UK Visitor Insurance

UK visitor insurance is essential for any non-British citizen who intends to visit the United Kingdom. Regardless of the fact whether you are travelling to the UK solo, with family, friends or due to a professional commitment it is recommendable to buy comprehensive travel insurance for the UK.

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Plans include global Covid-19 coverage

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    Therefore, if you have already booked your tickets for the UK it is now time to buy the UK visitor insurance and secure yourself from any financial expenses that may incur due to an unforeseen mishap. Make sure that you go ahead with travel insurance, which provides you with complete coverage before you depart.

    What Should Be Included In the UK Visitor Insurance?

    It is always better to buy travel insurance policy online as you can easily analyze and compare the quotes offered by various insurance companies.

    Understanding your travel needs, and then go with a UK visitor insurance that fulfils your travel needs. Do not buy a policy based on the price.

    Listed below are covers that should be included in your UK visitor insurance:

    • Cover for Healthcare/Medical Expenses: Whether you are travelling to Wales, England, Scotland or Northern Ireland, uncertainties can occur anywhere. Therefore, it is important to have sufficient cover to secure you from any unwanted expenses incurred due to any mishap or accident.

    Any medical emergency in the UK can easily make a hole in your pocket. If you do not have an adequate cover then you will have to bear the expenses. Having this cover will offer protection for the expenses incurred towards hospitalization, ambulance charges, diagnostic charges, etc.

    • Compassionate Visit Cover: There are chances when you might severely fall ill or probably meet with a serious accident and you would require immediate attention from any of your close family members at the foreign land as per the medical practitioners. This cover will safeguard you from expenses incurred towards the transportation and accommodation for the family member who will be travelling.
    • Accidental Demise/ Permanent Disablement Cover: Nothing could be scarier than meeting with an accident in a foreign land. On the off chance, if the insured demises or suffers permanent disablement, having this cover will provide compensation either to you or the beneficiary.
    • Trip Cancellation/Curtailment Cover: You might have to cancel your flight at the last moment. This may happen due to any reason, for instance, the insured getting sick or ill, or maybe the demise of the parent, and so on. Besides, it might also happen that you need to return to your home country because of some unavoidable reason. Under serious circumstances like these, having this cover is beneficial as it takes care of the pre-booked and non-refundable costs made.
    • Loss/ Delay of Checked-in Baggage: On the off chance, if you lose your luggage or the luggage is delayed this cover will safeguard you wherein you will receive a refund up to a specified limit. Moreover, availing this cover does not mean that you will receive the actual cost of the items delayed. In case, there is complete loss/damage of the luggage, you will be reimbursed to replace the lost items. However, this may differ from one insurer to the other.
    • Cover For Adventure Activities: If you have certain plans of taking part in water-based or sports activity, then having this cover in your policy is of utmost importance. Make sure that you are covered for every activity that is dangerous to your life and you wish to participate. Besides, there are certain sports not included in the standard policy. Check with your insurer in regards to the same.
    • Personal Liability Cover: This cover is effective and should be bought while purchasing the UK visitor insurance as it will protect you from any liability wherein a damage/loss is caused to third-party property and they choose to sue you.
    • Emergency Evacuation Cover: This cover comes at your rescue when you need to return to your country due to political unrest in the territory or the event of any natural calamity such as floods, cyclone and so on.

    General Exclusions Under The UK Visitor Insurance

    • Undeclared Medical Condition: There are insurance providers who offer cover on pre-existing medical ailments. In case, you wish to purchase a cover for the same you may do so. However, do not forget to inform your insurance provider about your health condition or diseases if you have. If you fall ill/ sick during the trip, because of undeclared pre-existing ailment you may not be covered. Your insurer should be well-informed in regards to your medical history.
    • Intoxication/ Substance Abuse: If a mishap/ accident occur under the excessive consumption of alcohol or the influence of any substance abuse then no cover will be provided for the same.
    • Breach of Law: Any loss or damage incurred caused due to war or breach of the law remains uncovered.

