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Baggage Delay/ Loss
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Passport Loss
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Medical expenses
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Compassionate visit
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Why To Buy Overseas Student Travel Insurance?

Made all preparations to send your child overseas to the university he/she has always wanted to go to? Being parents, we are certain that you would have gone through every single detail and taken care of all essential arrangements to make his/her education abroad as convenient as possible. We assume you haven't overlooked the very crucial aspect about your child’s overseas stay, Overseas Student Travel Insurance.

You never know what fate has in store for your child. God forbid if he/she requires any medical attention due to sickness or injury during his/her stay abroad, he/she must have some kind of financial assistance to afford expenses arising due to such emergencies. Therefore, purchasing an overseas student travel insurance would be of huge help.

In the US, which is the most sought after destination for overseas education, a doctor’s consultation fee alone can empty your pocket. The fee easily varies between $300 and $350 per visit, when converted to INR it roughly translates to Rs. 18,000-21,000. It is clear that healthcare costs are way higher in developed countries and quite less in developing countries (India), so it is wise to buy an overseas student travel insurance plan for your child from India.

Following are the methods you could use to buy overseas student travel insurance:

  1. From the university
  2. From an insurance provider in the foreign country
  3. From an Indian insurance company.

In case your child’s university makes it compulsory to purchase the overseas student travel insurance plan through them, you can always insist for a waiver if you have a comparable health insurance that meets the university’s standards (they have detailed guidelines). As overseas student travel insurance bought from India would cost lot lesser than what it would cost if bought from abroad. Take the case of Boston University, for instance, the health insurance premium for a $5,00,000 student insurance policy as per their fee structure is $2,141, which when translated to INR becomes approx.

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INR 1,28,460 (calculated at INR 60/$). At INR 30,000 annual premium (the amount can vary slightly depending on the service provider and plan you choose), you can buy a proper overseas student travel insurance from a domestic insurance provider that not only looks after your medical expenses but also other unexpected events like loss of baggage, loss of passport, accident to sponsor, family visit and other incidental expenses.

Spending a small amount certainly wouldn’t hurt as you get to know that your child can make use of the best medical facilities abroad, in times of need. Always remember, while selecting overseas student travel insurance, don’t just consider a plan because it asks for a small premium. But, go for a travel insurance plan that offers you more facilities or is a perfect match for your requirements. It is mandatory to look at the benefits provided in different plans.

Understand the complete significance of an overseas student travel insurance plan and buy the same that perfectly suits your child's needs.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.