Visa Free Countries for Indians

Out of 195 countries in the world, Indians need a visa for more than 130 countries. However, there are also many visa-free countries for Indian passport holders. If you’ve been planning a vacation abroad, take a look at some amazing countries where Indians don't need visas.

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What Does Free Visa for Indians Mean?

Free visa for Indians or no visa for Indians is a facility offered to the citizens of India travelling to countries that don’t require any kind of visa from Indian passport holders. This means you don’t need any visa to enter the borders or territories of any visa-free countries for Indians.

In other words, you do not need a pre-obtained visa, eVisa/electronic visa or visa on arrival to visit these countries. However, the countries where Indians don't need visas are limited but there are several others offering visa on arrival to Indian visitors.

Visa-free countries for Indians should not be confused with countries offering visa on arrival or an e-visa to Indians, as the latter countries do require a visa before you arrive at the port of their entry.

Visa Free Countries For Indians

What are the Different Types of Visas You Can Avail? 

Many people interchangeably use visa-free, visa on arrival, etc. assuming that they're similar or the same. While all of them are issued to grant a foreigner permission to enter and stay in their country, there are significant differences to note. To help you understand visas better, take a look at the table below:

Type of Visa What Does it Mean?
Visa-free Under this benefit, you can go to a country without obtaining any visa. This is possible only for a select few countries with whom India has an arrangement or it is a country which has opened its borders to all foreigners.
e-Visa Electronic visas or E-visas are official documents that are issued online and save a lot of time. Granted by a country's immigration official, these are a great alternative to usual paper-based visas that need more time to be issued by the embassy.
Entry Permit In several cases, a country may issue a foreigner entry permit instead of a visa. These are official documents that allow a foreigner to enter their country and stay there legally for a certain period of time.
Visa on Arrival These are granted to foreign visitors at the port of entry. Also called an on-arrival visa, the entire process of applying for and issuing the visa is done at the airport or the available port of entry by the country's immigration authorities.

List of Visa Free Countries for Indians

As per the Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India, the following are the countries where Indians don't need visas. Take a look at the list of visa free countries for Indian passport holders in 2022 given below:

Countries Validity Special Conditions
Bhutan - Register yourself at the time of visiting Bhutan
Dominica Up to 6 months Mandatory health questionnaire, negative PCR/antigen test
Grenada Up to 3 months Mandatory health questionnaire, negative COVID PCR
Haiti Up to 3 months Valid passport, tourist fee of $10 at the airport
Hong Kong SAR - Online Pre-registration before arrival in Hong Kong
Jamaica Up to 30 days Return ticket / onward ticket 
Maldives Up to 30 days Valid passport, Health declaration, Travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage, Negative RT PCR 
Mauritius Up to 60 days Booking confirmation of return
Montserrat Up to 90 days Only air travel allowed for now, Confirmed accommodation, COVID-19 Vaccination status, negative RT PCR
Nepal Up to 6 months if registered with the Nepali Embassy Valid photo ID required, travel insurance for Nepal if trekking
Niue Island Up to 30 days Confirmed accommodation, sufficient funds to sustain the stay and travel insurance
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Up to 30 days Valid passport, bank statements and vaccination status
Samoa Up to 90 days Visitor’s Permit upon arrival required
Senegal Up to 90 days Round-trip flight and hotel reservation confirmation, sufficient funds
Serbia Up to 30 days Letter of invitation or proof of payment for the trip issued by a travel agency; travel health insurance for Serbia with a coverage of minimum EUR 20,000, proof of sufficient funds (EUR 50/day)
Trinidad and Tobago Up to 90 days Must be fully vaccinated, negative RT PCR test report
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The above list of visa free countries for Indians is as per the official website of Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. Please refer to the site in case there are any changes.

Features of Visa Free Countries for Indians

Free visas for Indians in many countries come with their own set of conditions. All Indian citizens should be aware of the conditions set by different countries offering visa free entry for Indian passport holders. These conditions need to be met in order to be eligible for a free visa for Indians. 

  • Valid only for Indian passport holders
  • No prior permission needs to be taken to visit visa-free countries for Indians
  • No documents or paperwork to be submitted
  • No payment for visa needs to be made
  • There may be separate entry requirements such as mandatory travel health insurance or other testing or vaccination mandates

Countries where Indians don't need a visa may have additional entry requirements such as vaccination proof or compulsory international travel insurance before you can enter. 

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Countries Offering e-Visa & Visa on Arrival to Indians

Other than countries offering visa free entry, Indians can easily visit these countries thanks to their e-Visa facility or availability of visa on arrival for Indian passport holders. While these aren’t visa free countries on Indian passports, it’s very easy to obtain their visa given that you fulfil their requirement.

