National University of Singapore (NUS) Student Health Insurance

Founded in the year 1905, National University of Singapore (NUS) is the oldest higher education institution in Singapore. The university was formerly known as King Edward VII College of Medicine.

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    National University of Singapore Overview

    This flagship university in Singapore offers a global approach to research and education with an Asian perspective.

    National University of Singapore for Foreign Students

    Being one of the most sought-after universities globally, NUS welcomes hordes of students every year. With 17 schools across three campuses, the university expertises in offering exclusive programme such as student exchange, entrepreneurial internships, double degree and joint degree programmes in association with some of the word class universities.

    The study environment in NUS offers the students the opportunity and challenges to realise their potentials through an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to research, working with partners from industry, government and academia.

    Entry Essentials for National University of Singapore

    • Visa Requirement: In order to study in NUS, a student visa known as Student Pass will be required to enter Singapore. In case of a short-term course that ends within 30 days, a visit pass is enough. After receiving the application letter from NUS, the student must apply for Student Pass in Singapore. A valid passport along with the necessary document is required to apply for a visa to visit Singapore.
    • Valid Passport: One of the most important requisites to visit Singapore is Passport with minimum of six months validity.
    • Student Travel Insurance - Like any other foreign universities across the globe, National University of Singapore offers health insurance for each registered students under its NUS Health and Insurance Scheme (HINS). The scheme offers coverage for emergency and non-emergency health conditions during the course of his/her stay in the university. However, considering the soaring medical expenses abroad, availing health insurance for international students, especial those are from India can be an expensive affair. In this regard, well-planned travel insurance comes in handy which covers the insured while travelling and during the course of stay with a minimum premium. If you’re too planning for NUS, consider buying international travel insurance with a comprehensive cover along with extensive medical coverage.

    How to Apply for National University of Singapore?

    Those who are neither Singapore Citizens nor Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) are considered as international applicant. If you are an international student, the application for undergraduate admission in NUS opens in mid-October every year for different applicant category/qualification.

    Indian students can apply under Indian Standard 12 (CBSE, ISCE, State Boards) category between October to March. The admission deadlines are available on the official website of the university. A University Entrance Exam is conducted for the selected applicants for admission.

    Process of Applying

    • Understand the admission requirement
    • Submit the online application form
    • Upload the documents supporting your qualification
    • Make the online payment of application fee
    • Check application status
    • If you wish to make any changes, update the information accordingly
    • Reset PIN
    • Accept/Reject Offer
    • Submit an Appeal
    • Freshmen Registration

    Registration Process

    The students must be registered before the commencement of the course. It is a formal process, which is done in two parts. In the first part of registration, all the applicants make online declarations and complete acceptance record. In the second part of registration, students complete the registration process by activating the student card online.

    Top Attractions for Students near National University of Singapore

    There are many places around National University of Singapore, which are ideal to chill out with college mates such as -Lover’s Park in the Faculty of Arts, the Starbucks at Town Green, the Central Library within the campus.

    But there will be the time you become tired of exploring the university campus. Fret not! There are plenty of splendid places to chill out or grab a bite with your classmates, even outside the campus. Here you go:

    • Starbucks at Rochester Park
    • Eng Wah Cinemas’
    • SkyPark
    • Teo Heng KTV
    • Botanic Gardens
    • Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
    • Haw Par Villa
    • Natureland Holland Village
    • NUS Museum
    • The Southern Ridges
    • West Coast Park

    Shopping Attractions for Students near National University of Singapore

    Whether you visit Singapore for a holiday or study purpose, your visit goes waste if you don’t try the local shopping attractions. Given that, if you are studying at the National University of Singapore then spare some time, explore the local market, and see what’re on offer. The top shopping list of Singapore includes:

    • Orchard: clothes and other products
    • Vivo City: One of the largest shopping mall in Singapore offering a handful of options for clothes and jewellery lovers
    • City Hall: A luxury place that offers many things on sale
    • West Coast Plaza: the best place to go shopping and have fun with friends at an affordable rate
    • Boon Lay: Famous for jewellery and ornaments
    • Chinatown: quite famous among the Chinese people in Singapore this place is a hub for clothes nearly at a similar pattern that are found in China.

    Accommodation in National University of Singapore

    Accommodation is one of the most important aspects to look for while leaving your home country for studies. In case of studying in NUS, you can arrange for temporary or short-term accommodation if you haven’t secured it yet.

    The university offers short-term private accommodation, long-term accommodation and NUS guest rooms. If not you can opt for nearby hotels at a pocket-friendly rate. Some of the nearby options are:

    • Pasir Panjang Hotel
    • Fragrance Hotel Waterfront
    • Fragrance Hotel Ocean View
    • Santa Grand Hotel West Coast

    Eating Options near National University of Singapore

    Singapore has many things on offer to satisfy your taste buds. The country is a melting pot of cuisines with thousands of choices consisting of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian influences. When in NUS, you shouldn’t miss the food options offered within the vicinity.  To name a few:

    • Platypus Food Bar
    • Subway
    • Food Junction
    • Chilli Padi
    • Reedz Cafe
    • Cafe on the Ridge
    • Empress Porridge
    • Summer Hill
    • Blue Willow
    • Fiesta Restaurant
    • Dickson's North Indian Halal Food

    National University of Singapore Transport for Students

    Travelling within Singapore is very convenient as public transport is easily available. The majority of students and college staff prefer commuting through the shuttle. Bus service is another option to get around the campus. The university also promotes walking to cover short distances. There are Mass Rapid Transit Train for those who are travelling from the airport.

    Local Law and Etiquette to follow in National University of Singapore

    Singapore is famous for its stringent laws and regulations. When in Singapore be aware of the strict law enforced, ignoring of which could land you in a serious situation at times. Some of the usual law and etiquettes followed within the country are:

    • Chewing of gum is illegal in Singapore. Even they consider it illegal to import or sell in the country. The punishment can be imprisonment or fine of USD 5500.
    • Smoking is banned within the premises of restaurants, college, university campuses, parks or other public places.
    • There is a proper caning policy for Vandalism. Even drug offences are punisable by death penalty.
    • The minimum drinking age for students is 18 years, however, with a proper ID will be required to buy alcohol around the NUS campus.

    If NUS is in your preference list, you’ll certainly find this information handy to be familiar with the local etiquettes and educational culture of the university.

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