Tips for Train Journeys - A Complete Guide

A train journey is an exciting experience when you are travelling with your family or friends. In case you are planning to travel by train soon, check out our guide to Indian train journeys that has everything you need to know, right from making a reservation to buying the right domestic travel insurance policy.

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    Train Journeys in India

    A train journey is always considered the most convenient and comfortable mode of transport for all. In India, train journeys are extremely common as it reaches even the remote places of the country. If you are going to travel by train during the COVID-19 pandemic, do not forget to wear a mask and carry sanitizers, toiletries, essential medicines, a power bank, earphones, and slippers. You can also carry snacks, dry fruits, or chocolates for munching.

    Let’s read on to learn about a few travel tips that will make your train journey safe, comfortable and fun.

    9 Travel Tips to Make Your Train Journey Exciting

    Following are nine travel tips to make your train journey more enjoyable and safe-

    1. Knowledge About Various Indian Railways Travel Classes is a Must

    Before you book your train ticket, you must know about the different travel classes offered by the Indian Railways. Trains in India are divided into air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned coaches. Take a look at the following Indian Railways fare classes: 

    • First AC – It consists of the air-conditioned first class consists of a private cabin of either two or four seats with doors that can be locked. It is suitable for people seeking privacy during their journey.
    • Second AC – It includes air-conditioned two-tiered berths for 4 people in an open cabin with a two-tiered birth on the side. This class is recommended for overnight travel to small groups.
    • Third AC- Similar to the second AC, it has three-tiered berths in an open cabin that can accommodate 6 people with a two-tiered birth on the side. This class is recommended for people travelling in large groups.
    • EC- Executive chair class has reclining chairs and is available in trains like Shatabdi Express that does not involve an overnight journey. It is fully air-conditioned and comes with complimentary food and drinks.
    • CC- Chair Class is recommended for short day trips. Just like EC, it also has padded reclining chair seats with air conditioning.
    • SL -Sleeper Class is a non-air-conditioned class with tiered berths. It is a pocket-friendly and popular train travel class in India.

    You can choose from several fare classes to book your train journey. But the first AC, second AC, and third AC are considered the best for long-distance travel.

    2. Book Your Train Tickets in Advance 

    Passengers who wish to travel in trains in India must have their seats booked in advance except for general/unreserved coaches. You can either book your tickets by visiting a reservation centre or through the IRCTC's website/app. The IRCTC has made it simple to book your train tickets online. The ticket issued online is sent to your registered email id as an e-ticket or Electronic Reservation Slip (ERS). 

    3. Take Care of Your Luggage

    Keep an eye on your luggage while travelling by train. Indian trains are very crowded and therefore, we recommend you to reach the station at least half an hour before the boarding time to find your seat and place your luggage safely without any hurry. You should also buy domestic travel insurance online to financially secure your luggage against theft.

    4. Foreigners and NRIs Should Book via Foreign Tourist Quota 

    To travel within India, all the foreign tourists and NRI's can book their seats under a special category known as Foreign Tourist Quota (FTQ). This FTQ is an option under the 'Services' tab on the IRCTC website. You can use this quota to book your travel under the Executive Class (EC), First Air Conditioned (1AC), and Second Air Conditioned (2AC) classes.  

    5. Pre-Book Your Meal for Train

    Indian Railways are one of the most preferred and convenient modes of transport because it allows you to book your meals for the train journey through the IRCTC e-catering service. You can easily place your food order online on IRCTC and get it delivered to your train berth during your journey. You can order your food for your train journey online with the following steps-

     1. Share your PNR details on the IRCTC website/app to order your food online in train

    2. Select the desired menu to get the food on your berth without any hassle

    3. Pay through your favourite payment mode. You can also opt for the Cash on Delivery (COD) option.

    4. Enjoy the meal delivered to you.

    Other than this, you can also buy snacks and beverages, such as samosa, bread pakoda, water bottles, cold drinks, etc., from vendors arriving in your train coach.

    6. Charge Your Electronic Devices on Train

    In case you run out of battery in your electronic devices while travelling, you can use the charging switches available on the train. However, you cannot charge phones, laptops, and other electronic devices between 11 pm and 5 am as a precautionary measure. 

    7. Carry Your Own Toiletries to Use in Train Washrooms

    Usually, all trains under the Indian Railways come with both western and squat toilets. Under the Swachh Bharat Mission, bio-toilets have been installed in a large number of passenger trains. They are clean to use and come with necessary toiletries. However, you must carry your own toilet paper, sanitizer, and paper soap for hygiene and safety purposes.

    8. Carry Your COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate  

    All fully COVID-19 vaccinated passengers can easily book their train tickets and travel in all local and passenger trains. If you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, make sure to carry your vaccination certificate while travelling on the train to show it to an authorized official when asked. 

    9. Buy a Domestic Travel Insurance Policy

    Uncertainties can occur during your train journey, which can lead to financial distress. If an unforeseen situation interrupts your train travel, the right domestic travel insurance policy will help you to get out of it without incurring a financial loss. Make sure to compare online travel insurance plans to choose the best plan for your journey within your budget.

    Summing It Up

    Taking the train is a budget-friendly way of travelling across India. It is also fun yet comfortable way of travelling with your loved ones. Besides, there are numerous picturesque train trips, which attract a lot of tourists. In any case, make sure to use the above-mentioned tips for your next train journey and do not miss buying domestic travel insurance to secure your trip.


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