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Indonesia Visa

Indonesia, the world's largest island nation, is known for its cultural diversity, stunning natural landscapes, and vibrant cities like Jakarta and Bali. Due to the country's rich history, you can experience diverse traditions, languages, and cuisines there. Its beaches and vibrant culture attract tourists from around the globe. Indonesia offers different types of visas for short-term and long-term visits. Read on to learn about the visa process in detail, including the visa types, fees, Indonesia visa photo requirements, and the documents needed.

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About Indonesia Visa

Indonesia offers various visa options depending on the purpose and duration of your stay. Before you start planning your visit to Indonesia, you must learn the Indonesia visa application process in detail to get your visa on time. Before we jump into the details of the process, here are some interesting facts about Indonesia.

Key Facts Description
Country Indonesia
Currency Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
(1 IDR=INR 0.0052 )
Time Zone The main time zones observed in Indonesia are:
Western Indonesian Time (WIB): UTC+7
Central Indonesian Time (WITA): UTC+8
Eastern Indonesian Time (WIT): UTC+9
India is 1 hour 30 minutes behind
Capital City Jakarta
Official Languages Indonesian
Popular Tourist Destinations Bali, Jakarta, Yogyakarta
Visa Application Method Online

Features of Indonesia Visa

Here are some interesting features of an Indonesian visa from India.

  1. Online Application: If you are visiting Indonesia as a tourist, you can complete the Indonesia visa process online, without visiting the embassy.
  2. Visa on Arrival: Indian citizens visiting Indonesia as tourists or visiting friends or family for up to 30 days can get a visa on arrival.
  3. Multiple Entries: Depending on your travel plans, you can apply for a visa that allows you to enter Indonesia multiple times.

Now, let's understand how to apply for an Indonesia visa in detail.

Documents Required for an Indonesia Visa

Before you start your application process, ensure you have all the documents needed to secure your Indonesian visa. Here's a checklist of the documents you need to obtain a tourist visa.

Document Description
Passport The validity period should extend for at least six months from the entry date.
Passport-Sized Photographs Provide one recent passport-sized photograph that matches Indonesia visa photo requirements.
Cover Letter Attach a letter addressed to the Indonesian Embassy requesting for a visa.
Indonesia Visa Application Form Completed and signed application form.
Flight Itinerary Proof of onward/return travel.
Hotel Reservation/Proof of Accommodation Details of your living arrangements during your visit.
Travel Insurance Coverage for the duration of your stay.
Bank Statements Evidence of sufficient funds to cover your expenses. The balance should be at least USD 2000.

Make sure you buy best travel insurance for Indonesia. It will protect you from additional financial expenses due to medical, legal or flight-related emergencies during your stay in Indonesia. Here's a list of additional documents you must submit for a business visa to Indonesia:

Covering Letter Get a cover letter from your company or employer requesting for a business visa.
Invitation Letter An invitation letter or sponsorship letter on the Indonesian company's letterhead
Business Documents Registration certificates, business licenses, etc. may be required

If you wish to study in Indonesia, you need to submit these additional documents apart from those required for a tourist visa.

CV Your CV (Curriculum Vitae) with details of your professional career.
Guarantee Letter A letter given by a guarantor who is an Indonesian citizen. You can also ask for a letter from your university.
Acceptance letter An acceptance letter from your university with details like the duration of your course

Indonesia Visa Types

Indonesia offers different visa types depending on the purpose of your trip and the duration of your stay. Here are the main Indonesia visa types.

Indonesia Visa Types Sub-type Details Validity Maximum stay
Tourist Visa B1- On Arrival For tourists visiting Indonesia for tourism or visiting family or friends briefly. 90 days 30 days
D1- Multiple entries For those who wish to visit Indonesia multiple times for recreational purposes. 1-5 years 60 days per visit
Business Visa B2- On Arrival Visa for short business-related trips for purchasing goods, investment, or business meetings. Depends on each application 30 days
C2- Single Entry For short business-related trips to Indonesia. Depends on each application 60 days
D2- Multiple Entries For visiting Indonesia multiple times for business. 1-5 years 60 days
Student Visa E30- A, B, C, and D For studying bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and doctorate degrees in the country. Must be used within 90 days 1-2 years depending on the course duration
Golden Visa E33A and E33B For experts who are invited by the Indonesian government or are collaborating with the Indonesian government and their family members. 5 or 10 years Depends on each application
Medical Treatment Visa B3- On Arrival For patients who want to get medical treatment in Indonesia for a short time. Depends on each application 30 days
C3- Single Entry - Use within 90 days 60 days
D3- Multiple Entry - 1-2 years 60 days
Social Visa - For those providing humanitarian assistance or participating in social work as volunteers. 60 days 60 days

Who can Apply for an Indonesia Visa?

