Best Time to Visit Austria

The seat of the Holy Roman Empire, Austria is an important center of tourism because of its incredible history and scenic natural beauty. To make the most of this spectacular country, read on to learn more about its peak seasons and the best time to visit Austria.

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    Best Time to Visit Austria for Ideal Weather

    This landlocked country is a beautiful place throughout the year. Indian tourists love visiting for its winter snow experience, especially during New Year and Christmas.

    Among all seasons, summer is one of the best times to visit Austria for warm-weather activities. The country is in full bloom during summer with tourists pouring in from all over the world. This season is usually between June and September and has remarkable clear skies with temperatures barely exceeding 20°C. However, you should remember that the country has precipitation throughout the year and you may be surprised by some rain showers during spring.

    Summer being its high season, you will find comfortable temperatures in the mid 20°C with a lot of sunshine and flowering meadows. For photographers, this is the best time to photograph the majestic Alps.

    Early September is the Autumn season in Austria and also a good time with clear skies and slightly chilly temperatures. This is also a great time to visit the country for some outdoor activities.

    Winters is also an excellent time to visit Austria as the country has a lot of winter sports to offer. The country also has world-class ski resorts that are best enjoyed during the winters. Some areas in higher altitudes can see very low temperatures but you will rarely find it bone-chilling or enough to deter your winter sports plans!

    Best Time to Visit Austria for Winter Sports

    Winters in most countries are considered low-season; however, in Austria, winters are quite unique because of the best winter sports that are characteristic of its small towns and villages. This is also a very affordable time compared to other seasons. In Vienna, the temperature ranges below zero with averages around -1°C to -5°C between November and March. Overall, the best time to visit Austria for winter activities is between November and February.

    The St Anton village is especially famous for its skiing activities with some resorts dating to 1901. You can also consider places like Kitzbuhel, Solden, and Alpbach.

    Where to Go Sightseeing in Austria?

    Austria is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe and can be visited year-round. While there is no shortage of tourist activities in this country, there are a few places every tourist should try to visit. Some of these have been listed below:

    Austria's Imperial Palace: The Vienna Hofburg

    For centuries this place has been the center of Austria's monarchy. It has seen many alterations influenced by Baroque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Classicism. The entire complex is spread across 59 acres and has several highlights that you shouldn't miss out on.

    Salzburg Altstadt

    Popular as the earliest spiritual center of Christianity in Europe, this place was founded in AD 690 and has employed some of the best architects and artists that have resulted in a number of breathtaking churches, monasteries, residences, and more. This place is also famous for being the birthplace of famous musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

    Innsbruck's Hofburg und Hofkirche

    The palace and the court church of Emperor Maximillian the first are considered some of the finest works of Renaissance sculpture. The palace was remodeled in 18th century Rococo and Baroque styles by Empress Maria Theresa and consists of many sculptures and bronze statues.

    Belvedere Palace, Vienna

    The spectacular palace is among the most visited places in Austria and for good reason. It is also an important historic site that boasts impressive collections of art pieces and much well-preserved architecture. Sala Terrena, Carlone Hall, and the Grotesque Hall are among the most visited parts here.

    Best Time to Visit Hallstatt Village in Austria

    One of the most important UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this medieval town is considered among the most beautiful destinations in the country.

    While this stunning town receives tourists throughout the year, you can visit it between March and May. This period has comparatively less crowd until June arrives with a lot of tourists. There are long lines for top activities like the World Heritage Skywalk. If you are coming between March and May, it may be too cold to swim but you can still walk around and explore this town. The temperatures are comfortable around 21°C.

    Most Affordable time to visit Austria

    If your main tourist point is going to be in Vienna, then consider visiting during Spring and Autumn as the prices will be slightly lower. Summer being the high season, you will find everything extremely overpriced with inflated bookings and long queues.

    While winter is considered a low season, try visiting just before Christmas to avoid the holiday rush and expenses.

    If planning to visit in winter, you will find prices lower in other parts but not in the Alps or other major skiing destinations. Between November and March, you can expect lower prices only if you book your flight and hotel tickets in advance. Don't forget to bring along your Schengen travel insurance to avoid any sudden emergency expenses.

    Worst Time to Visit Austria

    Avoid coming in peak summers to avoid skyrocketing prices. June to August have excellent weather but soaring crowds and prices, which may affect your plans as you may miss out on some activities because of high demand.

    Spring in Austria is unpredictable and you may find your plans dampen because of sudden rains. The temperature may be chilly for some, ranging between 10°C and 15°C. In summers, June should be avoided as it is a wet month and may be bad for those who wish to hike and trek.

    The country has several activities that can be done throughout the year depending on what you have planned. According to your budget and interests, you will find a lot of places worth visiting in Austria. Don’t forget to do your research and bring along good travel insurance policy or Schengen travel insurance!