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Why Health Insurance is Necessary for Senior Citizens?

Health care costs are getting higher and higher. As our age increases, the health care cost rises, which turns out to be a burden, especially in our retiring years. This is the reason that senior citizens have to think before spending each penny, as they have to pay out of their hard-earned savings in order to meet the medical expenses.

Health insurance is well-thought-out as a necessity in today’s age. Though, a lot of people in various age groups are left only thinking about this precious protection. There are a number of reasons for not buying a Senior Citizen health insurance plan and old age is one of the most common ones. Senior citizens often find it tough to select a good health insurance plan.


This is because either the plans are too expensive or it needs extensive medical tests which they find difficult to undergo. These factors force them to live without a health insurance policy. However, today there are many good health insurance policies available for senior citizens which provide them so many options to choose from.

How Choose a Health Insurance Plan?

The premium amount should not be the sole criteria while choosing a health care plan. Options like critical care, hospitalization expenses and the number of network hospitals covered by the policy are equally important. It would be wise to pay a higher premium if it could provide you with an adequate coverage. The sum insured should be a higher amount as the medical expenses are spiralling. Each year, the inflation in health care industry is considered to be 15%. The policy should have a low waiting period for illnesses which comes under the pre-defined time frame. A lifelong renewable health plan safeguards that a person can be covered with health insurance for as long as they need it.

Health Insurance is Necessary for Senior Citizens

The following are the senior citizen health insurance plans.

1. Varishta Bima from National Insurance 

  • One of the plans which are considered to be splendid, this is among the very few plans in our country that has the maximum entry age as high as 70.
  • The plan also has some great features like:
  1. Maximum cover of Rs.1 Lakh for hospitalization is available.
  2. Pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure are included for an extra charge of 10% for each condition. These conditions will be covered only after 31 days from the commencement of the plan.
  3. No Claim Bonus (NCB) is available. Read more about national health insurance

2. Heart Beat from Max Bupa

It is another health insurance plan in India that allows people aged up to 70 years to join. The features of this plan are as follows:

  • No sub-limits on ICU This is significant as senior citizens may require ICU facilities more frequently than the youngsters.
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) is available.
  • There is no waiting period for an accident cover. The plan is the most expensive available in the health plans for senior citizens, but considering its features, senior citizens can easily avail it, without any money constraints. Read more about Max Bupa health Insurance

3. Red Carpet from Star Health

Many critics have voted this product as the best health insurance plan for the senior citizens. The maximum entry age is not 70 but 74, and this is its biggest advantage.

The Other Benefits of the Plan Includes:

  • While buying the policy, all you need is to declare your pre-existing illness(es). An individual is not forced undergo to any harsh medical tests, unlike the other plans.
  • A whole lot of pre-existing conditions are covered. There is a two-year waiting period.
  • 5000 limit on post-hospitalization expenses.

The Star health Red Carpet plan is fast growing in its popularity due to its amazing features.

Many of you can also consider buying family health plans for your parents or your wife as many companies offer a percentage of discount(s) on such plans. Family health plans safeguard your family against illnesses and the skyrocketing medical costs.

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