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Best Group Travel Insurance Plans In India

A vacation, an overseas study trip, a travel for medicinal services, an official trip – all these are the regular types of travel taken by people across the globe. From choosing the place to booking the flight ticket(s); from choosing the best hotel for a pleasant stay to marking off things to do at the destination; listing out things to take from home and to get from the place of visit, all these are a part of a successful and memorable trip.

When a lot of preparations are going into planning a trip, what goes into planning your safety during a trip? What most people do while booking their travel tickets is uncheck the little checkbox offering travel insurance at the ticketing page, thinking that a travel insurance policy plan will not be of much use.. This could be due to the overconfidence that they have been to so many places, so many times and nothing unexpected ever happened. Well, there is a beginning point for everything right? There indeed is.

What if the tickets of your next family trip got cancelled due to some technical issue? You would have to purchase a new set of tickets to execute your vacation plan? This is where travel insurance comes in play and you get to save the cost of new tickets. Travel insurance also ensures that your trip goes hassle-free by offering compensation against medical expenses, lost luggage, visitor charges, and even overseas funeral expenses if such a situation arises unexpectedly. It is better to be safe than regret at a later stage. So, a travel insurance plan is not an additional expense; it is a way of securing yourself against unnecessary expenses. Travel insurance is something that protects you from potential emergencies right from the day your trip starts to the end date of the trip. Under travel insurance policies of India, there are other policies like student travel insurance, corporate insurance for business trips, family travel insurance for holidays, senior citizen travel insurance for people above 60 years of age, single/multi trip insurance etc.

Usually, group insurance policies are taken by organizations and provide coverage to the organization’s employees. A group travel policy offers coverage and protection to anyone travelling from that organization on a business trip or an official trip. There are different group travel insurance policies for domestic and international trips and the premium to be paid is subject to the policy type and coverage offered. Group travel insurance policies are available for single as well as for multiple trips in a year.

If needed, medical coverage option is also there for additional protection, which is a great way to ensuring financial protection for all employees. Thanks to the Internet, we have a wide variety of insurance products to choose from. A thorough comparison of various insurance policies is the best way to choose the best group travel insurance.

Emergency medical costs, accident or medical deportation, hijack, calamities or cancellation of trip are few of the factors covered by group travel insurance. On the other hand, a few factors that won’t be covered are cancellation via the tour operator, any war activities, and charges due to pre-existing illnesses, sport injuries, maternity and child birth, injuries under the influence of alcohol or other non-permissible drugs, loss of baggage due to carelessness.

Having knowledge of these inclusions and exclusions will be the right way to go about while filing a claim against losses so there is no confusion regarding claim settlement. Prepare a detailed list of items you will be carrying while going on a trip and coming back. If possible, have photos and receipt copies of the things purchased, as it would facilitate you when filing claim in case of theft or damage.

What is Most Important when Choosing a Group Travel Insurance?

Group travel insurance should have an even more detailed analysis because this plan offers protection to your company’s employees. Here are a few factors that should be kept in mind before getting a group travel insurance plan.

  • 100 percent trip cancellation coverage should be offered by your insurance provider. This can be claimed or fixed at the time of the insurance policy purchase. Or, the percentage of cancellation coverage that you would get can also be clarified with the insurer. Confirming the charge or refund percentage would avoid unnecessary tension in case of last minute cancellation.
  • Certain insurers offer up to 150% trip interruption coverage, which can also be clarified at the time of policy purchase. You can also talk to a few other travel insurance companies to get the best percentage cover.
  • Look at the claim settlement ratio (CSR) of the company before choosing a group travel insurance policy. This would give you a clear idea of how soon your claim would be cleared. A high CSR means that you would get your claim settled sooner or later.
  • Comparing two to three policies well and choosing the one that offers you the best premium rates and jaw-dropping discounts for not making any claim in a year would help you choose the best group travel insurance for your valuable employees. Giving the best to its employees is the ultimate aim of any If it can provide the best compensation to its employees by providing them with the best, the employees also deliver their best in the workplace.

Best Group Travel Insurance Plans in India

Here is a list of some of the best travel insurance plans available in India:

Chola MS Group Travel Policy Plan

For international travel claims, there is a 24x7 emergency assistance service just a call away. This policy doesn’t require any medical or health checkups prior to policy issuance. Cashless hospitalization and daily cash benefits are also available. Emergency medical expenses that arise due to any eventuality are covered by this policy. The policy also covers evacuation to your home country due to medical reasons or transporting mortal remains in case of unexpected death.. Compensational charges if the flight is delayed for more than 12 hours are offered. Expenses that happen in case of loss of passport and in obtaining a new passport is also covered.

HDFC ERGO Group Travel Insurance

The international group travel policy plans offers cover for people travelling internationally from the company or organization. There is a plan for frequent travelers called the annual multi trip policy which customizes the travelers need accordingly. The maximum number of days will start with 30 days but it can be extended to 180 days with add-ons or extra premium. It pays for emergency return on a first class train or an economy class air ticket in case of any illness or any other immediate needs.

Apollo Munich Group Travel Plan

Apollo Munich group travel insurance plan aims at making a trip hassle-free by taking care of all charges pertaining to cancellation, delay, loss of luggage.  The insurer bears the expenses incurred for getting new travel documents and a new passport, in case of document or passport theft or loss. It also provides cash benefit in case the luggage gets misplaced or delivery is delayed. This cash benefit would be enough to cover the basic needs till the time the luggage is provided back.

Having a group travel insurance policy is the best, cost-cutting way an organisation could ever have. Travel insurance policies in India cover a wide variety of scenarios, which protects both the company and its employees financially. By choosing the best group travel insurance, the company can also make sure its employees get only the best of the benefits.