Things to Do in Spain

Spain is full of inspiring landscapes and glorious natural beauty, from imposing mountains to a plethora of charming beaches. Whether a person wants to explore intriguing museums and admire age-old architecture or desires to taste some of the best culinary delights of the world, this country can provide them with the most incredible experiences.

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    The pleasant weather, relaxed people, enchanting seaside, and vibrant ambiance of Spain magnetize thousands of travellers every month. Moreover, getting a Spain visa is also not too hard; hence you wouldn't have to toil much for their trip. Details about Spain's visa policies can easily be found online.

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    Fun Things to Do in Spain

    There are many exciting things to do in Spain, and it can help travellers enjoy the most incredible experiences of their lives.

    • Check out the artwork of Antoni Gaudi at Barcelona: Casa Batllo, La Sagrada Familia, and Park Guell are some of the most beautiful artworks of the greatest exponent of Catalan Modernism Antoni Gaudi. The splendour of these artworks makes it difficult to take the eyes off them.
    • Watch a live match at Camp Nou Stadium: The beauty and the ambience of this stadium are truly awe-inspiring, and people should try their best to catch a match here.
    • Watch a flamenco show in Madrid: Accompanied by incredible vocals, guitar, claps, and flawless dance, this show can be extremely pleasing to the eyes and ears.
    • Go skydiving at Empuriabrava: Spain is considered to be among the best diving hubs in the world. Empuriabrava especially has the perfect climate to experience the thrill of skydiving.
    • Party all night at Ibiza: People who are young at heart should definitely visit Ibiza to let their hair down and shake a leg. The happening parties here are especially popular among college students. However, they must not forget to buy their student travel insurance policy, prior to visiting Spain and experiencing its amazing clubbing culture.
    • Attend the La Tomatina at Bunol: La Tomatina is an extremely full-filled event that starts with a Paella feast, followed by thousands of people on the streets ready excited to play with squashed tomatoes.
    • Groove at the Benicassim festival: This is the biggest music festival of Spain held every year on Benicassim beach and has a line-up of many talented artists.
    • Bridge Jumping in Barcelona: People apprehensive about jumping out of a plane but still desiring a dose of thrill and adventure should go for bridge jumping in Barcelona.
    • Costa Brava Snorkeling and Kayaking: At Costa Brava, people can enjoy their days swimming and kayaking in the beautiful clear waters.

    Best Spain Activities for Foodies

    Spaniards are well known for their great love for food. Hence, while on a trip to Spain, you can find many destinations that are perfect for foodies and allow you to soak in the country's culinary traditions.

    • Wine tasting in La Rioja Alavesa and La Rioja: Located in Northern Spain, the wines from these regions are widely appreciated across the globe. Both established and quaint family wineries can be found here.
    • Pintxos in Donostia-San Sebastián: Pintxos are similar to the famous tapas of Spain and are considered to be miniature haute cuisine. They taste the best when enjoyed alongside txakoli wine, cider, or beer.
    • Suckling lamb in Aranda de Duero: The Roast Suckling Lamb Fair is held here every June, where you can enjoy a great menu based on local products while also exploring interesting underground wine cellars.
    • Cider at Asturias: Cider bottles are held high in one hand and subsequently poured into a glass held as low as possible. The perfect way to enjoy this ritual would be alongside a traditional Spanish dinner of cachopo and fabada.
    • Skewered sardines on the Costa del Sol: Here, sardines are threaded onto bamboo and subsequently cooked over a charcoal grill. Eating fish in this manner has been popular since the 19th century.
    • Queso Manchego at Castilla-La Mancha: Queso Manchego is a unique type of cheese made with sheep's milk and is available in three variants. There are several local cheesemakers at Castilla-La Mancha who sell this delicious item.

    Best Beautiful Spain Attractions

    • Pueblos Blancos: Dotting the rugged hillsides of central Andalucia, these charming white-washed villages are truly a memorable sight. The charming churches in the neighbourhood add to the attraction.
    • Sagrada Família: This masterpiece by Antoni Gaudí has earned an UNESCO World Heritage status. The architecture of this church is absolutely spellbinding.
    • The Guggenheim: This museum in Bilbao is popular for its unique design. The exterior of this establishment is covered with giant sheets of titanium and glass, which essentially are beautifully curved to catch the sunlight. The Guggenheim Museum exhibits works of Jeff Koons, Anselm Kiefer, Richard Serra and Louise Bourgeois.
    • The Aqueduct: Located in Segovia, this is an expansive Roman aqueduct that dates back to the 1st century. It is among the most well preserved ancient sites of the world and maintains an extremely ethereal, fairytale-like appearance.
    • Alhambra: This destination features an interesting amalgamation of a variety of art and architecture. Alhambra is perched upon a hill and can provide awe-inspiring views of the city, countryside, and the mountains that loom beyond.
    • Basílica de Santa María la Real de Covadonga: This Neo-Romanesque church towers above the mountain range of Picos de Europa, and is constructed entirely from pink limestone. There is a gorgeous sanctuary present at the side of a cave here, just beside a waterfall. One can also find two glacial lakes near this place.

