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Shriram Individual Travel Insurance

Shriram General Insurance is the fastest growing insurance providers in India. The company offers tailor-made comprehensive travel insurance plans to ensure a safe and secured trip to all the travellers out there. Shriram travel insurance provides individual travel insurance cover to people who are travelling abroad for both leisure and business purposes.  

Shriram Individual travel insurance plan is perfect for frequent travelers to quench their wanderlust without worrying about any unforeseen trips related to perils. From flight delays to medical emergencies, Shriram overseas travel insurance plan for individuals covers it all.

Shriram Individual Travel Insurance Coverage

From flight cancellations to trip delays to health emergencies, there are a number of risks associated with an international trip. Individual travel insurance by Shriram coversvarious travel-related risks and some of the coverage benefits are listed below:

Total loss of checked-in baggage during the international trip

If your flight is delayed by more than 12 hours, due to any natural calamity, medical emergency, employment issues or airline malfunction, then the expenses incurred during that period can be claimed

Delay of checked-in baggage for more than 12-hours

If there is an event of sudden illness, physical injury or even death in extreme cases, then cost incurred on medical emergencies would be borne by Shriram travel insurance

Expenses on medical evacuation to the nation country, in this case, India

Compensation for expenditure on cremation or transportation of  dead body, in accidental cases

Daily allowance benefits in case of hospitalization

Dental cover on acute anesthetic treatment

Any accidental injury which has happened during your travel

If travelling by public transport, any damage or loss due to sudden death or any disability would be covered

Fees incurred while getting a duplicate passport, in case of loss passport or theft that is reported within 24-hours of the incidence

Personal Accident cover in case of accidental death, permanent total disabilities, total loss of both eyes or limbs, loss of one eye or limb

Reimbursement of cost incurred on missing a delayed connecting flight

A family member who has come to visit you abroad, but you happen to be hospitalized for more than a week, all of a sudden, the insurer would reimburse for their travel tickets

Third-party insurance cover for any loss or damage done to a third person from your end

Hijack distress allowance cover

Availability of emergency cash funds, in case of theft or baggage loss


Shriram Individual Travel Insurance Plan Coverage Table

Coverage Details Amount Shri Travel Shri Travel Plus Shri Travel Elite
Age 90 days to 65 years Age 90 days to 65 years Age 90 days to 65 years
Medical Expenses Cover@ USD 50,000 to 200,000 USD 50000 USD 100000 USD 200000
Repatriation of Remains Sublimit of USD 1000-2000 USD 1000 USD 1500 USD 2000
Cashless hospitalization worldwide   Yes Yes Yes
Daily allowance in case of hospitalization USD 25 (for 5 days) USD 25 (for 5 days) USD 25 (for 5 days) USD 25 (for 5 days)
Total Loss of Checked-in Baggage USD 500 USD 500 USD 500 USD 500
Dental Treatment@ USD 250 USD 250 USD 250 USD 250
Loss of Passport (deductible of USD 50) USD 200 USD 200 USD 200 USD 200
Delay of Checked-in Baggage ( more than 12 hours delay) USD 100 USD 100 USD 100 USD 100
Personal Accident USD 15,000 USD 10,000 USD 15,000 USD 15,000
Personal Liability (deductibles of USD 100) USD 50000 USD 25000 USD 50000 USD 50000
Financial Emergency Assistance (deductible of USD 50 USD 300 USD 300 USD 300 USD 300
Trip Cancellation & Interruption USD 250 No USD 250 USD 250
Hijack Distress Allowance (more than 24 hours & for maximum 7 days) USD 100 per day USD 100 per day USD 100 per day USD 100 per day
Travel Delay (up to USD 100 per day, if the trip is delayed for more than 12 hours) USD 250 No USD 250 USD 250
Missed Connection USD 500 USD 250 USD 500 USD 500
Trip Curtailment USD 250 No USD 250 USD 250
Golfers hole in one USD 500 No No USD 500
Bail bond Insurance USD 500 No USD 500 USD 500


Shriram Individual Travel Insurance Exclusions

When buying travel insurance it is imperative to check the policy wordings for exclusions as well. Here are some of the limitations under Shriram Individual travel insurance plan:

Traveling overseas for medical purposes

Any breach of law or criminal act

Overdose of drugs, alcohol, and intoxication

Suicidal attempt and self-inflicted injuries

Pregnancy, childbirth and its complication

Sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV/ AIDS,


Shriram Individual Travel Insurance FAQs

Q1. What does Shriram individual travel insurance policy cover?

Shriram individual travel insurance policy covers most of the risks associated with your international trip. The plan covers trip cancellation charges, flight delays, missed connecting flights, personal liabilities, personal accident, delay of checked-in baggage, loss of passport, emergency financial assistance in a foreign land. The plan also covers emergency medical expenses that can ruin your foreign trip and can disrupt your savings.

Q2. Can I buy Shriram individual travel insurance plan online?

Yes, Shriram travel insurance plans are easily available online. You can choose from Shri travel, Shri Travel Plus, and Shri Travel elite plan based on the sum insured and coverage options.

Q3.  Is trip cancellation covered under travel insurance?

Yes, Shriram individual travel insurance plan compensates for trip cancellation and interruption. It includes trip cancellation due to unforeseen illness or injury, bad weather conditions, abduction, a terrorist incident in the city or any fire/flood destroying the place of stay.

Q4. What are the sum insured options that are available under the Shriram individual travel insurance plan?

The sum insured options that are available under Shriram individual travel insurance plans are –USD 50,000, USD 1 lakh, and USD 2 lakhs

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