    Claim Process for UK Visitor Insurance

    In case you need to file a claim for the UK visitor insurance, it is important to be informed about the claim process to be filled promptly. Besides, be aware in regards to the travel insurance coverage provided by your travel provider.

    First things first, carry all the essential documents related to UK visitor insurance with multiple photocopies. The photocopies will come handy in case you lose your original copies or they get lost or damaged. It is better to carry the policy document in a soft copy and store the same on your phone, laptop or a pen drive. Listed below are the steps towards filing a claim in case of any travel-related peril:

    • In case of any mishap, inform the insurance provider at the earliest preferably via mobile phone. On a safer side, drop them an email as well.
    • Confirm the documents that would be required to file the insurance claim from the insurance provider. Remember, the list of documents may vary depending upon the type of claim.
    • Once you compile all the required documents, send them to the insurance provider via email or fax.
    • Once the insurance provider receives your documents, the claim will be verified against the specified coverage provided by your travel insurance policy.

    Benefits of Buying Travel Insurance for UK Visitors from India

    UK visitor insurance aims at helping non-British citizens travelling to the UK in case of any adverse situations, which may likewise affect the travel plans otherwise. Moreover, depending upon the purpose of your trip apply for the UK visa accordingly. Listed below are some benefits of buying travel insurance for UK visitors from India:

    • Coverage for Each and Everyone: With a plethora of insurance companies available in the market, different travel insurance plans may be availed by people from all walks of life right from a child, student, adult or a senior citizen. The plans offered are for anyone between the age group of 03 months to 85 years.
    • Secured for Up to 180 Days: In case of any mishap/ accident, buying UK visitor insurance will provide you with apt travel coverage for up to 180 days.
    • No Medical Check-up: When buying the UK visitor insurance, one need not face any pre-policy medical check-up. Most of the insurance providers in India offer such plans without any such medical check-up for the customers up to specific age limit.
    • No Cash Hospitalization: If you do not know, buying the UK visitor insurance comes with the facility of cashless hospitalization. This implies that in case of any medical expenses incurred the insurance provider is likely to settle the same provided the treatment is taken in the registered network hospitals.

    How to Buy UK Visitor Insurance Online?

    If you wish to buy UK visitor insurance, you can buy it online. All you need to do is simply visit the website of the insurance company or through an insurance aggregator.

    An insurance aggregator such as Policybazaar will help you to compare different plans and compare the quotes online. Depending upon your travel needs, you can select a suitable plan and make the premium payment online and purchase the UK visitor insurance from India within few clicks.

    Best Travel Insurance For UK Visitors From India

    In the below table, is the list of insurance companies providing best travel insurance for UK visitors from India:

    Contact Details of Insurance Companies For Claims

    Listed below are the contact numbers of various insurance providers for any assistance in regards to the policy servicing and claims:

    Insurance Companies

    Contact Details

    Bharti AXA Travel Insurance

    +91 120 4593503 

    Reliance Travel Insurance


    Religare Travel Insurance

     +91 1244498760 (Call Back Facility)  

    Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance


    Shriram Travel Insurance


    TATA AIG Travel Insurance

     +1-817-826-7017 (Reverse Charge/Collection from other places) 

    Some Useful Tips for Visitors

    • Give the relevant details related to your UK visitor insurance such as the policy number, emergency contact number of the provider, etc. and the copy of the policy to your family members before you take off the flight for the UK.
    • In case, you are travelling with a group or you have an accompaniment hand over the copy of the policy details to them as well.
    • Get acquainted with the currency used in the UK, which is the pound.
    • Maintain a record of all the payment of receipts or the bills.
    • As far as convenient, try to commute through public transport within the territory.
    • Card skimming is a common problem in London, so be careful while you withdraw money from the ATM’s.

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