call’. If you choose this option, a call will be scheduled and an executive will contact to further assist you.
  • Visit the Branch: You can visit the nearest branch to buy Max Bupa health recharge policy. The complete list of location can be availed in the policy document or by visiting the official website and navigate through the ‘Contact Us’ section there.

Let’s lead a healthy and protected life with Max Bupa Health Recharge Plan!

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 09 January 2020
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Max Bupa Health Recharge Plan Reviews & Ratings
4.7 / 5 (Based on 117 Reviews)
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Barielly, October 26, 2016
Insurance 4 family's health
I secured my family with health insurance policy which i have bought from max bupa general insurance. Service is fantastic which is provided, all my family members are satisfied with terms and conditions of the plan. Policy coverage is good, claims are high. Overall good health insurance policy.
Siliguri, October 19, 2016
"Health is Wealth"
Max Bupa Health Insurance is the best insurance company. I have took a health insurance policy in very low price. Ambulance is facilitated to the patient at anytime and anywhere which is absolutely free of any charges. Huge number of hospitals are there for on time availability and good treatments.
Ooty, October 19, 2016
Less premiums
After having max bupa health insurance, i'm happy with the service given by the executives and staff members of the max bupa health insurance company ltd. Claims are high and it is easy to get. The paperwork is less due to online services.
Bisalpur, October 19, 2016
Ambulance service is free and at any location. Great service given by max bupa health insurance policy. The policy coverage is high ~90% and claiming is simple due to fast service given by the executives and staff members of the company.
Jaisalmer, October 07, 2016
Purchase Max Bupa Insurance
Max bupa general insurance company is on the top among all the others. Premium of my health insurance is less and claims are high. Policy covers maximum expenditures and reimbursed the amount which spend by the policyholder.
Laxmipur, October 03, 2016
MAX Health Insurance
Great insurance policy i have purchased from max bupa general insurance company. Premium is less and claims are high. Policy coverage is good around 90%. Ambulance service is facilitated by the company for free at any location.
Patherdewa, August 30, 2016
Health Insurance
Max bupa general insurance gave me the best health insurance. It has all the benefits and paybacks. Policy coverage is fantastic and premium is less. Claims are high and easy to sanction. The updates regarding the policy is easy get through website of the company and online renewal is the best thing.
Adoni, May 04, 2016
Delhi, February 06, 2016
"Damn Good"
I have health plan and a really good one which i took from max bupa. Policy coverage is 90% and the claim is five lakh. The service is very fast with toe benefit without any taking charges. Good policy, I like it.
Plan Name: Health Companion
Agent Code: BPW01735
Amravati, February 06, 2016
The policy i have has great benefits which i took from general insurance. Claims are about two lakh and the coverage is 90%. The service is high but premium is little bit high as well. Happy...
Plan Name: Health Companion
Agent Code: BPW01735
Ambala, February 06, 2016
My health is secure with max bupa. The policy provide the best services. Claims ~two lakh and the coverage is 80%. The hospitality is very nice with additional benefit of ambulance pick and drop for free. I'm happy with the policy.
Plan Name: Health Companion
Agent Code: BPW01850
Kanpur, February 06, 2016
I buy health insurance which has great terms and conditions. Policy covers almost all the cases and the coverage is full with low premiums. Claims are very easy to get without any paper work or any form filling.
Plan Name: Health Companion
Agent Code: BPW01850
Faridabad, February 06, 2016
Took health insurance by max general. The investment is less but the returns is much more then expectations. Policy coverage is 90% and the claim is two lakh. Ambulance come to door steps for pick and drop for free of cost. Really good work.
Plan Name: Family First Gold
Agent Code: BPW01735
Gwalior, February 06, 2016
Found an average policy which gives good services on time. Premium is low but the coverage and claims are also less. No advantage of free ambulance or any thing. Few hospitals are in working rest create problems for recovery. Overall, policy is for name only not for real work.
Plan Name: Heartbeat Silver
Agent Code: BPW01735
Lucknow, February 06, 2016
"Best Policy"
The policy i have for my health is from max bupa. Services provided is very comfortable and fast. The premium is low and policy coverage is high, even the ambulance is facilitate for free of charge. Claims are sanctioned in few working days.
Plan Name: Health Companion
Agent Code: BPW01735
Bengaluru, February 06, 2016
"Great Service"
I have health plan from bupa. The policy have good benefits and the package i got is the best. The premiums are low and the payback amount is high. The services are fast and the huge number of hospitals are working for the company.
Plan Name: Health Companion
Agent Code: BPW01735
Gautam_buddha_nagar, February 06, 2016
"Good Policy"
I bought health insurance by taking advice of my friend from bupa max. The policy is good and the coverage is big. The claims are easily sanction but it takes few days or weeks. Payback amount is good and the hospitality is best.
Plan Name: Health Companion Gold
Agent Code: BPW01850
Faridabad, February 06, 2016
"Nice Policy"
Recently purchase health plan with max bupa. The policy provide good and fast service. The premium is low and the investment is average. The claims and coverage is good. The ambulance is provided without taking any charges.
Plan Name: Health Companion
Agent Code: BPW01735
Chennai, February 06, 2016
My health insurance is with max bupa and they providing great services. The claims is four lakh and the policy coverage is 95%. The service is so quick that every work is done in just few hrs. Many hospitals are working in this project and providing nice service.
Plan Name: Health Companion
Agent Code: BPW01735
Howrah, February 06, 2016
I have health plan with general insurance. The policy coverage is 80% and the claim is three lakh, but the service slow claim approved in two weeks. The ambulance is free of cost. Good policy.
Plan Name: Health Companion
Agent Code: BPW01850
Gurgaon, February 06, 2016
"Damn Good"
My health policy is with bupa general. The policy is nice with some good benefits like policy coverage is 95% with less investment, the claims is sanction without any delay. Hospitals provide ambulance service too which is free of cost.
Plan Name: Health Companion
Agent Code: BPW01735
Mathura, February 06, 2016
"Damn Good"
I purchase health insurance and max general provided the best services. The policy coverage and the claims are around 89%. The ambulance is provided without taking any charge. Nearest hospital is provided for fast and good treatment.
Plan Name: Health Companion
Agent Code: BPW01735
Mathura, February 06, 2016
"Good Experience"
Bupa general insurance is one of the best. I have health plan with great benefits. Policy coverage, claims, hospitals and ambulance all facilities are provided with taking good care and the service is done on time.
Plan Name: Health Companion
Agent Code: BPW01735
Gumla, February 06, 2016
"Nice Work"
I buy the health insurance from max. The policy have great benefits, policy coverage is around 90% and the claims is Rs.2.6 lakh. The service is great with low premiums. and the 95% hospitals are working for this.
Plan Name: Health Companion
Agent Code: BPW01735
Pune, February 06, 2016
"Not That Good"
Having health insurance with max bupa. The plan is not good except the services provided. The policy coverage is 40% and the claims are very less. The Hospitals are very few and premium is high. Not satisfied.
Plan Name: Health Companion
Agent Code: BPW01735

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