The following people can apply for an Indonesia visa from India.

  • Indian citizens who want to visit Indonesia for a short while for tourism, family visits, business meetings, or social work, provided that they meet the Indonesia visa requirements.
  • Students who want to study in Indonesia for Bachelor's, Masters or doctorate degrees.
  • Patients who wish to take medical treatments in Indonesia.
  • Talented individuals who want to collaborate with the Indonesian government on a Golden visa.

How to Apply for an Indonesia Visa?

If you want to visit Indonesia for up to 30 days, you can get a visa on arrival at Indonesia's international airports. Once you land in Indonesia, proceed to the Visa on Arrival counter before immigration and fill out the application form along with documents like Indian passport, return ticket, and bank statements.

If you want to apply for any other type of Indonesia visa from India such as a long-term tourist visa or student visa, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Visit the Official Website: 

Go to the official website of the Indonesian Embassy to access the online Indonesia visa application portal.

Step 2: Select Visa Type: 

You can choose the type of visa you need based on your purpose of travel, such as a tourist visa, business visa, or social/cultural visa.

Step 3: Fill Out the Application Form: 

Complete the online visa application form. You'll need to provide personal details, passport information, travel itinerary, and purpose of visit, and follow other Indonesia visa requirements.

Step 4: Upload Documents: 

Scan and upload the necessary documents, including your passport, passport-sized photographs complying with Indonesia visa photo requirements, flight itinerary, proof of accommodation, financial documents, and any additional documents the embassy asks for.

Step 5: Pay Visa Fee: 

Pay the applicable visa fee online. The fee amount can be different for each type of visa.

Step 6: Wait for Processing: 

After you submit your application and pay the fee, your application will be processed by the Indonesian authorities. Indonesia visa processing time may vary, so be sure to apply well in advance of your planned travel date.

Indonesia Visa Fees

While submitting the online application, you will need to pay the fees for your Indonesia Visa. Here is a summary of the fees that you need to pay.

Indonesia Visa Types

Sub-type Details Indonesia Visa Fees
Tourist Visa B1- On Arrival IDR 500,000 (INR 2598.55)
D1- Multiple entries
IDR 3,000,000 (1 Year) [INR 15,591.30]
IDR 6,000,000 (2 Years) [INR 31,182.60 ]
IDR 15,000,000 (5 Years) [INR 77,956.51]
Business Visa B2- On Arrival IDR 500,000 (INR 2598.55)
C2- Single Entry IDR 2,000,000 (INR 10,394.20)
D2- Multiple Entries
IDR 3,000,000 (1 Year) [INR 15,591.30]
IDR 6,000,000 (2 Years) [INR 31,182.60 ]
IDR 15,000,000 (5 Years) [INR 77,956.51]
Student Visa E30- A, B, C, and D
IDR 2,700,000 (Up to 1 year) [INR 14,032.86]
IDR 3,950,000 (Up to 2 years) [INR 20,529.55]
Additional fee USD150 [INR 12,525.92]
Golden Visa E33A and E33B
IDR 13,000,000 (Up to 5 Years) [INR 67,565.60]
IDR 19,500,000 (Up to 10Years) [INR 1,01,348.40]
Medical Treatment Visa B3- On Arrival IDR 500,000 (INR 2598.55)
C3- Single Entry IDR 2,000,000 (INR 10,394.71)
D3- Multiple Entry
IDR 3,000,000 (1 Year) [INR 15,592.06]
IDR 6,000,000 (2 Years) [INR 31,184.12]
Social Visa C6, 6A, and 6B IDR 2,000,000 (INR 10,394.71)

How to Check Indonesia Visa Status?

Indonesia offers visas on arrival to Indians visiting the country for up to 30 days. If you have applied for another type of visa online, follow these steps to check your Indonesia visa status.

  1. Visit the Official Visa Application Portal: Go to the official website of the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate, where you can track your visa application.
  2. Login to Your Account: If you created an account during the visa application process, log in using your username/email and password. If you did not create an account, you may be able to check the status using your application reference number or passport number.
  3. Check Status: Once logged in, navigate to the section of the website where you can check the status of your visa application. This might be titled as "Visa Status Check".
  4. Enter Required Information: Provide the necessary information to retrieve your visa application status. This might include your application reference number, passport number, and/or other identifying details.
  5. View Indonesia Visa Status: During the Indonesia visa processing time, you can view the current status of your visa application. The Indonesia visa status might indicate whether your application is still being processed and approved, or if any additional documents or information are required.

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