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Planning an Adventure Trip? Here are 10 Handy Tips for You

Planning an adventure trip can be fun, but only if it’s done right! To make it worthwhile, it’s important to do proper research and planning. Any trip can become enjoyable and memorable if you are prepared well in advance. Once you are done deciding the destination, you need to do your homework. Research is indispensable, especially, for an adventure trip, where you would need to step out of your comfort zone, meet new people and experience a new culture or lifestyle. Buying a travel insurance plan before the travel would give you a cover from unforeseen risks and let you seamlessly wanderlust. While you are at it, you can check out and compare travel insurance online in India, and choose the one that works best for you.

Adventure trips have become a rage among travellers. Be it windsurfing, paragliding, kayaking, trekking, bungee jumping or any other adventure sport, they love the ultimate adrenaline rush it gives them. If you are one such adventure freak, who wants to go for an active and unique exploration of an exotic destination, then you can check out some popular adventure places to enjoy your share of thrill.

For Your Next Adventure Trip, below are Some Useful Tips to Consider

  • Research Well - By looking at some of the guidebooks and travel sites, you will get a fair idea about your destination. It’s good to make a base before leaving and if anything else, going through their official tourism site would serve as a great source of information too. It’s a great way to check out all the activities that you can do and save time on the ground. Choose the places you would like to visit, the adventure sports that you would want to indulge in. You will be clearer and more aware of all that you would need to carry, safety measures that you must take, cultural differences, political trends and so on.
  • Current Weather Conditions - Wherever you go, it’s important to know the current weather conditions in that particular area, city or country are. This is important from your health perspective, as well as practical since you will know the things and clothes you will need to carry along.  This will help you to decide the set of clothes/utility items you would need, depending on if it’s a beach destination, mountain region or a rain-prone area.
  • Get Insured - Normally, people like to sign up for a travel insurance policy, especially when they are going on an adventure trip because the risk factors are high. This small amount of premium that you pay for your travel insurance, affords you great peace of mind. There is a number of sites where you can compare travel insurance online. Additionally, if you sign up with travel companies which book your adventure activities, you can buy an insurance policy from them also.
  • Carry all the essential Items - A backpacking trip is different from an adventure trip. It’s different from throwing on a pair of sunglasses, suntan lotion into your bag and just taking off. You need to be aware of the weather conditions, be it rain, snow or sun because you have to be prepared in case of extreme conditions. You need to arrange things proficiently, rather than just trying to fit in your complete closet in your luggage, and do not forget to carry your safety or utility items.
  • Know your limitations - Don’t indulge in something for which your body is not fit. Be realistic about the activities that your trip involves. One good way is to check with a trip guide, who can help you with some fitness tips and routines that you should follow. For instance, if you are planning a trip to Ladakh, you will need to prepare well in advance, so that you are able to acclimatize easily there.
  • Keep Your Documents and Money - Getting your documentation and foreign exchange is an inevitable necessity to get to your destination. And while you are travelling, make sure you have your documents, debit and credit cards, passports kept in a safe place, to avoid any misplacement. One more tip, do not keep all your cash together, keep it in different bags or pockets.
  • Stay Safe - Even if you have your training equipment ready, you need to ensure that you keep your safety a priority, and take up your adventure activities in suitable conditions only. Simply be alert, stay informed, take all the necessary precautions and you will be all set to rock and roll for your next adventure.
  • Prioritize your Health - Before the trip, ensure that you take the necessary vaccinations, keep an emergency medical kit, eat healthily and stay hydrated to keep your immune system strong. Do exercise regularly and stay active so that your muscles remain flexible.
  • Pack like a Pro - All you need is to pack your stuff in a smart and efficient manner. Carry things like a torch, matchsticks, ready to eat food, medical kit, an extra pair of clothes and travel accessories. If you want your adventure trip to go right, you need to be a smart traveller.
  • Construct your itinerary sensibly - Plan only limited activities in a day, so that you can enjoy every bit of it. Don’t make it a hectic schedule for yourself, by stuffing it with each and every possible activity the place offers. Follow this if you don’t just want to run around, but cherish this thrilling adventure trip. Make sure you are vigilant all the time and you have your senses tuned in to your surroundings.  Go through visitor’s reviews online, read about things to do, famous attractions, and basically the whole enchilada before you set off. These tips and advice in your mind will surely help you prepare for your adventure.

Wrapping It Up!

Simply put, adventure travel is about opportunity, discovery, and joy. Be fearless. Embrace the kindness of the new people that you meet. Do light packing and carry only required stuff. Be humble at all times, but be inquisitive. Intermingle. Create memories and rejoice new experiences. Do it all while staying secured and insured with travel insurance.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.