Spain Tourist Visa for Indians: Requirements, Documents, Process & Fees

Spain Tourist Visa is a legal permit that allows a foreign tourist to enter the country of Spain for a limited period of time. It allows a non-Spanish citizen to enter and stay in Spain if the purpose of his travel to the country is holidaying or tourism. A Spain Tourist visa for Indians is a type of short term Spain visa and issued for a maximum duration of 90 days.

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    A Spain Tourist visa is only granted to foreigners who do not have a guarantor in Spain. Such travellers need to have a booking with a hotel or tour agency in Spain or should have bought tickets with a travel agency for Spain.

    How to Apply for Spain Tourist Visa from India?

    The procedure to apply for a Tourist visa for Spain is very simple. The Spain Embassy in India allows the applicants to apply for the tourist visa online from their home or offline by visiting the nearest office of BLS International. BLS International has been officially appointed by the Embassy of Spain to accept and process the visa applications on its behalf. Follow the steps given below to apply for a Spain Tourist visa for Indians:

    Apply for Spain Tourist Visa for Indians Online:

    • Visit the official website of BLS International for Spain Visa
    • Go to ‘Visa Types’ on the menu bar and select ‘Tourist visa’ under Short Term Visa
    • Click on ‘Download form’ tab and download all the required forms as per checklist
    • Fill up all the downloaded forms and arrange all the required documents, including travel insurance
    • Go to ‘Apply at Home’ on the menu bar of BLS International’s homepage
    • Enter the required details and submit them for Mobile Biometric Services
    • Schedule an appointment with your Mobile Biometric Officer
    • Submit the forms and the documents to the Mobile Biometric Officer
    • Pay the visa fees
    • Give your biometric details to the officer, if required

    Apply for Spain Tourist Visa for Indians Offline:

    • Visit the official website of BLS International for Spain Visa
    • Select ‘Visa Types’ on the menu bar and choose ‘Tourist visa’ under Short Term Visa
    • Go to ‘Download Forms’ tab and download all the forms you need
    • Fill up all the forms and arrange all the documents required to submit your visa application, including travel insurance
    • Submit the filled-in forms and required documents at the BLS International office as per the Embassy/ Consulate having jurisdiction over your city of residence
    • Pay the visa fees
    • Submit your biometric details, if required

    It is important for every applicant of Spain Tourist visa for Indians to confirm the location of Spain Embassy or Consulate where he needs to submit his visa application. The Spain visa application should be submitted to the Embassy/ Consulate covering the applicant’s city of residence under its jurisdiction.

    Documents Required for Spain Tourist Visa from India

    Every applicant of a Tourist visa for Spain needs to submit certain documents to complete their application process. Following are the list of documents that you would have to submit while applying for a Spain Tourist visa for Indians:

    • Spain visa application form
    • Copy of passport with at least two blank pages and a minimum validity of 3 months after arriving back in India
    • 2 recent photographs in the size (3.5cm x 4.5cm) and taken on a white background
    • BLS Authorization form, signed by the applicant
    • Copy of booking confirmation for round trip flight tickets
    • Cover letter by the applicant stating his personal details, people accompanying him on the trip, purpose of travel and the travel dates
    • International travel insurance for Spain
    • Residence proof, which includes:
    1. Copy of sale deed/ rent agreement
    2. NOC from the employer confirming the applicant’s residential address and the date from when he is staying there
    • An affidavit from the applicant’s relatives (if the applicant is staying with them)
    • Copy of booking confirmation for accommodation in Spain
    • Bank statement for the last 6 months showing minimum available funds of 65.53 Euros, signed and stamped by the applicant’s bank
    • ITR for the last 3 years
    • Salary slips for the last 6 months
    • Copy of PAN Card
    • Biometric / biometric declaration letter (if the applicant had submitted biometric in the last 59 months)
    • Sworn declaration form for travel insurance, signed by the applicant
    • Proof leave sanctioned/ NOC from the employer
    • Processing time declaration form for Delhi jurisdiction(if the applicant is travelling within the first 15 days)

    Few applicants may have to submit additional documents in order to obtain their Tourist visa for Spain. The following table lists the additional documents that different types of travellers will have to submit at the time of applying for their Spain Tourist visa for Indians:

    Types of Travellers Additional Documents Required
    Minor Child
    • An affidavit from one parent if the minor child is travelling to Spain with the other parent
    • An affidavit from both parents if the minor child travelling to Spain with a third person
    • Letter giving details of the minor child’s local guardian in Spain, including ID & contact information (if the child is travelling alone)
    • Photocopy of marriage certificate (if a married couple is travelling together to Spain)
    • Photocopy of the couple’s wedding card
    • Endorsement of each other’s name in their respective passport or declaration on stamp paper (in case of no marriage certificate)
    Sponsored Travellers
    • A letter of sponsorship from the applicant’s sponsor
    • Financial statements/ bank statements of the sponsor

    Spain Tourist Visa Fee

    In order to complete the application procedure, every applicant for Spain Tourist visa for Indians needs to pay visa fees. In addition, a service charge of INR 1237 should also be paid by each applicant in order to obtain their Tourist visa. Take a look at the table given below to know the visa fees for different types of Tourist visa applicants for Spain:

    Types of Applicants Visa Fees (In INR)*
    Children below 6 years Free
    Children between 6-12 years 2802
    Above 12 years of age 4804

    *The visa fee may vary as per the conversion rate of Euro and Indian rupee.

    An applicant can pay the visa fee and the service charge for Spain Tourist visa online as well as offline. People who want to pay visa fees online can do so using internet banking. On the other hand, people who want to pay the fees offline for Spain Tourist visa for Indians can make the payment through demand draft or cash at their Visa Application Centre (VAC). Make sure that the demand draft is drawn in the favour of ‘BLS International Services Ltd Spain Visa’ and payable at Mumbai or New Delhi depending on your VAC location.

    Please note that family members of EU and EEA citizens do not need to pay any visa fees to obtain their Tourist visa for Spain.

    How to Check the Status of Spain Tourist Visa from India?

    A Spain Tourist visa application usually takes about 15 working days to get processed. Until you get your Tourist visa for Spain, you can check the status of your application online. In order to track an application for Spain Tourist visa for Indians, the following steps need to be followed:

    • Visit the official website of BLS International for Spain Visa
    • Go to ‘Track Application’ on the menu bar
    • Enter your reference number as well as your date of birth
    • Enter the Captcha and submit the details
    • You will be able to view the current status of your Tourist visa

    Travel Insurance for Spain Tourist Visa from India

    Buying overseas travel insurance  is compulsory for people applying for a Spain Tourist visa for Indians. It is one of the documents that you need to possess in order to obtain a Tourist visa for your trip to Spain. Travel insurance is a safety shield that will protect you from any unfortunate incidents faced while travelling to Spain. It will safeguard you from incidents such as loss of passport, emergency hospitalization, trip delay, baggage loss, personal liabilities, etc that may cause a financial loss during your Spain trip. To ensure that foreign travellers do not get stranded if faced with an emergency during their trip to Spain, the Spanish Government has made travel insurance a pre-requisite to obtaining a Tourist visa for Spain.

    How to Apply for Travel Insurance Online?

    People who want to apply for travel insurance online can follow the steps given below:

    • Visit the official website of an insurance aggregator or insurance company
    • Go to the option of buying travel insurance
    • Select the travel insurance plan you want to buy
    • Enter your details and fill up the proposal form
    • Pay the insurance premium amount online using internet banking, debit card or credit card
    • Submit the details
    • Download the travel insurance policy document