Countries Offering e-Visa to Indians Validity Countries Offering Visa on Arrival to Indians Validity
Armenia Maximum 120 days  Angola 30 days after arrival
Azerbaijan 90 days Bolivia 30 days only at Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and La Paz Airports
Bahrain 1 month Cabo Verde 1 month
Barbados 90 days Cambodia 3 months
Benin 30 days to 90 days Cameroon Union Republic 1 month
Combodia 3 months Cook Islands Up to 31 days
Colombia Up to 90 days Djibouti 90 days
Cote D'Ivoire 90 days Ethiopia 30 days to 90 days
Djibouti 90 days Fiji Up to 4 months on arrival, extension available
Ethiopia 30 days to 90 days Guinea Bissau 30 days
Georgia 30 days  Indonesia 30 days
Guinea Bissau 30 days Iran Up to 30 days 
Kazakhstan Up to 30 days Jamaica Up to 30 days
Kenya Up to 30 days Jordan 14 days
The Kyrgyzstan Republic Up to 30, 60, or 90 days Kenya Up to 30 days
Lesotho 180 days Kiribati Up to 3 months
Moldova 90 days  Laos Issued for 30 days
Myanmar Up to 28 days, 70 days for Business visas Madagascar 30 days after arrival
New Zealand 120 days Mauritania 30 days only
Papua New Guinea 180 days Mongolia Up to 3 months 
Russian Federation (specific areas) 60 days Myanmar 28 consecutive days 
Saint Lucia 3 months for single entry, 1 year for multiple entry Nigeria Maximum validity of 30 days Per Entry
Saint Vincent and Grenadines 1 month Qatar 30 days from the date of issuance
Singapore 30 days Republic of Marshall Islands 30 days to 180 days
South Korea up to 3 months (90 days stay) Reunion Island 90 days per 6-month 
Sri Lanka 180 days after issued Rwanda Up to 30 days
Suriname 90 days Saint Kitts & Nevis Up to 30 days
Taiwan 3 months from the Date of issue Saint Lucia 6 weeks
Tajikistan 90 days after issued Seychelles Up to 30 days
Tanzania 90 days Somalia 1 month
Thailand 30 days from the date of approval Sri Lanka 180 days after issued
Uganda 90 days after issued Suriname 90 days
Uzbekistan 90 days from when it is issued Tajikistan 60 days 
Vietnam 30 days from the date of arrival  Tanzania 90 days
Zambia Up to 30 to maximum of 90 days Thailand 2 weeks
- - Tunisia 90 days
- - Tuvalu 1 month maximum
- - Vanuatu 30 days
- - Vietnam 30 days from the date of arrival 
- - Zimbabwe 30 days
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Travel Insurance for Visa Free Countries for Indians

Even with the best of hotels, airlines and tour agencies, you can’t guarantee that nothing wrong will happen during your trip abroad. From something as common as a flight delay to falling unwell on the trip due to weather changes can hinder several travel plans. 

You may also end up incurring financial losses that may upset your trip budget. To stay well prepared for such eventualities, you must have a travel insurance policy.

Travel insurance is insurance for your international trip that saves you from any unforeseen emergencies that you may face while visiting any visa free countries for Indians. It covers a host of medical and no-medical expenses you may face during your overseas trip. . Some of the covers provided by a travel insurance policy include:

  • Flight delay, missed connection flight, trip curtailment & cancellation
  • Medical costs including hospitalisation expenses including medical evacuation to a hospital, daily hospitalisation cash etc.
  • Repatriation of mortal remains in case of unfortunate demise
  • Personal accident cover 
  • Loss of passport 
  • Personal liability against any accidental legal liabilities 
  • Delay or loss of check-in baggage 
  • Optional benefits including home burglary insurance, hijack distress allowance, etc.

Travel insurance companies in India offer different types of trip insurance plans that have been customised to suit the needs of different people. For instance, Student Travel Insurance is offered to students who are travelling to study abroad. It comes with custom-made covers such as compassionate visits, study interruption, bail bond and sponsor protection amongst others.

How to Buy a Travel Insurance Policy?

A travel insurance policy can be purchased both online and offline. If you want to buy travel insurance online for your trip to one of the visa-free countries for Indians, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Determine the type of travel insurance you want to buy
  • Compare the covers and premium quotes from different insurance providers
  • Select the travel insurance plan and the insurance company
  • Visit the official website of the travel insurance provider
  • Apply for the selected travel insurance plan
  • Fill up the proposal form
  • Pay the premium amount online
  • Download the travel insurance policy document

All travellers should buy insurance according to the purpose of their travel. The age of travellers, number of travellers and the frequency of the travel also help determine the suitable type of travel insurance for an international trip. Make sure to use a travel insurance premium calculator to know the exact quote for your travel insurance premium.


  • Q1. How many countries can I travel to with an Indian passport without a visa?

    Ans. As of now, all Indian nationals can travel to 16 countries without any visa. These are the countries where Indians don't need visas. However, there may be special requirements such as mandatory health declaration or test requirements along with some travel documents. So make sure to confirm these with the embassy.

  • Q2. Is Maldives visa free for Indians?

    Ans. Yes, all Indian passport holders can visit the Maldives without a visa for up to 30 days, given that they meet the mentioned entry requirements.

  • Q3. Is there any fee for visa free entry?

    Ans. Depending on the country you're entering, you can be charged a tourist fee or some other required entry fee at the airport.

  • Q4. Is Singapore visa free for Indians?

    Ans. No, Indians who wish to visit Singapore need to apply for a visa before travelling here. It usually takes around 3 to 4 days to get the visa approved. However, it's advisable to apply for the visa at least a week or 10 days in advance.

  • Q5. Can Indians travel visa free?

    Ans. There are many visa free countries for Indians, where Indian passport holders can go without any prior visa. However, there are also several countries offering visas on arrival to Indians or even a less complicated eVisa facility.

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