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Student Travel Insurance - Must For Your Study Trip

Qualifying through the toughest examinations and flying abroad for higher studies turn out to be a prized dream for many and simultaneously, it grows a tree of anxiety and qualms at the back of your head imaging about living a solitary life without family and relatives on an unfamiliar ground. This is the time when you realize that going on a recreation trip is entirely different from greeting a goodbye to your homeland and flying for a study trip.

Being your safeguard on a foreign land and keeping your family consoled about your well-being, one needs to have a travel insurance cover. A well-designed insurance plan takes care of your health, belongings and general insurance. Apart from one’s own need, it is even stated as a compulsory document by some countries which have turned into popular study destinations. For selecting the best travel insurance policy it is must to understand what basically student travel insurance means and how it is different from normal travel insurance.

What is student travel insurance?

Student travel insurance is also designed for a safe and tension free trip just like any regular travel insurance, but, it is exclusively designed to combat the risks experienced by students travelling to foreign land for higher studies. Various insurers launch different plans that offer a range of facilities which generally covers travel and health related issues along with some cover for insured’s family in case of unfortunate events. They even look after tuition related risk for which lump sum amount is paid earlier and the unexpected discontinuation of schooling. During inconvenient situations you can claim for a reimbursement.

It is necessary to have student travel insurance?

Firstly, most of the universities outside India have made travel insurance mandatory for foreign students. Apart from this condition, it is must to understand the fact that studying abroad is an expensive deal and travel insurance acts like a back-up plan in terms of financial stability for you and your family. It is quite obvious that anyone can get stuck up in situations of medical emergencies when staying away from home for a longer time.

Medical treatments outside India are costlier and at this point of time travel insurance cover acts as the perfect financial companion. If in case of some illness you are not able to enter your exams then you would be reimbursed your tuition fees by the travel insurance company for which you have paid everything in advance.

Which plan is good to go with?

It is necessary to read the terms and guidelines of the university before selecting the insurance policy. Check the lucidity of your policy in comparison to the mentioned conditions. Now, you need to look through the features which match your needs like- medical expenses, tuition fee, personal accident, loss of luggage, bail bond insurance, family visit etc.

Many are seen skeptical about the claim settlement process, but, in case of student travel insurance, this process is quick, hassle free and cashless. He/she can submit the documents during the stay or after coming back to India and the amount is transferred to the insured’s bank account. Rest it differs minimally from one insurer to the other. 

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.