8 Reasons Why Travelling is Beneficial for Your Health

Travelling is the best way to relax your mind, body, and soul. When you return from a vacation, you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Additionally, travel makes you a more confident person and lets you discover new places. Therefore, it positively affects your mental as well as physical health. Having said that, we have discussed a few reasons why travelling is beneficial for your health. Read on...

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    How Travelling Boosts Your Health and Overall Well-being?

    Travelling is one of the numerous ways to improve the health and overall well-being of an individual. Many studies have found that travel is a great way to maintain your mental health and leads to a happier life. A vacation can uplift your mood, reduce stress, and boost productivity.

    In fact, UNICEF has recently highlighted that the mental health of children and youngsters have been impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic largely due to home isolation, no social life, and being away from family and friends. Therefore, sitting in a room will make you tense, depressed or tired, but a vacation can improve your mental health and help your overall development.

    8 Health Benefits of Travelling Abroad

    People who love to travel know just how revitalizing and exciting it is. Nothing helps you rediscover yourself or rejuvenate with your loved ones as a well-planned vacation does. Below we have mentioned 8 ways how exploring the world can enhance your health and well-being:

    1. Boosts Immunity

    Exposing your body to different climatic conditions makes your immune system stronger. Do you know how? When you explore the world, your body starts to adapt to the various climate, which ultimately boosts your immunity and makes you less prone to common diseases. If you get ill at first, your international travel insurance provider will take care of your medical expenses.

    2. Lowers the Risk of Depression

    Depression is the biggest mental health problem these days that the youths are facing. In India, as per the reports, one in 10 adults suffered from mental health issues in 2021. The primary reason was the loss of jobs, home isolation, personal relationships, loss of family members, and work & personal life imbalance, which left a deep impression on them. But a change of place or an outing can have a positive psychological impact on the individual's health and helps in keeping depression at bay.

    3. Acts as a Stress Buster

    We always feel happy, relaxed, and less anxious when we travel. A change in environment, place, weather and surroundings have always had a positive impact on human minds. In fact, it not only lifts the mood but leaves a positive impact on the body as well.

    When you are on a trip, especially to a European country, you walk, learn, and grow, which takes stress off your mind & burns some calories also. Do remember to buy Schengen travel insurance to obtain the visa if you plan to visit a Schengen country.

    4. Decreases Risk of Heart Diseases

    As per a WHO report in 2016, India reported 63% of total deaths due to Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs), out of which 27% were due to Cardio Vascular Diseases (CVDs). Around 45% of the deaths were in the 40-69 years’ age group due to heart diseases. However, studies have found that people who take frequent annual vacations are less likely to die from CVDs.

    Thus, the more you travel, the better will be your physical health. Besides, people who participate in adventure sports like hiking, trekking, scuba diving, or snorkelling are more likely to boost their health and reduce the risk of CVDs. In fact, few international travel insurance plans also provide coverage for adventure sports activities so that you can fully enjoy these activities.

    5. Increases Longevity

    Have you heard that people who wander often have a longer life expectancy? Well, that is correct. Whether you go on a religious tour, adventure trek, or even a weekend getaway, the touring experience will reduce tension and improve mental health. All these factors boost human life and lead to longevity.

    6. Creates a Sense of Belongingness 

    The third level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory identifies love and belonging as psychological human needs. Humans beings are the biggest social creatures who always crave attention and interaction. Sharing your travel journey with loved ones helps to connect with them more and intensifies the feeling of belongingness and love. Therefore, it promotes your emotional well-being.

    7. Brings You in Good Shape

    Travelling can help you burn calories, lose weight, and hence, get back in shape. We are all aware of the fact that exploring places involves more physical activity than sitting in your office chair for long hours. Additionally, if you try some adventure activities, you burn a lot more calories than on usual trips. 

    8. Keeps You Happy and Satisfied 

    Who doesn't get excited about going on vacation with their family or friends? Well, most people love to travel and explore places. The joy of travelling is not momentarily but lasts for a lifetime. People love to create memories, click pictures, and even post them on their social media. The memories of a holiday refresh each time you look at those pictures or discuss any funny incident with your friends. Hence, travelling makes you happy and satisfies your soul simultaneously.

    Summing It Up

    Now that you know all the health benefits associated with travelling, gear up for your next vacation. Choose a destination, plan an itinerary, set your budget, pre-book your accommodation & tickets, and fly away.

    In all of this, do not forget to buy domestic or international travel insurance as per your destination. Moreover, if you are planning a vacation to a Schengen country, make sure to get Schengen travel insurance because international travel insurance is mandatory for the approval of the visa for such countries.

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