Is Visitor Insurance Canada Missing On Your Travel Itinerary for Canada?

Have you started packing up your bags for your visit to Canada? Surely, by now you would have completed your shopping. Wait! Did you buy visitor insurance Canada? Thinking why should you buy visitor insurance for Canada?

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    Honestly, Canada is a destination, which is indeed more than a place on the world map. A country where you have so much to explore, and more than that you have so much to connect.

    Canada is surely a destination for all those travellers who are open-minded and for those who are bold, courageous and curious.

    Discovering Canada

    If you are a non-Canadian resident visiting Canada then you would surely need a valid passport and a Canada visa to enter Canada.

    Once you book your flight tickets for Canada and you obtain the Canada visa the next thing to do is buy a visitor insurance Canada, which is neglected by most of the travellers as they do not consider it worth buying.

    However, the travellers do not realize that in case of any unforeseen event, it is the travel insurance for Canada visitors that will come at their rescue and leave the travellers without any stress.

    The best visitor insurance for Canada will provide you with a comprehensive coverage when you are at a foreign land and will provide all essential health and travel-related cover. It is your utmost responsibility to choose for the best travel insurance online and make an informed choice by comparing various travel insurance quotes and then zero down the best visitor insurance Canada.

    Make sure that you are covered for every activity that you intend to do in Canada. Visitors generally plan for activities such as skiing, snowboarding or whitewater rafting and so on. We want you to come back from the trip with a frame of happy and cherishable memories for a lifetime.

    Before You Take Off For Canada

    Now, before you get on board for flying to Canada, there are some important aspects that you must know before landing on the Land of Maple Syrup or the Land of Snow ‘Canada’.

    Let us get started!

    Canada is Vast

    Canada is a country, which is vast and if you are travelling to Canada for a shorter period then you need to plan your visit. If you think that in a short time you will be able to explore the whole of Canada then you are wrong. Therefore, we suggest that you cover a section of Canada, which implies that focus on one region and this will help you to spend sufficient time and you can rejoice the time of your life rather than rushing here and there.

    Be Weather-Ready

    Whether you are visiting Canada for a shorter period or for a long period your luggage should have sufficient warm clothes to keep you covered throughout. Even when visiting Canada during the summers then also there are chances that you might experience thunderstorms on the prairies and the temperature goes down at the mountains in nights. Carry a toque, which is a warm woollen hat, gloves and scarf to wrap around your face to avoid getting sick. Although, you will have a visitor insurance Canada to take care of the hospitalization expenses however prevention is better than the cure.

    Obtain Your ETA visa in Advance

    In case, you are unaware now travelling to Canada requires ETA, which stands for Electronic Travel Authorization, which is a mandate for all the visa free-nationals apart from America. It essentially depends on the fact where you belong. And before you take off for Canada, obtaining an ETA is a simple process, which can be completed online for, which you will be required a valid passport, a working email address and credit card. All you need to do is provide the basic personal information and pay the fees incurred towards the same. Generally, an ETA is granted within minutes, which is valid for 5 years. Remember, while travelling to Canada carry the same passport that you used when applying for the ETA.

    Try Couchsurfing For Living

    Well, when in Canada give Couchsurfing a try. In case, you have not heard in regards to the concept then we will let you know, so, it is an online platform that allows the travellers to live with the locals of the country in one of their spare bedrooms or the couch. This is a good option and should be considered by any traveller as a local can give you better insights about the place. Besides, living in hotels in Canada is an expensive task. However, you have the alternative of getting an accommodation in any of the hostels but even that is a costly affair. So if you want to save big on the accommodation, you may try Couchsurfing.

    Explore the Outdoors

    No doubt visiting cities like Vancouver, Toronto is fun and you have plenty of things to do. However, we suggest that if time permits you try and explore the vast Canadian wilderness. There are vast areas, which are unexplored right from the mountains, coastal rainfalls to island and lakes. There is simply so much to explore. And if you are somebody looking forward to any of the sports or adventure activity make sure that you have visitor insurance Canada and you are adequately covered.

    Important Points That You Need To Know

    Now, we want you that have the safest and hassle-free journey. We have compiled some important pointers that might help you during your stay in Canada. Take a look below:

    • French and English are primarily the official languages spoken in Canada.
    • The currency used in Canada is Canadian Dollars.
    • Do not end up paying too much in Canada. Monitor your daily expenses and keep a tap on the same.
    • Contact your network provider and avail best international cell phone plan or else you will end up paying hefty bills.
    • As much as possible, use free wifi hotspots.
    • Use messaging applications such as Viver, WeChat for text and audio messaging.
    • If you know your move ahead of time then it is recommended to use coupon sites and avail discounts and grab good deals.
    • Try hot dogs and sausages selling at the corners of the street.
    • If possible, take a free walking tour as this is a great way to explore the enriched history of any location.
    • If travelling between cities or provinces, you can opt for ride-sharing services as well.
    • While travelling in and around Canada carry water and some handy eatables such as Sandwiches, etc.
    • Tipping is expected in Canada for the services provided.
    • Although Canada is a safe destination, however, you should always trust your gut instincts and inform the authorities in case of any doubt or you find anything shady.

    Best Visitor Insurance Canada From India

    Below is the table with the list of insurance companies providing best and cheap visitor insurance Canada from India:

    Contact Details of Insurance Companies For Claims

    In the below table is the list of contact numbers, which you can contact in case you require assistance in terms of policy servicing and claims:

    Insurance Companies

    Contact Details

    Bharti AXA Travel Insurance

    + 844-691-8883

    Reliance Travel Insurance

     + 011-80099441111

    Religare Travel Insurance

     + 8443013135/ +18443013146

    Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance


    Shriram Travel Insurance


    TATA AIG Travel Insurance


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