Best Time to Visit USA

Who isn't familiar with the US? Films and televisions have already taught us about its seasons and popular sights. From the iconic Statue of Liberty to the Grand Canyon, the US is among the top-visited countries in the world. This vast country has natural attractions as well as many significant 'only in America' experiences that you can be a part of, given that you plan the timing of your trip accordingly.

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* Price shown is for a 15 day trip to UK with a 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

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Plans include Covid-19 global coverage

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* Price shown is for a 15 day trip to UK with a 1 lakh dollar coverage for an adult of age 25 years

Best Time to Visit the USA for Ideal Weather

The US sees five climate regions throughout its range. If you don't have a fixed region in mind, then the best time to visit the US will be during Spring and Fall. However, the summer months between May and September are considered the peak season when tourists from all around the world pour into the country. It is ideal for a beach holiday.

 The spring lasts from mid-March to May and brings beautiful scenery with warm temperatures. This is the perfect time to visit national parks, wetlands, forests, and many southern states like Nevada, California, and Florida. You can also visit heritage sites with comfortable weather conditions.

Take a look at this table below for a rough idea about the best weather conditions in the US:





June- August

22.2°C to 29.2 °C


September - November

11°C to 21°C


December - February

19.7°C to -16.3°C


March - May

11.1°C to 21.3°C

Those visiting for outdoor activities like biking, camping, hiking and more can visit during autumn which makes a great getaway in cities like Chicago, Washington DC, and New York. Fall is also the harvest season and there are many celebrations on the local level.

Best Time to Visit the USA for Hiking

America is the land of canyons, mountains, waterfalls, and many other breathtaking landscapes. In short, it is a perfect place for hikers who never get enough.

Many national parks in the US have beautiful and challenging trails coupled with breathtaking flora and fauna.

Nugget Falls Trail, Burroughs Mountain Hike, Billy Goat Trail, Chautauqua Trail, and many other trails can be easily visited during transitional months. Spring and Autumn will bring the most beautiful view of the foliage.

Late summer and early fall are the best time to visit most hiking trails, but in reality, even winters offer some of the best trails during their season. The trails are less crowded during this time which makes for a secluded and pleasant trek. The temperatures are also cooler than summer which makes backpacking more comfortable.

You can also hike for a longer duration without exhausting yourself because of sweat and heat. One of the bonuses is lesser bugs during winters as many insects find warmer spots to hide which leaves you with one less thing to worry about!

Where to Go Sightseeing in the USA?

A country as vast as America can barely be covered in a week’s trip. To make it easier for you, here’s a list of some of the most popular tourist attractions in the US if you are on a packed schedule:

The Grand Canyon

Spread over 277 miles, this handiwork of nature never fails to impress you. Take a float trip on Colorado or stay in the canyon to watch the sunset, this beautiful wonder is the pride of Arizona.

Yellowstone National Park

Situated in Wyoming, this one is also the world's first national park. There are many deals offering week-long or more active camping trips. You can camp, hike, spot animals like wolves, bison, and a lot more.

The Statue of Liberty

This has to be the most memorable and important of all American monuments. The Statue of Liberty has stood in welcome of both the affluent and the poor since 1886. You can spot this copper statue at the New York Harbor's entrance and go on a cruise or climb up the crown (given that you've already booked so in advance)


Situated in sunny California, the giant HOLLYWOODLAND sign was bought as an advertisement in 1923 and continues to be the ultimate symbol of Tinsel Town. There are many day-long tours available to take you sight-seeing celebrities' homes to Hollywood's Walk of Fame.


The birthplace of surfing, the Hawaiian Islands offers beginners as well as advanced surfers a lot of action-packed activities. Honolulu's Waikiki Beach also has local surf schools with protected bays that ensure long and smooth rides. 

Best Time to Visit the USA for a Beach Holiday

From Hawaii to Massachusetts, the US has no shortage of beaches for that perfect summer holiday. Summer and shoulder seasons are the best time to visit the US for a beach vacation. However, early winters may bring powerful rip currents which can be dangerous for swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving.

Probably the most famous beach in the Pacific, Waikiki is a tropical paradise in a modern city. With the summer months being the most crowded time of the year, it is also very hot and humid and perfect for the cooling dip while you lounge on the beach.

Most Affordable time to visit the USA

The US is considered a year-round attraction because of its varying climate across the country as well as its overwhelming popularity thanks to pop culture. The flight tickets alone cost a fortune, which means you will have to plan this trip carefully if you're on a budget. Before anything else, make sure to buy comprehensive travel health insurance so that you don't get affected by any emergency expenses in the US.

Summer is pretty expensive due to overcrowded cities. Earlier parts of Spring and Fall can also be considered peak seasons so avoid visiting without booking your tickets in advance.

September to November in the US sees snowfall in northern parts of the country. It is considered a shoulder season and you can visit it just before the festive winter season starts. You can easily get cheaper accommodation and rentals during this time thanks to reduced tourists.

Worst Time to Visit the USA

Peak summer seasons are only suitable for beaches, everything else becomes irritable because of high humidity and high temperatures. It is hard to visit monuments or participate in many outdoor activities. August and September also see the hurricane season in the US. It is recommended to avoid visiting the country altogether. Winter is a festive time but some areas experience extreme cold which could be a deterrent for many.

Overall, this land of dreams is truly a spectacular place to experience in all its conditions. While the winters can be brutal, you can carefully plan your trip to make the most of your time and money. Don’t forget to buy suitable travel health insurance as the US visa requirements have mandated travel insurance plan for all the tourists.

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