    Planning Your Spain Itinerary

    Undoubtedly, a visit to the marvellous country of Spain can provide people with an absolute unparalleled vacationing experience. This destination attracts travellers from around the globe with its rich history and culture, intriguing museums, enchanting architecture, awe-inspiring sceneries, and charming towns and cities. However, to enjoy the best possible holiday experience, proper Itinerary planning is extremely important.

    Here are some of the important factors you need to pay heed to when planning your Spain Itinerary:

    • Choose the Perfect City to Visit: Spain has a number of beautiful, culturally rich cities. The ones located in its Southern part especially attract a large number of tourists with their charming sights. These cities include Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Valencia, Malaga, Toledo, Bilbao, and San Sebastian.
    • The ideal Time to visit Spain: Winter starts somewhere from the first week of November or so in Spain. Even though this country does remain relatively warmer than many other Western European nations, it does become too cold to go on long sightseeing sprees during this time. The perfect time to explore Southern destinations of Spain would be just after the summer, ideally from the start of September to early November. The countryside of Spain especially looks spectacular during the autumn. 
    • Get a Schengen Visa for Spain: You must timely apply for a Schengen visa when planning to visit Spain for their holidays. This Spain visa is meant for tours that last up to 90 days and not more. If Spain is the first and only country of arrival in Europe for a person, they need to apply for their visa as early as possible. Keeping visa policiesand procedures in mind, they would take up to 15 working days to be issued.
      To reduce the risk of not getting visa in time, you must apply for a Spain visa online around four to six months before their trip. On the basis of Schengen visa policies, people shall have to fill out their application, pay a certain amount of fee, obtain important documents, and attend an interview at BLS International to get their visa.
    • Packing for a Spain Trip: The type of clothing and accessories to pack for the tour shall largely depend on which part of Spain the person is visiting and what time.
      For example, for anyone travelling to the Southern part of Spain during the summers, carrying sunscreen lotion and light clothes is important.
      On the other hand, having warm clothes and an umbrella is a must when visiting the Northern part of the county.
      Areas like Asturias are especially prone to rainfall throughout the year. Checking the weather forecast online for the chosen travel dates would be a good idea to gain an understanding of what to pack.
    • Get Travel Insurance: Investing in travel insurance is an important part of embarking on a tour to Spain. Buying an international travel insurance online plan would not only act as a safety net against the risk of facing any unforeseen medical costs but also provide a level of protection against various other types of risks associated with travelling, which may spoil a trip, ranging from losing a passport to even the checked-in baggage.
      It offers coverage for inconveniences like loss of travel documents, flight delays, loss of baggage, and more. Travel insurance for Spain also provides compensation for distinguished types of medical expenses. They can cover any type of medical or accident treatment within limits.
      A trip to Spain already might be expensive; bearing expenses associated with a medical emergency on top of that can be a huge burden for the traveller. To avoid such financial stress, investing in a proper travel insurance online policy is crucial. Through many insurance companies, you can also avail cashless treatment abroad.

    Spain Travel Tips

    • Adapt to the Spanish Time: The schedule followed by Spaniards is a bit different from most people. Their ‘afternoon’ may last till 8 pm, and restaurants stay open till late at night. People around Madrid especially follow a notoriously late schedule, and it is common to spot people coming out to dine after 10 pm. Getting in sync with this schedule is important to make the most out of the travel experience, especially for people who desire to explore its nightlife.

    • Indulge in Tapas Culture: A trip to Spain is incomplete without experiencing its tapas culture. While one may find several tapas-style restaurants across the country, it usually is the small local bars that have an impressive selection of ready-made tapas.

    • Travel by Bus to Save Money: While Spain does have a great high-speed rail network, using it can be quite expensive. For people to travel long distances through it, making bookings is extremely important to get the best prices. For budget travellers, exploring Spain on a bus would be the ideal option. The regular coach service bus can connect people to most of the major towns and cities of the nation.  

    • Try to Visit a Fest: There is no shortage of fests and events in Spain. Some of the most famous celebrations on the planet are held here. People must visit at least one of these popular fests to make their trip even more memorable.

    • Book Visits to the Major Attractions online: One of the important factors that travellers need to note is that many of Spain's major attractions and tourist sites require advance bookings.

    For example, the tickets for Alhambra in Granada are sold out regularly, sometimes even weeks in advance. Hence, to make sure that they do not miss out on any major tourist site simply due to the unavailability of tickets, people must make their bookings online, whenever applicable.

    Travelling to Spain can surely be an excellent experience. However, one should always prioritize investing in a travel insurance plan prior to going for their trip to steer clear of any financial risks.