United India Unimedicare Policy

United India Unimedicare policy is a type of personal accident policy offered by United India Insurance Company Limited that covers hospitalization expenses arising out of an accidental injury. This policy also provides coverage to the insured against medical expenses incurred on hospitalization due to an illness/disease.

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* Price shown is for a 15 day trip to UK with a 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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* Price shown is for a 15 day trip to UK with a 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

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Plans include Covid-19 global coverage

Plans include Covid-19 global coverage

Accidental & sickness expenses

Accidental & sickness expenses

Covers Loss of check-in Baggage

Covers Loss of check-in Baggage

Get Trip Cancellation benefits

Get Trip Cancellation benefits

* Price shown is for a 15 day trip to UK with a 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

Why Buy United India Unimedicare Policy?

Accidents happen without a warning. In case of a major accident, you may have to get hospitalized, which may lead to huge medical expenses as healthcare services in India have become extremely costly. To avoid exhausting your savings in paying off the hospital bills, you must buy a personal accident policy that provides coverage against accidental injuries. The United India Unimedicare policy provides coverage for both accidental and sickness hospitalization so that your hospital bills are taken care of by the insurance provider irrespective of the type of medical emergency.

Features and Benefits of United India Unimedicare Policy

Take a look at some of the key features and benefits of buying a United India Unimedicare policy below:

  • Cashless Hospitalization- It provides cashless hospitalization facilities at all network hospitals of United India Insurance Company as the hospital bill is settled directly by the insurer.
  • Family Discount- It offers a discount on premium if two or more family members are included under the policy on an individual basis.
  • Cumulative Bonus- It offers a cumulative bonus to the policyholder that enhances the sum insured amount for every claim-free year.
  • Cost of Health Check-up- It covers the medical expenses incurred by the policyholder on regular health check-ups.
  • Online Claim Intimation -The policy allows the policyholder to raise a claim online without any hassles.
  • Timely Claim Settlement- The claims team of the insurance company ensures a quick settlement of claims as the company enjoys an impressive claim settlement ratio of 104.24% (FY 2019-20).
  • Free Look Period- The plan comes with a free look period of 15 days from the date of policy purchase during which the policy can be cancelled without any cancellation charges.
  • Grace Period- A 30-day grace period is granted to all policyholders for renewing the policy if they miss the due date. However, coverage would not be available during this period as no premium was received by the insurer.

Things to Know About United India Unimedicare Policy

Categories Specifications
Coverage Individual
COVID-19 Cover Available
Discount Family discount
Claim Assistance Available
In-house Claim Settlement Not available

Inclusions Under the United India Unimedicare Policy

Given below are the various inclusions of United India Unimedicare policy:

  • In-patient Hospitalization Expenses- It pays for the medical expenses incurred on getting hospitalized for more than 24 hours.
  • Room Rent- It covers the room boarding expenses up to 0.5% of the sum insured incurred per day while admitted to a hospital.
  • ICU Charges- It pays for the charges incurred on getting admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a hospital.
  • Cost of Consumables- It covers the medical expenses incurred on consumables, such as blood, medicines, surgical appliances, artificial limbs, pacemaker, etc., during hospitalization up to a maximum of 15% of the sum insured per accidental injury/ illness.
  • Doctor/Nurses’ Fees- It covers the fees of doctors, surgeons, specialists, anaesthetists, consultants, nurses and other medical practitioners, whose services are availed by the insured during hospitalization. 

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Exclusions Under the United India Unimedicare Policy

The following medical expenses are excluded under a United India Unimedicare policy:

  • Treatment of pre-existing diseases/injuries that were diagnosed before the commencement of the policy
  • Day care procedures
  • Any hospitalization claimsdue to an illness/disease during the first 30 days of buying the policy
  • Any treatment or procedure related to pregnancyand its complications, including abortion
  • Any hospitalization expenses incurred during childbirth, including caesarean delivery
  • Any treatment done through naturopathy
  • Treatments or surgeries for a specific disease or medical conditions, such as cataract, joint replacement surgery, etc. until the waiting period is over
  • Hospitalization resulting frominjuries caused during war or nuclear perils
  • Injuries sustained while doing an illegal activity
  • Hospitalization due to cosmetic or plastic surgery

The above-mentioned exclusions are not complete. Check the United India Unimedicare policy wordings to get the full list of exclusions.

United India Unimedicare Policy Eligibility Criteria

To buy a Unimedicare policy by United India Health Insurance, you need to suffice the following eligibility criteria:

  • People between the age of 18 years and 65 years can apply for the policy.
  • Individuals and families can apply for this policy on an individual sum insured basis
  • Family members, such as the spouse, dependent children and parents,can apply for the policy

United India Unimedicare Policy - FAQs

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