Top Predictions for Travel in 2022

After a tumultuous pandemic, large scale vaccinations have offered some relief to people around the world. With things looking good in most countries, take a look at some of the top travel trends predictions for 2022.

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    What are the Best Travel Predictions This Year?

    Relying on what the pandemic taught us, 2022 will surely be better prepared for the unpredictability caused by the pandemic. From a shift to personal or solo trips from group vacations, travel has surely changed from how it was before the pandemic. We have just passed a quarter of 2022 and as per the most recent trends, we can safely draw the following conclusions:

    Local Travel Boom

    Snap shutdowns were common not only in India but also in other countries. The risk associated with getting stuck in an alien state without friends and family was too much, so more and more people started opting for local travel. Short day trips or drive-to destinations were preferred over long-haul flights or distant, more popular places. 

    Not only did it benefit these off-beat locations but also a breather to overly crowded tourist hotspots. Preference for isolated, off-beat and nearby places will very likely remain a popular trend in 2022.

    Higher Accommodation Costs

    The economic crisis bought to the pandemic, the ever grown inflation rate and zero demand in the previous years caused a lot of loss to hotels, rentals and other accommodations. With the hope of normalcy, these businesses are set to rise globally by over 10% to cover these losses and re-establish the business.

    If we can expect one travel trend this year, it is the rise in costs of hotels, especially in major tourist hotspots. Travellers must look out for accommodation well in advance so that they can beat the high prices during peak seasons.

    Camping is the Way to Go!

    The pandemic forced many hotels and accommodations to shut down to restrict the spread of the virus. Mobile homes, convertibles and plain old vans became a popular option for avid travellers who just couldn't stay back at home as soon as the restrictions loosened.

    The freedom and thrill of camping have certainly seen a boom in the last two years and are set to be a major trend for those nomads who don't want to be restricted by time or shelter.

    Expensive Flights

    While demand for flights is gradually rising after a halt of two years, flight prices will continue to climb because of skyrocketing fuel prices. The recent war in Ukraine has also affected the price of oil which has resulted in a steep hike in fuel prices all over the world. Vacationers and travellers will need to keep an eye out for deals or cheaper travel months to travel by air in 2022.

    The Popularity of Vacation Homes 

    Pandemics made it impossible to do many things, such as sitting in a buffet room with strangers dining or going to a sauna. Social distancing forced travellers to avoid others and restrict themselves to designated vacation arrangements. Even in 2022, vacations homes and other rentals for private use will continue to be in demand thanks to the privacy and freedom they offer.

    Digital Nomad

    Before the pandemic, not many corporations had the option of remote work. Pretty soon, the whole world was working from home while the pandemic made it impossible to travel or even step out. 

    While this irked many, the new work structure also enabled many 'digital nomads' to work from anywhere - including mountains and beaches, as long as they get the work done.

    While many companies have ended working from home or shifted to a hybrid model, digital nomads are here to thrive thanks to several corporations flourishing with this arrangement.

    Demand for Flexibility

    The uncertainty caused by the pandemic has led many businesses to opt for more flexible policies. Hotels that offered flexible booking and cancellation policies were a huge hit for the last couple of years and are predicted to remain so.

    Travellers are obviously attracted towards reasonable hotels that understand the need of the hour, with zero or minimal cancellation charges. 

    Given the scenario, this flexibility is very likely to persist among other travel trends. This has been further proved by the inclusion of flight cancellation or trip cancellation due to lock down or testing positive for COVID under several travel insurance plans.

    Off-Season Travelling

    Growing expenses and the risk of contamination pushed many travellers to avoid visiting popular attractions during peak season. The trend is likely to continue in 2022 as by doing so, they are more likely to avoid crowds, get more time and space to explore the place and save a considerable sum of money due to low demand.

    Changing Travel Rules

    Not just domestic travel, but also international travel will continue to be a bit complicated as compared to pre-pandemic times. Compulsory masking, face shields, mandatory social distancing, COVID-19 testing and vaccination requirements are still being followed by several countries. 

    If the recent surge in infections is any indication, this trend is here to stay. While the mask mandate has been lifted in India, it is still required to mask up during air travel and follow COVID-appropriate norms. 

    In fact, many airlines abroad still have a mandatory mask category, those not complying with the policy are either not allowed to remain on the flight or banned from travelling in future.

    Long Term Stays

    Several tourist destinations that used to battle overcrowding were able to breathe during the pandemic and were able to carry out better methods to accommodate tourists. 

    One of the most sustainable concepts that have emerged in peak destinations is the concept of long-stay duration where the travellers can live conveniently in a home-like setting. In such cases, there is a lower scope of hotel-hopping and tourists can instead relax, work or explore the place slowly. 

    This also costs less than normal rates that are otherwise applicable to short-term customers.

    In a Nutshell,

    Whatever the trends may be, it is important to learn a thing or two about travelling especially after a pandemic. While planning the trip and keeping an eye out for these trends is surely going to be rewarding, don’t forget to secure your travels with a reliable travel insurance plan!

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