How to Apply for Canada Student Visa from India

Canada is a country, which remains a preferred choice for Indian students to pursue their academics. Right form undertaking any academic degree, vocational or professional training or pursuing any course from any of the Canadian university or other educational institutions in Canada you will be required to apply for a Canada student visa.

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    Besides, getting enrolled in any of the universities or colleges in Canada you will be required a study permit and a good academic score. Any Indian student who wishes to take admission in Canada would need a valid study permit before you enter the country.

    What Do You Understand By Study Permit?

    An Indian citizen can obtain the document of a study permit, which is issued by the Canadian immigration authorities. A study permit essentially validates the fact that a student is allowed to study in Canada. For any non-Canadian citizen, as study permit is required failing to, which you cannot study in the country.

    In case you obtain the study permit you are permitted to get enrolled in Designated Learning Institutions. It is to be clearly understood that a student permit is not a visa. It will not allow you to enter Canada. You need to apply for a valid visitor Canada visa. And, in this case, you would need to apply for a Canada student visa.

    Besides, in case your course period if of less than six months you would not require a Canada study visa. However, it is advisable to buy a travel insurance policy and secure yourself from any unwanted financial expenses.

    What are the Eligibility Criteria for Canada Student Visa?

    Listed below are the criteria, which one needs to fulfil to obtain a Canada study visa:

    • The applicant should be accepted by a designated learning institute (DLI).
    • The applicant needs to provide evidence that substantiates that the applicant is eligible enough to bear the expenses in regards to the tuition and daily living.
    • The applicant should also produce a health certificate, which states that one is physically and mentally sound with no pre-existing disease.
    • The applicant should have a steady background with no criminal record in the past. To prove the same, the Canada student visa applicant needs to provide a certificate essentially provided and verified by the police.

    The Canada study visa applicant should be on time at the visa interview and should provide all the correct information. Moreover, once the applicant obtains the Canada student visa, one should not forget to buy travel insurance for Canada.

    Which Are the Documents Required to Apply For Canada Student Visa From India?

    One may apply for the Canada study visa, once acceptance of letter is received from the institute in Canada. Listed below are the documents, which will be required while applying for a Canada study visa for the Indians:

    • Indian Passport: First things first, you would require a valid Indian passport and accordingly apply for study permit followed by a Canada study visa. It is to be noted that the passport needs to be valid for an extended date, which covers the supposed duration of stay in Canada to pursue the course.
    • Evidence of Acceptance From A Designated Learning Institution: You will be required to provide evidence from the university or institute wherever you are planning to study. They will provide you with an acceptance letter, which will state the duration of the course. However, in case you require an extension you may apply for the same. In case you intend to apply for Quebec, a Quebec Acceptance Certificate will be required.
    • Evidence of Funds to Bear the Expenses: While applying for Canada student visa make sure that you have enough evidence to substantiate the fact that you can bear the expenses related to the tuition and your daily requirements. Besides, you also need to assure that once the course gets completed you have money for a return air ticket too. Essentially, a student in Canada would require a minimum amount of 10,000 Canadian dollars to meet the expenses annually as per the Canadian immigration.
    • English Language Test: Though it is not mandatory, however, it is advisable to appear for an English Language Proficiency Test and obtain your score before you commence with the process of applying for a Canada student visa. This will help you as the score would be required to prove your command over the English language and confirming your admission set in any of the listed Canadian university.
    • Immigration Medical Certificate: Any Indian citizen applying for the Canada student visa need to undergo an Immigration Medical Examination from a registered doctor as per the Canadian Immigration. Book an appointment and visit the listed doctor and undergo medical screening. It is advisable to book the appointment prior as it gives the doctor enough time to verify and upload the documents. Once the doctor is done with the examinations and tests (if required) the final medical reports are sent to the CIC.
    • Passport Sized Photographs: In case you are applying for the Canada study visa offline you would be required to submit two passport size photographs. However, it is better to apply for a Canada student visa online and procure a digital image up to the size of 4MB. Make sure that the passport size photograph has a plain background, normal facial expressions and no headcover apart from the ones for religious signification.
    • Statement of Purpose of Visit: Although it is not a mandate, however, while applying for a Canada study visa from India, the applicant is supposed to submit the statement, which states the purpose of the visit and the reason for applying to the specific Canadian university or the institution.
    • Credit Card: While applying for Canada study visa online, make the application fee payment using a credit card. Besides, do not use a debit card to make the payment. In case of applying for the Canada student visa, you would need to provide scanned copies of all the above-mentioned documents. Likewise, you might be required to download some documents, fill it, take a print, do the signatures and then upload them online.

    Additional Documents That You Might Require

    Possible when you face a Canada student visa interview, you might be asked to produce the following listed documents:

    • Reasons to depart from Canada post the completion of the study course.
    • The scores from tests such as GRE, TOEFL, etc.
    • All the education qualification certificates/degrees/diploma, transcripts by far attended.

    How to Apply for Canada Student Visa from India

    It is recommended to visit the Canadian consulate website and get an understanding in regards to the processing time for the Canada student visa. Generally, it takes up to 3 to 4 weeks.

    Let us take an understanding of the process of applying for a Canada student visa from India below:

    Canada Student Visa Online

    You would need access to a scanner or camera to upload the digital copies of the above-mentioned documents when applying for a Canada student visa online. When making the payment you will be required a credit card to make the payment towards Canada student visa application fees. Besides, you will also be required to provide a scan of your finger at the nearest or regional visa application centre (VAC). You will also be required to submit your passport, and provide the visa application form and make the visa fee payment.

    Canada Student Visa Offline

    If you wish to apply for the Canada student visa offline you need to download the application kit of the same and follow the instruction manual carefully and accordingly submit the Canada visa application form. In case, any of the family members are accompanying with you apply for the Canada visitor visa and make the payment towards the visitor visa application. Compile all the documents and submit them along with the visa application form. You can track the progress of your Canada study visa application online. If the visa application gets approved, you will be required to submit the passport in person. This shall be intimated to you from the government of Canada.

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